~By Wendy Zangari
We are having a World Revolution, much bigger than Woodstock in 1969, don’t you people realize this is about changing our world? Remember your parents saying that the children of the future will make this world a better place?  We are the children of the future that need to make this world a better place. So how do we do it?  We make changes with ourselves and then in turn our choices will dictate what will be for our future. How do you think we got here?  Most people want to consume as much as they can to get what they can, no matter who they hurt in life, but is that really the way to be?  I don’t think so!
Do you think that when you teased someone in school, and all their life, in home and in school, they have been ridiculed.  What kind of person do you think that will create?  People react to others based on a persons behavior towards another, it is a normal natural reaction, but what if you didn’t react and let the chips fall where they may without interference? What happens then?
Today a person sees another person struggling with books or papers or perhaps they fell on the ground, you look, ignore it, and keep on walking, or you laugh at the person and hurt them just to make your own embarrassment, of them falling, more bearable. Usually when one laughs at another it is their own insecurities that make them do this, sometimes it can be involuntary. So many kids hurt other kids because they do not have a stable household and this is how things are dealt with, in their homes.  Teachers should take heed to this and try to help this child feel secure away from home, this can be part of the problem and can exacerbate behaviors as the years go on in their home life and school life that are not attended to. It all starts at the very basis of learning how to communicate with others and how to attain friendships.
When I speak of friends, this can mean many different things to many people, however what friendship means to me is pure loyalty, honesty, love, and hope.  I do not have friends here in Pennsylvania since I have moved here 7 years ago. I have tried, but it is very difficult when you give so much of yourself to a friendship and the other person takes advantage of you, something that has happened to me time and time again with people here. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but I am not so sure.
All I know is that music makes me think, music with words of hope and faith and love, such as Michael Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror” song, which is so prevalent to what is happening now on this planet.  We need to focus on cleaning up our home!  If you see a piece of trash on the ground, pick it up and put it in a receptacle.  If you see someone crying, ask them what is wrong and ask if they need a hug.  If you see someone hungry, if you have enough for yourself, give them a plate of food as well, perhaps even your left overs. If you see someone who is cold and doesn’t have proper winter clothing, give them your coat.  These are things everyone should do!
Some people have no family due to their stubbornness in pride, some have no family because families take from their loved ones and expect respect when they do not give it.  Respect is two sided and when you do not give respect, do not expect it, but when you give respect and do not get it back, you have to stop giving it to those particular people, unfortunately.  This is not what life should be, especially with family and friends, but it is the harsh reality we all face! We judge others based on what they look like, what they own, or how they behave. Can’t we just not judge at all?  Isn’t that simpler? Let’s all respect one another, even when we are on the road having a road rage moment. Stop, Look, and Listen!
Behavior of humanity is pretty appalling, all the way from politicians to the average Joe, we need to make the world a better place.  We cannot let our children live in such a toxic place, we need to fix what took years to destroy!
The next question is how?
How can we make this world a better place?  By spreading love, by letting all people know how much you care by a smile or a gesture.  Do not let your love die because of the chaos in this world!  Keep on living and trying and succeeding, never giving up in this battle of life. We can’t, we are here for each other and when we help another we feel fulfilled and accomplished. Keep doing it because eventually everyone will hang on to your words of wisdom that you have to share, that we all have to share. All of us are Prophets in this New Age, all of us have something to share!  So go and share your love!  Share it with the one you are closest to, share it with a stranger, share love with yourself, because when you share love with yourself, you can love everyone! Let’s be kind to everyone please!
We need to help each other eat properly, we need to help each other live life each and every day, we need to share our troubles and all that we go through, so that we can put perspective on our lives. Life is all about your perspective, this is where you get your truths, it is all a perspective!  Everything is what you see it as, others may see the same thing and not see it as you see it, but they have their own interpretation when that certain stimuli enters the mind.
Next is, can we control the mind? We can control anything we want to as long as we put our mind to the test.  You can create an outcome, however most of us are too lazy or too tired, or are in physical pain and simply can’t do mundane daily tasks, let alone trying to control the mind. However, there are those that are more fortunate, they know who they are and are confident in every way, this is also related to their upbringing. Behavior can be learned and behavior can also be un-learned.
Let’s grow together to learn the way we should all be towards each other.  We cannot divide any longer, they (The Powers That BE) have divided society and we must congeal once again to a solid form of our nucleus. We must do this together and never alone.

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