One of our readers wrote the piece below in our forums and I thought that I would share it with all of you with Senaden’s permission. He really brings it home for us in letting us know what his view is on ascension and what this shift is all about and what I have been trying to convey to everyone all along. Look inside, all of your answers are within you!  If you empty your mind and fix your thoughts on being a good person and loving ALL that inhabit this world, this is the kind of ascension we are speaking of. Ascending your vibrations to a higher frequency to rid you of your ailments and depression as well.  This is something I am constantly working on and I do not claim to be perfect, I am far from it, but I am constantly trying to work on myself and better my life all around me. It’s all about learning to love yourself and be yourself and know yourself, when this is accomplished you can do anything, the law of attraction will work for you and me.  Here Senaden talks about what ascension is truly all about in his own words.
By: Senaden from Spain
I personally think that the more we want to get “there”, that “promised land”, whatever is called, 4d 5d 6d 7d…… the less we get there, really.
It´s like we are happy to think on the idea life will be easier when we ascend, when, what’s the real point of having an easier life?, if it is to stay in eternal bliss or something like that, it doesn´t make sense as to feel bliss you have to be aware of it´s opposite. If there aren´t opposites to make sense out of all emotions, nothingness of emotion appears. And then, what?.
Everything is about being aware of a threat, to make a paradise in response to that threat. Without hell, there isn´t paradise. Without yourself, there isn´t yourself.
As for me personally, ascension is about taking higher responsabilities about who you are really (god itself), the way to it is not to get back to womb where you feel safe secure forever (what a nonsense), to get back to source, but the opposite direction: saying yes to the infinite complexities of expressions that you live no matter what they are; to say YES, with all your soul. It´s like showing you don´t regret what you have created, that you don´t look back, that you have courage on being here yourself, that you have learned to be proud of your own power to create, even what you consider a hell to be lived. Regret on creativity means death, suicide. That´s the meaning of growing UP, instead of growing BACK, like many ascensionists tend to preach… This life represents that direction, UP; when we feel we are wrong things, dense beings, unable to handle the pain here, who have to become light and thus, living easier lives, without challenges, we seem to have failed on suceeding the challenge this life represents. We want to ascend, to flee from here because we DENY to be here, we want to be elsewhere, no matter if any portal is involved to flee. Denial is the source of all pain. Bet on being here. And be humble not to expect a date wich will save you. No date will save you ever. You will, and you will do it yourself when the time is ok. Trust that, otherwise you are putting your faith in wrong places.
We are here for the challenge, i think, you realize it or not. Such involves infinite possibilities of experiencing all kind of experiences, not only good or bad, but beyond those dualities. Without challenge there is not reason at all to exist, I believe. Another door is opened on accepting that, another one little, if anything, has been said on the internet.
This all 2012 fad is counter productive, I feel. Because it puts people under the stress to qualify for anything. Thus degrading people which, for any reasons, feel they have “failed” to accomplish whatever they have read and felt in “resonance”.
Be wary when you feel you resonate with anything you read or hear, maybe it´s because that´s what you want to listen, only, not what your soul asks you to acknowledge to really grow up. If it´s good to trust heart and intuition, it´s good also to do it with a little grain of salt in the process.
Qualifying and tests to be able to make it, ascend, are ways of the dark ones to coerce us to follow deceptions.
You are the ultimate authority here, nothing else is; unless you can´t handle that truth, and choose to live on denial of it, through dense amnesia. We play the same game, though the same rules does not apply to all of us because of the wide variety of responsabilities you delegate over others who preach to know better than us, than yourself. Although many teachings can be positive, enlightening, and cause of awakenings at first, i look at them now with distrust. they all end up being misleading and dead ends. From my experience, of over more than 15 years, i can share this.
If you want to be herded, ok, follow the sheperd, if you wanna regain your power, trust yourself. You know, reality is much more complex, rich, and varied than we are being told by those “on the know”. No one knows, what´s goin on, in the end, they only know bits an pieces but never the whole thing. Try to assemble the pieces to define reality when that´s against the purpose of reality created: you can´t define yourself, you are the definer, GOD. They could end up definingcorrectly the rules of this matrix, but it´s just that: the rules of one matrix, of oneproduct, of your own unaware creativity. What happens is that even those above average humans, are scared of that realization: that´s avoiding get lost unto infinity. But infinity is lovely, if you really wan´t to love it. This isn´t incompatible with feeling oneness with all that there is.
Control is the obsession they have. Control, and being able to predict everything, killin themselves in the process, killing the mistery that is, all that it is beyond all that it is.
We talk about love because of the wound life represents. without wound there´s no love to exist. For love to exist there is always a wound to be healed. I think we gotta understand that. You know that to have a life full of love on the next life, or in whatever another dimension, density, or whatever, your exposure or feelings of vulnerability have to be as big as that love?. they are complementary procedures, not things that can exist separatedly.
So were are we being led by all those preaching golden ages for our future?. Are we fleeing ourselves when we buy that?, yes.
Well, we shouldn´t. All illnesses comes to us as a warning of such process of denial and refusal of THIS present life. That´s what i think, and that you choosed to live this life as it is, with all it´s bad things, pre-life.
Despite all the suffering i had and i keep experiencing, and although i have a huge experience with all this ascension thing, having experienced unbelievable things since 1999 (my first awakening), and having BIG ascension symptoms since, and increased more since jan 2011, im still very wary of any source of information about this on the internet. Discernment and faith is all around.
But that´s another story.
I dont wanna sound like a shill, dissenter of this “light and love movement”, and the similar. I share this with all the due respect decent people who does no wrong to others, deserve, and with all my unconditional love towards this race, as the background. Though, to say what i think i have to share it´s never easy, because i only talk when i am in disagreement, and being in disagreement with those who disagree with mainstream, doubles the difficultity to handle it.
Though, the possibilities of integration this can give, are truly astonishing in it´s truest sense.

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