~By Wendy Zangari
A Special Thanks to Rebecca for these videos.
Chris Thomas is a well known Healer, Psychic, and Author, he explains the energetic flows that the ETs and Illuminati inflict upon us as a human race on Earth.  The Annunaki/Velons, The Galactic Federation of Light/Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Nordics and the Hathors are causing the problems and issues that we have within ourselves, this list also includes Tolec, ex. Alfred Webre’s interviews with Tolec.
They create these inharmonious frequencies that we are inflicted with and causes our confusion, our issues, our emotions, they are not helping us in this transition to a new world, they are dampening our plans, so my suggestion is to not read them and fill your minds with nonsense. They raise your hopes and then dash them!  These emotions that they are inflicting upon us with negative frequencies, they are reveling in this now!  These transmissions/channelings are not from a good source and are giving humanity incorrect facts so that they can do their job and rid the Earth of our race so that they can take over our planet and thrive themselves.
According to Chris Thomas, the Reptilian race has not been in our Universe since 2003, it is the Annunaki/Velons that are communicating with folks here on this planet and are giving them incorrect information so that their plot can fall into place. Also, the Annunaki did not create the human race to take us over as a race.
This is incorrect information, they are not our Gods. They have also taken over the bodies of the illuminati in our Governments as “walk-ins”, therefore, we are being ruled by aliens, nothing new there, we know they are evil and whomever they are, Illuminati/Annunaki, they are here to destroy our race and survive themselves without our race, this is the bottom line.  They gathered all of the Freemasons and resurrected The Knights Templar to find the Arc of the Covenant, which contains a Tables of Testimony. This is a green crystal template that can re-write our history as we know it. The Arc and Tables of Testament are locked away and cannot be accessed until the time is right. We do not know who has access to these records.
Genetically Modified sustenance is one of the ways they are trying to control our race along with creating super soldiers (most likely feeding them something other than what society eats), so that we cannot fight back and we, as humans, will be under control of a military run world. The Annunaki/Illuminati removed energy patterns to control the human race, this is the ultimate plan of the New World Order, to control our race, making us a slave race. Remember when in the US they were promoting new cars in the early 2000’s?  They gave people an incentive to buy a new car by giving them a $2,000 rebate, well these cars have chips in them that track your every move and can be ceased with a flip of a switch by the Annunaki (Powers That Be).
Also, Ascension is not what many think it is, we do not die, we do not go into the 5th dimension, we stay here on this planet.  There is not going to be a split between earth to create another earth where we will reside. We are here, on this planet for a reason, we are here to make our lives better and to be happy.  That is the ultimate goal for all humans! It is a time where we better ourselves now with what we have, we take care of ourselves and each other.  That is what Ascension is all about, however, we are not ascending anywhere, we are raising our vibrations to what they should have been long long ago prior to our frequencies of Earth was lowered.  We should be a happy race, a race filled with love and hope and faith, but we are not, we are fighting for what is ours and do not care who we step on to get what is ours, this is the majority of our race.  We cannot live this way, we need to respect each other just like you respect yourself, and hopefully you do respect yourself. We are bringing our beings into a higher frequency, this is what the “End of Human Existence as we know it” or “End Times” means, we are entering a time of change in which we have not yet experienced in this lifetime.
We are 50 dimensional beings, once our entire consciousness enters our body we will become our full selves, as we should have been from inception of humanity. The Earths vibration was at 7.56Hz, this is too low for us to hear and doesn’t meet our vibrations, subsequently the earth raised it’s vibrations to 3.5kHz, which is it’s correct frequency and is trying to raise humanities vibrations while all of this chaos is going on in our world. We are fighting the energies of The Powers That Be at this moment and we are close to winning this war we did not start.
The best way to discern the truth is to investigate the truth.  Having many friends in these esoteric forums, we receive a lot of information to declare the truth of our race. What resonates with Greg and I may not resonate with you, but if it does, then it is truth.  Your truth, what you believe, that is all that is truly important within oneself, to find truth within!

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