~By Wendy Zangari

So the war is over, but not very many reported this or were excited about it enough to write more about this 9 year long war that we started! Are we excited?  Perhaps those that have family coming home are, but what about the rest of the Americans, and what about what the military that left behind a ruined place for the people in Middle East? Women and children were killed and they need to understand they broke a country even more than when they went to the Middle East, in 2001.
Now that the troops came home, are they going to be used against their own people?  Are FEMA camps going to be the next big thing?  Is Martial Law going to set foot in our country?  We have no idea what their next step is, but what we do know is that the war is not over for many many people!
We have people protesting on the streets of most of our main cities here in the states, those who are sleeping in tents and sleeping bags on the side of the road to make a point. I feel that they are stating “We will not stand for this political monstrosity any longer! We will not play by your rules, we are rebelling against the system because the system is corrupt and we are not going to pay for your mistakes, this stops here and now!!” Which is what we all want and are doing through different avenues.
People in Iraq are rebuilding now and they can now officially mourn 100,000 of their people, if not more (some are reporting over a million Iraqis were killed).  We pray for those that were hurt in battle and can no longer live their life fully now, we hope they do not end up like our Vietnam Veterans, where most of them are homeless on our city streets, with no help from our Government.
Are we free?  Seriously are we truly free?  If we were truly free, everything would be fair.
  1. We would have equal opportunity, which would reflect in our salaries, because women get paid less then men in this country for doing the same job, this still happens.  (It happened to me for my whole career in Information Technology, being a women in a man’s world, according to my bosses.)
  2. We would not have to pay an exorbitant amount for our credit cards, which most of us have paid 10 times over the amount you owe them and if you miss one payment, even by one day, your interest rate is at 29%. You can have an interest rate of 0% and you will now have to pay 29% due to one missed payment.  No leeway or slack allowed.
  3. We would own our homes when the mortgage is ACTUALLY paid off and not pay an exorbitant amount for interest. You do not start paying towards your mortgage, here in the states, until you have paid them (banks) interest for 15 years.
  4. Customer Service would be better due to a better outlook from the American people, but as we see it now, these kids that are working at our local stores, are rude.  This generation does whatever they want, when they want, and their bosses go along with it, now the bosses are owned in small businesses.
  5. Big Businesses run their employees into the ground and expect them to work 80 hours a week, if you do not, the possibility of being fired is extremely high.
  6. We would all be driving energy efficient vehicles without carbon emissions, this would be offered to people: To trade in their old vehicles to be recycled and get something more efficient without any monetary exchange.
  7. We would all have the option to build solar energy on their plot of land, also with no money exchanged. Perhaps a trade can be negotiated or perhaps we do things from the bottom of our heart and not expect anything in return except appreciation, that should be payment enough.
  8. We should all see if those homes that are not being sold by the banks, from all of these foreclosures in the states, can be used as community gardens. If they tear down the homes (depending on the condition of the home).  For instance, we have a home that has not been sold in 2 years on our street, and it needs a lot of repairs, we could tear it down and make a community garden, it would give homeowners a place to grow their produce and help everyone farm the land.  Those that cannot do farming can be assigned to a different task. Life would be easier for all of us.
  9. We should legalize marijuana throughout the world, due to the fact that it helps cure diseases, such as Alzheimer and Glaucoma, as well as aiding cancer patients for those that rely on it for nausea, it is a very valuable medicine for many different ailments.
  10. We should not have to pay for water or air!  We pay for air at gas stations and we pay for water in our homes for the filtration system and the piping system as well. Once the piping has been paid for, if there isn’t a leak or any issues, we should not have to pay for this.
Like I said before, we should get rid of money as it is currently worth almost nothing. I dare you to go and empty your bank account if you have quite a bit of money.  See if they even have it!  I bet you all of it isn’t there or available to you. They played gambling games with our money and they lost. We never said they could gamble with our money. Did you ever think you would go to the bank one day and they would be tapped?  It can happen and it probably will happen in the near future. So we have to have a contingency plan without the almighty dollar. Obviously this is not all we need to change, this is just the beginning.

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