~By Wendy Zangari
This year was filled with excitement as well as disappointment. Lets hope that next year is better for all of humanity, filled with hope and love and understanding, filled with healing for ourselves and others, filled with happiness, personal growth, filled with excitement, energy, and gumption.
Next year Greg and I hope that we can get out of this bedroom at least a few times a week, we want to improve our lives, improve humanity, improve the world and be a better service to others. It’s a lot, but if I can do it, being physically limited, so can all of you, however most of you can do direct service by volunteering at a homeless shelter or any type of volunteering, you can do that when Greg and I cannot.  You can go into your cities and stand with the Occupy folks and stand up for our rights as a human race, together!
Greg and myself cannot take care of ourselves very well, and the Doctors do not have any solution for either of us, so we are here helping humanity from bed.  Be lucky that you can walk and not be in pain, be lucky that your skin doesn’t hurt anytime something or someone touches it and have constant fatigue, be lucky that you do not have nausea on a daily basis like Greg does from the narcotics he has to take for his herniated back on top of his spinal fusion.  Be lucky that you do not have our issues, because you are able bodied people and you should know by now that if you can make a difference in any which way in this world, get up and DO IT!!
I wish that all of my problems would go away, I hope for the new year that we will have a solution for Greg and myself and get help to clean my house and help cooking, as well as doing the yard work.  Our yard is the worst on the street, I am embarrassed, but I don’t ask for help, I have a hard time asking others for help, but hopefully if I get disability in January after my court date, I will be able to get services for us, I am hoping!  Who knows, I don’t know how much hope I have left, but I keep trying.
After the 11-11-11 ascension crap, I guess I thought that all of our issues would be gone and I have been having a hard time since then and not feeling happy and chipper, I actually have been feeling quite depressed and I am empty in my heart, I have been taking care of people since I was 10 or so years old, I have never really had anyone ever take care of me, my husband cannot, my cats cannot, my family and friends are almost 400 miles away and I can’t take care of our house, let alone a person, let alone myself.  It has been very difficult to be able to write, to be able to feel happy, but I am trying and I do hope that this new year will bring many miracles for Greg and myself. However, I have been very discouraged, hence why I have not written in a while.
Nothing really to report except that I have been playing games on my tablet to pass the time and Greg had a stomach flu this past week and has been throwing up since last Tuesday, we think his stomach has settled down now, but it was not pleasant for either of us. Also, Greg’s mother told him that she did not appreciate our holiday card because it said “Have a Happy Holiday Season” instead of “Have a Merry Christmas”.  She was quite verbal about it, oh well, I will never send another card to her again. That is the end of her abuse!
I hope that next year is filled with hope for us, but I do not know exactly what will happen and I don’t know how I will keep going on this way, I have had many breakdowns in the last few years due to Greg’s disability and me not being able to do much either.
We started this website because we were seeing humanity being vindictive and a money hungry society, we saw anger and hatred in the world and those who try to get on top to make more money and not care who they step on to get there. This type of behavior in the world needs to end!  With my years of Psychology and Sociology classes I have taken for my major in college, ECE (Early Childhood Education), I think I can state that the Powers That Be have gone mad, and that is not a Psychology term either! We also started this site for all of you, the twists and turns we have taken this year has been much more fun than my previous years, and I hope that it was fun for all of you too! It sure was interesting all of the information we gathered to show all of you as well as ourselves to lead a better life. We definitely learned a lot!  Next year we should apply ourselves much more vigorously, I need a push too! 🙂
All I want for the new year is a better life for all of us, a better outlook on life, and hope, hope to carry on, hope to have things change for us!
Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012, let the new year shine!

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