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Event: “Unraveling the Obama/Mars Connection” a major Exopolitical event to be hosted in Washington State

The Awakening Center in Rainier, WA will be host to a major Exopolitical event. Washington State has a stellar history in ufology and exopolitics that had it’s first major incident in the 1950’s of a sighting on Mt. Rainier. Washington also is a hotbed of UFO sightings in several locations both eastern and western. Dedicated researchers into all aspects of exopolitics also make Washington their base of operations.


WHEN: SATURDAY, JAN. 21, 2012 11 AM – 6 PM

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Revelations of Marsgate and Beyond

Last year, Alfred Webre, Andrew Basiago, William Stillings and Laura Eisenhower collaborated on critical revelations pertaining to disclosure in a series of efforts under the general heading of “Revealing Marsgate.” Their revelations and testimony suggest that the United States has a colony on the planet Mars that is accessible by Tesla-inspired teleportation technology known as “jump rooms.”
Using NASA programs as a false-front, public-relations show in it’s latter decades, the government has been in parallel development of technology that bypasses fueled rockets and built on the principles of physics publicly labeled as “fringe.” Richard Dolan, an exopolitics researcher has suggested that not only do we have a “secret space program” but we also have a portion of our population living in a technologically advanced state so as to be, basically, a “breakaway civilization.”
Whistle-blowers have been emerging in the past decade suggesting that teleportation and time-viewing/travel are possible, and in fact have already come into use in secret, by the use of interpretations of understandings in quantum physics.
These technologies have been actively utilized and expanded upon, yet this information is kept from a public that ostensibly pays taxes to pay for the expenses of the governmental technology sector. In the past, these expenditures eventually resulted in new industries and impetus for jobs like those created in telecommunications industry. If the whistleblowers are right, then teleportation technology has been used, quite possibly, since the 1960’s.
Pressing for Disclosure is an imperative for the United States people to make leaders accountable to citizens. President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex and it’s ability to empower itself, by power and stealth, to step out of the scrutinization of congressional oversight and public discourse. What other technologies might there be that would revolutionize the state of technology and create new industries that could benefit the people of the US and the world?
The revelations of Marsgate continue with the explosive new material coming to light. Regaled by the press as one of the wildest conspiracies to emerge in 2012, this story is not going to go away quietly in the night. The gist of this revelation is that Obama “Barry Soetoro” was an emergent youth leader who was part of a group of other promising young people who were exposed to Mars as part of training for their future careers.

Who is Barry Seotoro?

There is a lot to consider in these revelations that bears scrutiny. One of Obama’s ongoing intrigues was the response to the birth certificate issue. By allowing a transparently falsified birth certificate to be posted on the white house website, the door is ajar for questions. Conspiracy watchers erupted when it was obvious, to anybody who’s proficient at Adobe Illustrator, that the document was digitally layered. Obama is revealed to have been part of a CIA secret mission to send emergent leader teens to a US colony on Mars established through the hidden technology of teleportation.
Andrew D. Basiago and another youthful comrade, William Stillings, give accounts that they were in a secret training program and so was “Barry Seotoro” who now goes by the name of Barack Obama. Their account says that the participating youth in the program received training together to help them be prepared for the hostile conditions on Mars and then were teleported multiple times to the surface of the planet of Mars using the jump room technology. In later years, “Barry” would come to be called “Barack Obama.”
Surprisingly, the white house used a prominent high tech publication to post a rebuttal:
White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars
The transformation from “Barry” to “Barack” is explained in the related research of Alfred Labremont Webre. In the event at the Awakening Center, material will be presented by Webre that brings a understanding to this particular story as it relates to the identity and mysterious history of Obama that is also part of the Obama/Mars connection.
Alfred Webre, a prominent researcher in exopolitics, established a meme and unique area of study with the publication of his book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe” The book is the groundbreaking tome of exopolitics. Webre’s ongoing writings on his website,Exopolitics.com includes a wealth of information to anyone wanting to know more about exopolitics.

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Exopolitics Washington — Event: “Unraveling the Obama/Mars Connection” a major Exopolitical event to be hosted in Washington State.

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