~By Wendy Zangari
Last night we got a comment on one of our articles, it stated that we have somehow spread dis-info all over our website. We do not believe that is accurate, if you had read our website from it’s inception, you would know that we are here to find the truth, if we don’t see something as truth anymore we take it down from this site.
Also, as a side note [1], this person has committed plagiarism, because my words are on their site and they do not have a link back to my article, plus they butchered the article.
Just so all of you know this is our truth, hence this being our website, we give you a service by researching all that we can in regards to many different issues that this world needs to change. We do not try to dissuade our readers either way. If you want to read our site because you are on this ride with us to find the truth, then wonderful, but if you are here to look at discrepancies and mismatched info, you WILL find some on this site. Greg and I plan on going through the website this week and take down any articles that may not portray the truth, therefore that will no longer be an issue after this week.
I also want to mention that I have received a few laughs from folks that are acquaintances in regards to my belief that the oval office is infiltrated with Reptilian beings, time and time again. I have tried to wake the American people up, but they just laugh and say “Ron Paul, what a guy”, I don’t buy anything anymore from politicians, unless they come clean and give physical proof of what the Government and the PTB are doing behind the scenes.  I told these acquaintances that I won’t be laughing when they find out the real truth about our Government and that we have been bushwhacked for so many millenniums and that they will be coming to me for answers, but I still won’t laugh at them, no, I will sincerely explain that we are just a number in this silly little matrix of a world, among other things.
So truthers everywhere, we are here to spread the word of truth, is what we know the truth? It could be our truth or it could just be our matrix that we live in where there are those that do not understand us and balk at our beliefs. There are many matrix’s, many avenues, many crossroads, all time and space is, are choices, choices we make either influenced or otherwise. There is a destiny for some and there is an end for others.  Some believe the spirit moves on and others believe we go no where, you will go where you want to.  If you think you will go nowhere after you die, then when you die you will be stuck in limbo.  If you think heaven is just pure beauty as many believe, then you will go to heaven and seep in the beauty.
We live in a holographic world and we are all but light reflections passing through each of us. There are physicalities we have to deal with on a daily basis, but that is what we were shown, that is what we know and our own eyes CAN deceive us. What happens if what we truly see isn’t real, and we see what the PTB want us to see? What we know is that we are light beings and that we are all refraction‘s of each other!
When I was a child my mom taught me all about the esoteric world, I was primed at a very young age. I would sit in her bedroom on her chaise lounger every Saturday morning to talk about other worldly topics, such as angels, where they came from, who were they, how can some see them and others can’t. We spoke about the stars, the positioning of the solar system and all planets alike. We spoke about astrology charts, which she had done so fluently. We spoke about all sorts of life’s subjects. She even told me about how people do not understand these types of topics because it is so foreign to them and that I mustn’t speak about it outside of the house, so I rarely did, if at all.
Now that I am out here in the public I am stating my truth, things I have known all of my life.  I stand by my beliefs, I get discouraged when I find out that some of my beliefs were incorrect, I try to find evidence to support my truth.  How can I be so wrong when so many people have known the same things as I have, if not more, and are coming out about it?  How can my mom’s teachings be incorrect?  They can’t, they aren’t, I see way too many people who know the same as I do and most have never spoken about these types of subjects prior to this truth movement. So how were we all taught the same things if no one spoke about these subjects prior to this truth movement?
Now I admit, I have learned so much in the last year from all of you, our readers, to all that found Greg and I on facebook and have become fast friends, to those who have communicated to me through emails, through phone calls, the list of people that we have surrounded ourselves with are hand picked, I can get a feeling about someone almost immediately, that is why I do not have many friends here.  I have plenty of friends in Boston, where I grew up, but they are close to 400 miles away and I cannot get up there very often. So thank you to all of you that helped us learn so much this past year, we are so very blessed to know like people with like minds.
Us Writers, Truthers, and Whistleblowers all want you to know the truth, the truth that we are not alone in this universe, that some are good and some are bad, just like our race, why would you expect anything less? We have Reptilians, Tall Grays, Small Grays, etc. living on this planet along side of us, why would you think anything different?  Why would you think that there are not those that are infiltrating our Governments that are not of our species?  Are we that naive?  Are we that self righteous? We really think we have not been visited?  How do you think technology grew so fast that now all we have to do is talk to our computers and television sets and they respond with your set of rules that you state?
We just got internet in the mid 1990’s, where they couldn’t get a data rate better than .11kbps. Guess what?  That was already around in the 1950’s, if not earlier than that. They were way past that avenue of communication long before we got it as a whole. Do you even realize that? If you do wonderful, but if you think the technology that we have now is what the Government has, well you have got to be kidding me, even after I gave you proof that they are way ahead of us in tech?  I studied this in school as I am a Certified Technician/System Administrator and have been building machines for quite some time. I do my own code on this site, no one does this for me. I have programmed phones, fixed business printers, built servers, Exchange servers, Active Directory servers, DNS servers and the like. I have been in the computer field for quite a while, even before I started schooling and getting certified as a technician. So I have learned about all of this in school as well as in my technology books.
The people that are out in the public trying to give all of you the truth, well let them, they have experienced a lot more in these Government projects than you or I will ever know. These people were children in these projects that the Government ran and your tax dollars bought. They really put their lives out there when they experienced their phenomenons as children, young adults, or as adults, but they are also coming out with vigor to the public now and we are all here to support them. They have been through quite a lot in life and I admire their courage to put forth their information, whether it seems ridiculous to some, others embrace their truth and have actually gotten to know these people first hand, Greg and myself included.  They don’t have to do this, but they care, they care about humanity, they care about the principal and the matter of everything being right with the world and having their voices heard once and for all with no one to destroy their path along the way. They don’t deserve the ridicule, the anger, the death threats, the nasty emails, the calling of names, this shows people more and more that you are incapable of being rational, which puts a plug on your story, not ours.
We are all here to help each other, why do people have to argue about who is right and who is wrong?  If you think something is incorrect, once you let the person know NICELY your opinions, you no longer have to read what they write. If you do, perhaps there is truth in what we write that you keep coming back to.  We are all here to find the truth, let’s work together and not apart and please try to be very open minded, because closed minds won’t work for you while reading this website.


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