~By Wendy Zangari
So I hear this news the other day that Steve Beckow has spoken with Linda Dillon, who contacted Grener, who is apparently the President of the Intergalactic Council, who has told Steve and his readers that the galactics are taking them up to space tomorrow.  I want to let everyone know that this is NOT how disclosure is happening.  I do not know how it is happening, but I do know it isn’t happening this way.
The article I am referring to is this:  http://the2012scenario.com/world-disclosure-day/trip-to-greners-neptune-feb-4-2012/transcript-of-an-hour-with-an-angel-with-grener-jan-31-2012/
Also, Linda Dillon does not speak the truth, as Greg and I have had a reading with her and many parts of the reading did not sit well with either of us. It also sounded like she lit up a cigarette when she was doing the reading and I do not believe that people do this when channeling, especially someone whom they just met.  We recorded the conversation and she told Greg that one of his guides name was one thing, and then at the middle or end of the conversation it was another name.  When Greg mentioned to her that she had said a different name earlier in the session, her response was “Uh the second person is the correct name.” (This is only one example of inconsistencies)
I may get nasty emails or comments for this, but that is okay, I am prepared to go all out with my truths.
The reason why the Galactic Federation of Light among “some” other channeled sources are incorrect, are as such:
  • They get our hopes up and then dash them, which causes physical pain for some (as this is what these folks are trying to get away from).
  • They sense our impatience and indeed feed on that with stories to get you to focus on other subjects, rather than what is truly important. Earth and your own personal growth!
  • They suck you in and make you believe all sorts of crap and then tell you that it has been postponed, time and time again.
  • They constantly suck you in with feel good crap and say Disclosure will be “soon”.  Well “soon” has turned into years for some.
The changes that are going to be made this year comes from within your own soul.  It is the effort you put forth in making positive changes in your life. Not only do we have to clean our insides, we have to clean the outside of our system, our government, our political system, our financial system, and the list goes on. As we do our research on these topics we understand that the system is crumbling right before our eyes the way it was planned.
The Monsanto company is going to go down as we are currently seeing in the news.  We see Rupert Murdoch’s workers get punished by law for intruding on families that have lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack (with our own missiles).  They are going to go down and then you will see one by one that it will work it’s way up to the Government and once it does we can make solid changes there as well. It’s a process, there is not going to be a savior in all of this.  We are all working together for a cause, for the good of man and I cannot watch this disinformation go out there to thousands of websites. It isn’t fair to the people and it isn’t fair to mess with those lives that depend on a savior (the solution comes from within, not from external sources).  We will expose the un-illuminati and they will be prosecuted as planned in this timeline.
Steve, you are seriously affecting souls that don’t know what to believe in and they grasp at the first words you say. You cannot continue to listen to the wrong sources, because they are feeding you a load of crap. I pray that you and your readers find your way! I hope that by this not happening it doesn’t cause a multitude of Steve’s readers to be in physical or emotional pain due to the disappointment.  I hope that Steve does in fact stop writing due to this not happening, as he had professed in his blog, because he spreads so much disinformation as it is.
I also do not like talking about people, but when it affects a huge amount of folks, I have to say something, I just can’t hold this in any longer. I cannot let you continue to believe this baloney.  It isn’t going to happen! I know that all of you have high hopes and dreams, but you need to listen to that FIRST gut instinct. What did it tell you? Not the second instinct, but the first instinct that people usually dismiss. I bet your gut wanted this to be true, but knew it wasn’t going to happen, but still hoped, just like everyone did for 11-11-11, when nothing significant happened and then everyone was out of steam because we all thought that would be IT!  But it was not and here we are, in the same place we were then, not in space, not off earth, but here, planted firmly on planet earth.  I am not saying that other galactics aren’t watching us or hoping we can resolve our world issues, but I know for a fact they would not interfere with any of our timelines.
I also do not like the fact that Steve told all of you to OMIT if you have to, did you know that omitting IS lying?  Omitting purposely is lying! Omitting by forgetfulness is another thing. Don’t ever omit anything on purpose, that is NOT lightworker behavior! Don’t you take those types of clues into account? If not, you missed that part! Watch out for things like that, do not dismiss it!
Steve and his readers, I do hope that you find your path, this is just the harder way to get there.


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