~By Wendy Zangari
So this is my assessment of this whole story, Linda Dillon from The Council of Love’s plan is to become the next Sylvia Brown (who is also a fake). She is feeding Steve Beckow a bunch of stories and he holds onto Linda Dillon’s every word.
There are most likely a bunch of folks now that are either in emotional or physical pain, now this is what these negative ET’s want, this way you will eventually fall off of the esoteric train of this new era and stop looking at the bigger picture.  People are too focused on Disclosure, disclosure is the least of our worries.  Lets move on with the knowledge that ET’s might be watching us from afar (because they would be shot out of our air space), but they would never make a plan as big as this and then cancel it only to destroy your hope, faith, and love, something we are striving for. That is something a loving ET would NOT do!
People need to look inward, stop looking for ALL of your solutions in psychics or channelers, because at this time when it is crucial for our world to grow in leaps and bounds you will need to look inward for your spiritual answers. That doesn’t mean all channelers are a fake, because I know plenty that are not, but Linda Dillon is taking Steve Beckow for a ride that I am not sure you would want to be on.
My prediction is that this will not happen, even if they do take one person at a time, which is how the story unfolded at this moment, it still won’t happen (even if someone makes up a story that it did happen, we will have no proof with just one person, they can say anything).  Three hundred people are no longer going at once.  Apparently these ET’s that are speaking through Linda Dillon are pulling you on a ride that will be the same roller-coaster ride you have been on for years. Stop riding this train!  This is not what GOOD ET’s want from us, they want peace and love and happiness and not cause more strife.  Think about that for a moment.  How long have they been taking you on this ride that you keep hopping onto?  Years?  Has disclosure happened?  No!  Perhaps you should stop banging your head on the wall over and over again expecting different results.  This is what they want so that you will get discouraged and walk away from all of this and then we will all be in the same spot we were in prior to this story of people going to space in a space bicycle to Neptune!
It is okay to look for information to prove your data is correct, but it is another thing when someone like Linda Dillon takes money for this every time Steve Beckow has a reading and bamboozle’s him.  Greg and I got a discount and we paid $500 for 3 hours, just to give you an idea. I think she wants to make Steve famous and this way she will get a cut of the proceeds from whatever public TV event they do, this is the plan you know, to get Steve on Television, since Archangel Michael told him this through Linda last year. Steve, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Well he has and he did and you are following Steve with blinders on, he is giving all of you incorrect data and Linda Dillon is behind it and Steve has no idea. What a sad state of affairs, I do hope they get on the right train soon!
The story unfolds because even though this did not happen, as Steve had professed, he is still going to continue writing and listening to one person for his information, Linda Dillon.  Some of you follow with blind eyes, stop being sheeple, you still are and you don’t even know it. This too is a sad state of affairs. It disheartens me when people get their hopes up and then they are dashed again and again, over and over, for years now!
I know when 11-11-11 didn’t happen among other dates in the past, I had put all my eggs in one basket and for that I am sorry, I can see now, I have my eyesight back, I took time off from the internet to collect my thoughts, which is also why I slowed down on posting articles, I realized that I needed more time with me and not looking on the internet for the answers. When that happened, I found my truth and my answers with the quietness I sat with. If you don’t take the time to spend with yourself and gaining your own footing, you will not be able to guide anyone else.
I do not care about how long my articles are, if it is important and you need to know, then I post it!  I don’t care if people criticize me for not going with others on a train that goes nowhere and always ends up right back at the pick-up station. I am me, people don’t like me most of the time because I don’t play around, I don’t bullshit, what you see is what you get and I am all open and honest.  Also, I do deal with some jokes from my family in regards to all that I believe and read, but I know that I am right in my heart and therefore it doesn’t bother me, any ridicule I get, if at all, is taken with a grain of salt.  Therefore, suppose I were to go on that ship to Neptune among other places, I would tell my family straight out that I am going, no hesitation if I truly believed it! I would not omit a thing. Why would I be afraid of people laughing at me when you know your truth and stand by it? Obviously by Steve telling people to omit to their families is something that if someone truly believed it was going to happen and that they were going on a trip to space, then why worry about omitting if you know your truth? Again omission is lying, no ifs, ands, or buts!
I hope that people also know that I am not doing this to start a fight with Steve Beckow or Linda Dillon, far from it, I just want you to know my thoughts on the matter and I am not going to hold back! Period! I know a lot of people are with me on these thoughts, so I do know I am not alone in my thinking. I hate to put this out there, but Denise Le Fay commented on yesterday’s article and even she does not believe in any of this and is glad someone had the balls to say it!
Just know, even though I am not posting a lot lately, I think more about what is important and if it is pressing, I have to put it up on this site. Otherwise, this year Greg and I are taking more time to collect ourselves so that we can be of service to all of you. Plus we are reading a lot of credible sites, all of the sites down the right hand side of this site, among others. One thing you can be promised is that I will never try to steer you the wrong way. I will always be honest and if I am wrong, I will not back peddle, I will straight out tell you that I was wrong and why.
Also, now you can understand why I do not do telepathic transmissions for anyone, when I do have these moments, unless it is pressing to the world, I don’t post it. It is something that is very private for me and always has been.  Another thing is, if you do not already know, you CANNOT make appointments with ET’s or Angels, in other words I cannot say at 10PM tonight I am having a transmission with Archangel Michael, it does not work this way.  It is a process and the way you allow these beings into your spiritual circle is by trust and they are very gentle with people’s emotions and wants and needs. They would NEVER do this to you, where they promise a HUGE promise and then never comply. It is not in their nature. It is not how they work. You ask how I know, well my intuition, I have followed my intuition more so in this second half of my life and it has not steered me wrong yet. This is why most people do not like me, because I peg people and I know their games at the moment I meet them, most of the time.
Don’t play this insidious game, it isn’t good for your heart, body, mind or soul. It will destroy you eventually and you will feel empty inside and who knows what will happen after that. This is NOT our soul plan to be jerked around in this manner!  This is a ploy to get us to stop focusing on what is really important, your spiritual growth and healing this planet. Please do not be fooled by these people, they will not steer you in the right direction.








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