~By Wendy Zangari
So while having friends in this esoteric circle, I get some really wonderful data! http://www.ripoffreport.com/financial-services/linda-dillon/gifting-circle-pyramid-circle-ad6dx.htm!! However, I know that this may not make some happy, it is not my intention to make waves with folks, I just want everyone to know the TRUTH!  Truth is so important, when someone is honest with you, it allows you to be honest with them, however it does not always happen this way.  Some people unfortunately are NOT honest and are only thinking about their bottom line, how they are going to survive on this planet.  Well, in order to survive on this planet we need money, unfortunately, because this green paper is the greed of mankind for now!
My biggest thing is that I hate seeing people being bamboozled, especially people that I know that are trying to spread the truth out here on the internet!  Linda Dillon has caused so much heartache, so much pain, emotional and physical, she has made a fool out of Steve, out of his readers and others who posted this material of channeled messages with Grener, among other entities from Linda Dillon’s apparent sources.  This saddens me to no end, I sat here last night almost to tears (no I was in tears) as to what this woman and these funds that Steve Beckow has set up has done, shocked, but not too shocked that she has taken people’s funds for her to live her lifestyle and lying to you in the interim! I feel like I have to apologize for this as we are the ones to spread the truth!!  This is not something I wish to do, discredit someone, but when thousands of people are being affected, then it is well worth the mention.
Laura, wrote this on her website as she has been doing some serious investigative work on this and the funds that you give your money to on Steve Beckow’s site.  My suggestion is that you should not give donations to either the Hope Chest Fund or the Bridge Fund, until we find out the truth about who you are giving your money to.  Also these funds have been set up by Linda via Archangel Michael via Steve Beckow’s readings with Linda. Keep that in mind.
Here is Laura and her explanation of how this story is unfolding and how she is terribly sorry if this offends anyone, which I am as well. If this does offend anyone it might be best not to read any further.  Here is the article that Laura wrote in regards to this situation.
Laura: This may or may not shed some light in the latest events and division of the lightworkers community, you decide. I am very sorry if this post causes further upset to some readers, and I respect all your opinions.
One of my readers left this information concerning Linda’s past involvement with a pyramid scheme, a report was file in January 2002, which may or not be relevant to the current situation, you have your own discernment to guide you on all matters, at all time.
Some of my readers have asked me to shed some light in this matter, and wish to see accountability and integrity, while others would prefer to move their focus on. If the latter is your case, please skip this post.
For those who are interested in further analyzing this matter, I am also including an interesting report analysis byWendy Zangari concerning a private reading we have listened to between Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon. Click here to read her report.
I don’t post this for anybody to judge Miss Dillon, I am posting this in order that the hearts of those hurt would find peace and  an explanation to their shattered trust.
I wish that the lightworkers community would cease to be targeted by those who desire to profit from people’s need for a better world, and also to ridicule channeling material, our Positive Brothers from the Stars, the Disclosure Process and  to discredit the integrity of lightworkers, Ascended Masters, and the Galactic Federation of Light. 
I apologize for the latest drop in energy to all my readers of the past few days, as I have been submerged by emails from those who have been affected. I have received many emails and messages from people who have been hurt by the recent claims. I am sending Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow and all of us affected plenty of love and light. Love and growth are the end result.
“The Truth shall set you free”. Thanks to CyrusK

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