Lightworkers: Why “Disclosure” Should Not Be Your Main Focus At This Time

Another Reason Why We Are Putting So Much Focus On The “Joyride To Space” Topic

~By Greg Zangari
I think the easiest way to summarize Wendy and my overall feelings about this would be to define it this way:
The most important thing we can do this year is clear our karma and upsets, open our hearts (by vibrating in a place of “Love” and not “fear” and opening ourselves to only positive thoughts that are for our highest good) and finally, to do what we can to be of service-to-others.We believe our own cleansing, takes priority right now, as we don’t have much time left before the galactic alignment. Hopefully by the end of the year, we will all be at 51% Service-to-Others/49% Service-to-Self if not as close as possible to that.
Part of our Service-to-Others is to assist people in the transition to Unity Consciousness. When speaking to our guides through Wendy, this was what we signed up for, this was our mission and what is fulfilling our soul contract in this lifetime.
Looking at the state of the world’s “awakened-ness”, for lack of a better word, we, as Lightworkers, need to do what we can to help in the awakening process. It’s believed that once we get to 10% or more of the population to this “awakened” state, the other 90% will wake up soon thereafter.
Think about it. We’re using our thoughts and sending them out through our heart’s electromagnetic, torus field. Those thoughts hit the world’s water which helps to transmute and spread this new Unity Consciousness to all. [Ed. Note: Google “Masaru Emoto” to learn more about the effect of human thought on water].
In order to get to this 10% number, we are sure most would agree that this is a lot to accomplish in less than a year!
If you do agree, would you also agree that this Awakening – Enlightenment – Ascension process is more important than Disclosure? Think about this hard, I would really like to know your thoughts on this after you sit with this a while and look into your heart to find your “knowing”.
In the past and up until early Autumn 2011, we thought Disclosure was a priority. We used to beat the Disclosure drum here, on Facebook and Twitter, signing every Disclosure-related petition we could find. We’d “share” countless articles and videos of witness/whistle-blower testimonies related to UFO/ET Disclosure…and abduction stories too, lots of them! 😉
At that point in Autumn 2011, we had another “mini-awakening” – one where we realized that those currently in power, were not going to give up that power by saying they have been lying for a long time. This is something that would need to be done right at the beginning of a new administration of a new President (i.e., not during a re-election win). A new administration that still believes in following the U.S. Constitution (or a reasonable facsimile) and the Will of The People.
Shortly thereafter, we also woke up to the fact that benevolent ETs would not show up until all war is over and all the fighting is done. We also believe that all wars may end by the conclusion of this year, hopefully sooner! Once we have World Peace, including demilitarizing Space and a rebooting of our current government, then and only then will we be mature enough as a planetary race, to meet our neighbors and cousins from Space. This could happen as early as 2013, but until that miraculous something happens this year that is supposed to wake-up the people of Earth, nothing in my experience points to Disclosure so soon.
Our best guess at this point, knowing what we do today in February 2012 in our current 3D duality, is that Disclosure would happen no sooner than 2016-2020.
Now, thinking all of this through, do you think we should be spending so much time on Disclosure-related activities at present, or should we be concentrating on our own Awakening – Enlightenment – Ascension process and Service-To-Others when able?
I hope I was able to clarify our truths and our overall point of view regarding why folks shouldn’t make Disclosure a priority at this time. Let’s awaken and grow as a planetary civilization, then we can spend more time focusing on Disclosure.
We believe, that once the world is “whole” again, the world will use its free will and speak with “One Voice” as truly “Awakened Beings” and welcome our neighbors and cousins from Space! In the mean time, let’s try and get ourselves “whole” again, shall we?

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