~By “A Previous Reader”
I’m pleased to see real discernment happening with those who have paid any attention at all to Steve Beckow and his adventures over the past couple years.
I first came to his material when he was ‘Brother Anonymous’ in ’08 or so and then found his 2012 website in ’10. At first I enjoyed some of the articles that moved more towards what people are assuming ‘disclosure’ to be, but soon became aware that things were veering into a realm of imbalance and control, not integrated with previous articles on enlightenment. That imbalance, judgement and thinly disguised temper issues, the ever-present ‘vasanas’, were increasingly apparent in the comment section while they remained open.
What I can tell you from personal experience is that any comment that Steve didn’t like, he didn’t post. I know this because he would reply to my comments but not allow them on the site unless it praised him or agreed with him. THAT is why he needed helpers: to control opinion first by wading through comments (called ‘moderating’) and eventually do the work he lined out, not to screen out supposed spam. And he needed moderators that he could control….and many he couldn’t control. This was discernibly obvious if you followed along with his long editorial comments and personal, self serving episodes over time with the website foundering back an forth between dramas. Pride, ego, self importance…website hits–something quickly referred to. Does anyone really believe there were over 100K web hits one day last week because ‘people are interested in disclosure’?? C’mon people let’s get real. The believers were clicking for more articles and many, many others wanted to see how Beckow would negotiate this latest drama: the joyride.
I could be incorrect, but my discernment tells me that Beckow was reaching the end of the gig and he needed a way out. He has signaled all along that he’s over worked (which is self imposed) needs to work on himself, needs workers for his vision blah, blah, blah. Well … looks like there might be severe issues with Dillion, Schmidt and this whole ‘nesara’ fantasy. So Beckow pushed the disclosure envelope (again), but this time forcing the issue and taking his readership with him. This is his way out; and for ‘everyone else’s benefit’, not his own, mind you. I’ll be very surprised if there isn’t some editorial post up in early March that claims he’s been in touched with ‘an angel’ and now his ‘lord’ says to give up the reigns while he rides off into the sunset.
Not only is the alleged ‘Grener’ not someone to follow, but neither is Steve Beckow. Time for everyone to get on their OWN horse and find out why they got involved and where their lives go from here. You have all the insight and material you need…just ‘go inside’ as others have said.
Now, some will find my comments harsh. They ARE harsh. The truth can be a harsh learning tool–there’s nothing ‘negative’ about that. Don’t fall into Beckow mind-speak and make an immediate denial thoughtform for yourself with words like: negative, of the dark, being 3D, divisive, vasana-related, attacking and even ‘not a light worker’ etc. to explain my comments. Consider them and think what you will, not what someone else tells you to think.
Discernment is absolutely key, not only here but in everyday life. If you find yourself caught up over this episode and uncertain about your ability to discern, then GET EDUCATED NOW before someone else attempts to con you again. Be responsible for yourself and take what works and forget the rest. Don’t demonize or declare ‘dark’ those who don’t agree or have seen a different view—that’s NOT ‘being the change’. Get on with your 3D life because regardless what anyone tells you, you ARE IN this dimension right now. Make the most of your ‘time’. Take care of YOU, and the world will follow.
And … most importantly, do some serious research into the term ‘cult grooming’ when it comes to the whole drama of the 2012 Scenario, both in general and the Beckow website.
Be well.

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