~By Wendy Zangari
I felt as though I needed to post this article to let everyone know that I am not bitter about the money I spent to have a reading with Linda Dillon last March (plus why would I still be upset a year later?).  I actually am extremely glad we did in fact have a reading with her so that I can let you know that it is a scam.  I do not care about money, it is the least of my worries as Greg and I do okay and survive on what we have.
However, when my friends get bamboozled, as I like to put it, that is when I couldn’t let this fiasco go on any further.  People need to understand why I kept mentioning it in my comments to one of articles on Neptune (http://readyfortheshift.com/2012/02/07/neptune-trip-update-look-at-the-bright-side-you-grabbed-a-opportunity/#comments) because people kept stating the same thing over and over and over again without reading other comments and I should have just redirected you to the comment above, but I wanted everyone to know that we had a reading with Linda Dillon and that it was in fact bogus. I did it to warn you, to let you know that we know, due to us having first hand experience.  Hence why I kept explaining, like a broken record or a parakeet.
Also, I do not believe that all of you have looked at the evidence at hand in regards to Linda Dillon and Dave Schmidt that is taking your money for supposedly helping lightworkers in need with their everyday bills and necessities.  Some people that had asked and that truly needed it, did not get a dime.  Why is that?  Where did the money go and why no explanation to these people’s requests?
Here are the fraudulent charges against Linda Dillon and Dave Schmidt, also this is nothing new, they have been doing these types of scams for years.  Please open your eyes!
And here are articles that state that John Lear did not go to Neptune as this is not the real John Lear who was the original poster in Godlike Productions Forums.
Therefore concluding that this trip was a farce, you are being taken for a ride to nowhere but down a road to distrusting people and their sources.  This is NOT what good entities would EVER do to you! Don’t you understand that?  Especially since this has been happening for years and years and years, that these folks continue to say “soon” and then make arrangements and then cancel. This is their mission!  Can’t you see that?
You will encounter dark entities at this time, it is their fight to shine and win over the good forces.  You are allowing them to do this by getting into your psyche, if you do you will not ascend into greater knowing. They are trying to separate lightworkers and they are doing a good job as there is no way they couldn’t have known the outcome, they are all-knowing.  Please guard your psyche and do not EVER use channels for your everyday answers! LOOK INWARD!!!!!
Please use discernment on your own as it is no one’s fault that you believed that you were being directed down the correct path, except those that took you on the ride.  I truly care about humanity, I don’t like injustices being done. Please take this into consideration when reading these channels.  Thank you.

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