Predictions 2011 and Beyond

by: ©Mz. Mugzzi, Published Oct 14, 2011

Due to the severity of our current situation, I have been compelled to sit down and write this early. We have a lot coming in that is new, refreshing and exciting. How can I say that when everything seems to be crumbling around us? That is exactly my point!
Currently, we are facing protest all over our nation and the world. Banks don’t have money; Wall Street is hijacked by gangsters, and governments acting criminally insane. We are faced with the dirtiest of thieves and yet they are making decisions to run your lives. Let me share with you one of my favorite sayings that the “Boys” have shared with me….”God does not put his best light workers in paradise”. You are here for a HUGE purpose. You are here to re-establish our sovereignty all around the globe.
As we learned with many loving, spiritual, righteous leaders that came here to pave the way for a better future, they have always been short lived. It is easy for 1 or 20 wonderful souls to commit themselves to this planet for a higher consciousness and then be snipped out. Everyone in the heavens knows this and YOU know this to be true too! That is why you wanted to come and clear the way for a new generation. A new reality. A new future that is promising and full of hope, love, respect, and wisdom. You too have this power and it runs in abundance. You are stronger than you can imagine and why you volunteered to be here now to help with the implementation of our new reality.
We are now in the process of education. We are teaching, learning sharing, supporting one another as a group collective. We are all getting on the same page as to what has happened, who the players are, what the rules have been, and all those involved. You have had dreams, premonitions, and a sense of knowing. This is your veil lifting and my confirmation that YOU are the ones that will make this change.
Here is the deal, currently the old system is being discovered. Its faults and flaws are being highlighted and the new system is carefully being created to “safety net” all the loop holes from our past. People involved, masses of them, were “sleeping” and now awake and creating the new paradigm. They are the heavens trained professionals. Again, the best of the best are here now to implement the new system. It’s innate in their core of how to heal the planet, fix the water ways, heal the sick, grow food properly, save the animals, and free energy. Just a few of the greatness that walks on this planet now. The dark cabal knows this and has known for a long time that this was going to happen. The problem is that you awoke before the time clock went off. You snafued their plans and they underestimated your numbers and power! Yes, the heavens have surprises too.
As the old regime comes down, and it will, the new one will appear. This is trying to be rolled out with grace and ease. Everyone is considerate of your well being and the difficulties of the trying situations and do not want to impose more duress because they did not think the plan out well enough. This is not a haphazard plan that was just thrown together. It has been their plan for change for eons. The goal here is to remove the dark lords without you knowing they were here. I am talking about the unseen rulers of the world. Some have already taken themselves out but some are stubborn so we are using persuasive measures to get them to see things heavens way. We have tools. No worries, we do not want any more karma created so this is being done with the utmost care.
Now we have the issue of the dark cabal, shadow government, and men with extreme wealth that like to play with black magic. They are being approached by the light workers to see if they would change sides and accept the light. That is the fair thing to do. One of them coming to your side could benefit mankind greatly. You will see some of these people soon so just know, their transition was not an easy one for them. However, you will see what is in his heart by what his actions dictate. Anyone trying to switch back when convenient will be illuminated. Not by us, but the energies of the light. Period!
We do not wish to concern yourselves with this matter for it will be monitored consistently until the end of time. They are known to you as the “watchers”. They watch your planet and when in trouble a call goes out to the universe. This is what happened and why you have so much help now. The call went out!
In the weeks to come, allow the changes to occur. Watch for the new breaks in your future and be open to suggestions. You should always do what feels, sounds, and looks the best to you. Your inner self will guide you to the truth and your freedom. New opportunities are coming. New money is coming. This is necessary because so many people rely on it. Until you get accustom to living without, we will have to gradually wean you off the system that is problematic for any generation. We know and understand this however; we have to start from the beginning. There will be new school systems. New ways of doing medicine. New ways to build homes and New ways to govern the people.
The school system is flawed. From the schools, to the curriculum, the indoctrination, to the modalities, to the lunch menus, the treatment of children, and the lack of education. There will be “open” schools on the internet. You will be able to pop into a course, interact with forums, send in your homework, and learn as much as you want….for FREE! All education, no matter what degree, is and will always be free. A healthy Chief knows this and understands the value in creating smarter generations than the one before. Its your legacy, your spiritual growth, and enlightenment into new possibilities, technology and so much more. Children can go to school and then come home and learn more from home. There is no limit and children with the motivation to do more with their learning process will be rewarded. This could be through respect from the family, community and also opportunities. Think about it, your children will create the space travel and understanding the physics, science, and galaxies like no other. “My kid did that”, you all will be saying…
The homes are another area of concern because your house is your castle. It’s your sanctuary and time to feel safe, alive, expressive and enhanced. The houses will also be more alive. They will be free of toxins and chemical radiation that it currently has. The houses will work more with mother earth and you will learn to use her rhythms to enhance your spirit. The older homes will be destroyed. A new and more “high tech Gaia” home will go up in its place. Houses will be free. Yes, free!
The banks have been stealing from you, as you probably already know. Your homes were no exception. The houses that they foreclosed on will have to be repaid to the victims. Since the houses have already been resold, after they were already paid for with your hidden accounts, you rightfully had possession of that land, home, and everything in it. Therefore, the value of your home at the time of the repossession will have to be given back to you. You will be seeing a note, a safe (savings) book deposit of the amount the bank owes you. With this funding you will shop from the foreclosed list and choose a new home. The money in your account will pay for the house in full.
Those of you in your home and still making payments, those houses are paid for with your hidden accounts. The banks will send you the title and a portion of the proceeds. This is all being worked out now. Therefore, free houses and free living is the beginning of your new world.
Let’s take a quick look at the President of significance that is coming. I see a Native Indian Chief. He has long brown hair, when down, and much spiritual wisdom. He has the spiritual wisdom of the white owl, and the love, compassion, intelligence of a nurturing father. He also has an arrow. He knows how to use it and he is loyal, but not stupid. He is not afraid to implement what is right, and not afraid to take those down that are in the wrong. He will guide you to safety as a nation but allow your spirits to be free and soar like an eagle. It will be also important to work with the animals, don’t get in his way with the love he has for his animal brother and sisters, for they are wise and the prizes of this planet. He will understand the importance of the water ways, the fish that swim in them and the guidance to preserve them. He already knows. His heart is true and his wisdom is known. It is a new nation that is coming into view and one that is not only beneficial to you but all life around you. We are all his Grand Children and the animals are sacred spirits; this is his essence.
Other world leaders will be the same but with their own beautiful color and culture.
I want to digress for a moment. We have these issues that are painstakingly obvious like the banks, IRS, Social Security, Health Care, Congress, CIA, MI6, FBI, CDC, FDA, FTC, and etc. Let me tell you, the hardest jobs to have are these if you are a light worker. There is duality in every aspect of 3D life. There are those that had suffered through endurance test of the dark hand of the controllers. To those men and woman, wow! You did what most of us in the heavens would not have had the courage to do. You are being watched and applauded for your sacrifices! These have been great. We know that as soon as the “dead fingers of the old regime” are removed that you will want to jump in and make your repairs. You know exactly where, who, and how. We know you will bring this endeavor of the golden age faster than one could imagine. You have already shown us your strength, morality, and courage. When the time is right, you can go to it! We see you and know what you need and help is coming. You can bet on it. Excited to see how you do this and your marvelous creations will be marveled for years to come.
Like I said, the ones that chose a different path will be given a different path. No worries here, it’s already being done. The plan here is the Golden Age of love and prosperity and the galaxies, peoples, and spiritual wisdom from Prime Creator is here for you now. It is coming in as rainbows, solar flares, strange looking orbs and other ways of masquerading as normalcy. The energies are beefing up now and all life forms feel it and are being guided by it. Those that don’t know how to get along continue to evade the higher consciousness with their dark behaviors. That is ok, you are not ready for the next step in creation and you will be allowed to play your game on a new playground. It is set in stone.
For now, please start being your new world. Start being kinder to yourself, respecting yourselves and trusting in what you need to become. Life is full of many surprises and some of them are just incredibly glorious, this is your new world. Make what you want of it for you are helping to create it. What you put in, is what you get back; Universal Law. No one will be allowed to stand in your way of what you truly deserve. You are being given this opportunity. The sooner you believe and know this, the sooner it all begins.
The only limits that you will have to adhere to now are the rule of “What is Above so is Below”. What other dimensions want to create as far as love, and higher atonement to Prime Creator; so must you. Self destruction is over. Self denial, self doubt, and self regression; is over! This is the time to make beautiful things. Yes, you will be given the opportunities to do so and the financial ware-with-all that you need to make it happen. Love is the key because it holds the higher vibration to pass through the photon belt and into a higher consciousness form of living. In order to stay there, you must practice all things love, respect, and the positive side of the higher dimensions. No it will not be a “slam” into anything. It is careful, easy, manipulation of the earth’s magnetic sphere to move you there; you keep you there. Love and be love and know that your star families are here to help you through. Easy dose it, is our motto so the whisper of the new coming life form is on its way.
It needs to be stated here and now, you have a tether that is attached to the group consciousness matrix. What you put into this connection, is what you will get back. In addition, under no uncertain terms individuals that are not only creating negative but also those that are violating the planets, children, animals TRUST will prove to the collective that you are not ready for a 5th Dimension. The year 2012 is the 5D energies and the trial run for all to be one with her (mother earth). For those of you that have negative behaviors especially in areas of useless killing, abusing, torturing, lying, cheating, stealing, and violating trusts; you will 1. Be scolded so you learn not to do these negative behaviors through a gentle teaching of karma and if ignored. 2. Could find themselves in a reality that is much more reflective of their energies. Enough said! If you don’t get it, you will. This is a time to honor life, your planet and your selves and anyone that cannot live in the frequency will have to be flunked from the 5d reality.
Prime Creator and the galactic star systems are here to help you ascend but to stay there it is up to you. This is a gift of higher consciousness so all can benefit but there will be no way to sustain you within this frequency if you don’t know better and live a Golden Age spiritual life. That is exactly why the dark lords are being removed, so you can demonstrate your true nature without the negative influences. What you chose is up to you. Live one with the planet and others amongst her, or return to a 3d reality and stay on that journey of lessons.
May you all be one within you and also with Prime Creator. May you find your way to health, happiness, and abundance quickly. It’s time to celebrate and it’s a time to graduate for many of you are truly the amazing beings that you wish to be. The lights are seen from heavens as many of you start to live one with this new paradigm. This is a time for caring, loving, nurturing, growing, helping, educating all life for a better tomorrow. Truly the blessings are here and for you now. Just open up and feel the love pouring in from the Galactic Center of the Universe. Your sovereignty is here and your freedom is at hand. Go as one with the light and be the Masters for tomorrow’s years.
Mz. Mugzzi


Earth Changes Update Lion Beings by James Gilliland


This is what happens when your energy field/aura is pure light!

This Ranger is assigned to prevent poaching around the wildlife refuge area of Lanseria, South Africa . The way these animals interact with him is absolutely stunning! The lions seem to know he’s there to protect them. His charm works with hyenas also. Hyenas are usually vicious. Also, check out the pics taken in the river.

Starseeds & Light Workers Starseeds & Light Workers
Starseeds & Light Workers Starseeds & Light Workers
Starseeds & Light Workers Starseeds & Light Workers

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