~By Wendy Zangari
We are not here to have contact with our star families just yet, that is not our main purpose, we are here to expand our consciousness!
Everyone can communicate with beings of other dimensions, you do not need a psychic medium/channeler to speak to loved ones that are no longer on our plane of existence or beings of higher dimensions. All of us can channel, we need to rely more on ourselves to hear those that cannot be heard on this dimension.  They are not intrusive and will not come unless you ask and when you ask protect yourself prior to contacting them, because if you aren’t careful the dark can creep in and it is not what we are working towards.
Negative beings can appear in many ways, they can even plant ideas into your head, so please guard yourself from these beings before going into your higher consciousness, or you can get psychically attacked. This means to protect yourselves anytime you go out of the house and when you enter the house.
You can protect your home with a sage stick or frankincense as these are deterrents for the dark and they cannot stand these fragrances. You pray to keep out the dark throughout your whole home as you walk with the lit sage or frankincense around your home. You can make your own prayer by stating that any negative beings/entities are not allowed in your home and repeating it over again with conviction until you are finished walking around your home. I have seen this work and when the energy of that fades repeat the process, Greg and I do this about once a year. This is how to change the aura of your home to feel better energy in your surroundings.
Listen to Enrique Villanueva explain his experience with non-human beings and how he connected with them, just beautiful and amazing.

Enrique Villanueva – ET Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

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