~By Wendy Zangari
So a few of you might wonder why I unapproved your comments, well this is not a chat room or a forum, there are places to do that.  If you want to talk off line to someone about something I had posted, please do, I encourage it, I even encourage comments, but when there are comments from folks that are in reply to each other talking about me or other people, I really suggest you do that elsewhere (One person got unapproved due to the fact that she encouraged the conversation to continue). It is not something anyone needs to see, including myself.
It seems that people are up in arms about this Neptune trip not happening.  Perhaps you should redirect your anger into something more productive because being angry at me isn’t helping anyone, not even yourself.  I understand your disappointments, but you truly should have seen the signs.  I read the channels that Linda Dillon did with Steve Beckow and well the signs were plastered all over the channels, but you missed it.  Maybe to reflect inward you need to ask why you believed it and why it didn’t happen and look at those channels now, after the fact, and tell me what you think with the knowledge that some of us have looked for, found, and gave to you. Perhaps we should all do this every once in a while, look back at channels after an event didn’t happen and then see what you may think.  You might have a whole new perspective.
I am not bitter towards anyone, I do not have a massive ego and I honor life on this planet seeing that I almost lost mine at least 10 times. I also do not want anything from anyone except the same respect I give them.  I do not find myself disrespectful, therefore I don’t believe anyone should be disrespecting me.
When I speak of anyone and clearing karma, I speak to all of us, not one person, all of us.  I am always clearing old issues as I have been in therapy for 30 years and sometimes go here and there to deal with certain family issues that may come up or issues I want to work on for myself.  I am always improving myself, always striving for better, to have a more fulfilled life.  Has that happened for me? No, not yet, but I manage and I always hope that tomorrow is a better day.
It is my job to keep Greg’s spirits up and it is my job to take care of our cats and our house and the bills, our health and so on. Then I come here on our website and help people that I don’t necessarily know all of whom I am helping, but am glad that I am doing something to give back to society, to give back to all of you.  Also, I do not take out my issues on anyone else, as I own them and it is up to me to fix these things about myself or my situation.  I never stop working on who I am, ever! Therefore, I am not accusing one particular person for not clearing their karma, we all need to constantly clear our cobwebs and clean our side of the street.  It doesn’t end, it is a constant in this 3d world!  My suggestion is that all of us clear our sides of the street before we say hurtful things to each other, step back, breathe, and re-access. I try to do this often because I always want to be on for all of you.
Thank you for listening to my diatribe, I had to say it, now we are going to go back to business.  Tomorrow. 🙂

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