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Thanks to one of our readers, AnneH, for posting this link to Marcia Schafer’s video on how we need to redefine our lives and start reuniting our world!
We as a race need to think together and learn from each other, that means we have to listen too.  We need to grow our world to be a safer haven for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and all of the next generations to come.  We need to get together and speak our mind, but with respect and honor for human life.  We need to gather our ideas to receive these technologies that have been hidden from us for so long, to better our world and not to destroy it. We need to grow together and not apart. This is the time folks to make this happen, the more we squawk, the more we will be heard!  If we can wake up the masses this year, we can proceed with all of these plans, but in order to make this our reality, we need to wake up more people.
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Now this video is just what I needed to hear to show myself that I am going in the right direction, but we need to wake up more people and if I can do anything to make things easier for our readers, well that is what I am here for as well. So please let me know. Thank you.
Here is a little bit of CaretakersOfEarth’s write up of Marcia Schafer, with the video following. Enjoy!
Marcia prepares us for prospering in the 21st century.
Name: Marcia Schafer
Title: Unusual Business Consultant
Book: Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist
Website: http://www.beyondzebra.com
We caught up with Marcia Schafer at Project Camelot’s Awake and Aware conference in 2009. COE was just starting out and this was our first conference. I knew we wanted to interview the speakers here about our changing world. I was very curious about the extraterrestrial phenomena and how it fit into the greater picture of humanity. I had done a lot of research and was drawn to the experiences people were having with certain ETs that had the well being of our planet and humanity in mind.
At the time, I knew very little about the guests that Kerry Cassidy had invited, but I didn’t let that stop me from interviewing them and allowing them to express to me who they were. This is not a habit I wish to get into, but I felt it was an important step to take if I was to get this project moving forward and to share it with audiences like you.
Marcia Schafer took us by surprise when she sat down with us to talk about her experiences. In the face of many doomsday scenarios about the end of the world in 2012 or the collapse of the financial system, Marcia is as cool as the cats she cares for at home. Her website describes her experience best:
An award winning author, Marcia has been featured in magazines, radio, television and videos and has shared the stage around the world with astronauts, Pulitzer Prize winners and other notables. The London Times Sunday Magazine special edition “50 Years in Space” included Marcia in their exclusive look at our cosmos. Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, which tells her story, has been read in over twenty five countries and is a prior Glyph Award recipient.
Marcia holds a master’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and has undergraduate studies in anthropology. With years of executive and entrepreneurial background in the public and private sectors, she draws from this knowledge to position people for success. Well versed in science, medicine and the world of business, she uses her wisdom in these areas to drive home the implications of information gained from her unworldly encounters.
She founded the inventive consulting firm Beyond Zebra® to give aspiring leaders the skills they need to build a better future, and combines knowledge of extraterrestrial reality along with a hint of mysticism in her training of up and coming entrepreneurs. With clients in over thirty five countries she’s dedicated to changing the course of our future and uses her information to reposition them for a very different tomorrow.


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