~By Wendy Zangari
I found this on Jessica Schab‘s Youtube site, she is a young woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, who is inspired to live life through the eyes of a child and live happy and free on her own accord.  In this 7 part video, that is approximately 90 minutes, Jessica interviews Laura Eisenhower on the Divine Feminine and what all of this means, us being here at this time in our history.
Each person, dark or light, or even indifferent, are all here to do a job.  It is our job as lightworkers to teach the dark, to let them know that even though they have different ways of expressing their belief system, that we are all correct, but we believe in different variants of the same thing and that we are all loved and we are all one, including the dark.  We need to shed our light onto these dark beings, help them change their ways of thinking to peace and love and understanding, along with compassion.
We also have to shed light and love to the moon, as the beings living on the moon are in worse shape than we are here are Earth. The moon used to be a part of the Divine Feminine, and ET’s, I believe they said Reptilians, but correct me if I am wrong, they destroyed the moon with negative attitudes towards all things.  If we shed light onto them we can help them change their ways, change their attitudes towards all things.  This is not a impossible feat, we as lightworkers cherish all life, even thank life that sustains us, it is not impossible to shed light onto these beings that have warped their ways to negativity and destruction. We can shed light onto all beings throughout the Multiverses, we are that powerful when we work together.
This is why those that want to be saved from this planet and want to escape to go into space with ET’s, well during this time it could be very dangerous because honestly you might never come back and not in a good way. You have to be careful with these types of proposals, because we ARE home, we can make planet Earth our heaven where everyone lives in harmony together, that is our goal.  There is no escape, there is only a close connection with your own heart and Gaia that needs to be obtained, which in turn will make it possible for you to give your heart to others.  Again do not look for your answers in channelers, they are not the answer as I do see them fizzling out this year due to all of the conflicting messages.
The dark ones have tried to divide us by feeding minds with stories of them saving us and taking us on a trip on their ship as well as making their disclosure evident.  This isn’t going to happen, we have to save ourselves.  There are some entities that will try to make us feel anger or pain or angst and divide us lightworkers, this is their job and our job is to shed light on everyone and to bring out our own truths, not what a channeler told you through another being, but your own truth from within. You will only find the truth within, because if you listen to your intuition it will guide you, you will not need a channeler to dictate to you how things are going to go as far as disclosure or during your everyday life.  We are not focusing on disclosure, it isn’t important right now, what is important is looking for your answers of where you fit in to all of this, and how you can help our planet and our species, along with yourselves. We are not here to argue, we are not here to fight with one another, but we are here to help and learn from one another!


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