~By Greg Zangari
What an amazing interview. I listened to some of it when I first came across Andrew D. Basiago‘s work about a year ago. I finally sat down to listen to this in it’s entirety and wow was I blown away by the amount of details Andy unveils!
If you are interested in hearing about time travel, teleportation, life on the planet Mars and other fascinating stories, then listen to Andy discuss his participation in Project Pegasus, beginning in 1969 at 8 years old, where elementary school children were taught to use teleportation and time travel to perform missions to the past and future.
What these children did and were capable of is remarkable!
~Wendy~ This is a very long interview, 6 hours to be exact, but if you listen to it and take your time it is worth listening to.  Greg and I just finished listening to the whole thing, it took a few days, so take your time. Enjoy!

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