Spiritual Path Day Thirty

By Ben Sichkaryk

The true world is within

Spin, spin, spin

Yet how many go within

As I watch everything….spin around me

I go within for the answers

People going here and there

Rushing to I don’t know where

And inside something is dieing

No one knows it

Need and greed are growing

With nothing to feed the spirit

They let us down…. form the beginning

NOW it is up to us…. in the last minute

To go within… to know what we are all about

And now will it end….or not

There is no Guru, teacher or preacher

To save us now

It is all within our hearts

The world cannot be changed

Only we can change

Only you can change you

All eyes watching… from beyond

Some with blood on their breath

Some with a glint in their eyes

Will the slaves make it

Most with doubt on their minds

The birds and the animals all know

The human experiment…. may fail

And all are watching and waiting

Deceit will abound….. it is everywhere

I allowed myself to be deceived

To see where it would go

The Reptilian race is cool… calculated

And very cunning

Filled with greed and vanity

With hearts of solid lead

Filled with promises

Alluring and bold…..

I have traveled to their starships

And their worlds in lieu

Of greater things promised

Beware of their beauty and their smiles

For they have human like features

They have studied us long…and they know us well

Beware of the harvest of souls

In a false ascension

They will open stargates and wormholes

And portholes…..equip you with

A false robe of light…. to fool you

They need our worship

To fuel their vanity

Promises of beauty….will beckon you on

Into slavery on their worlds

Deceit, deceit, be aware……..

There is a real ascension though

Just ask Gaia… she knows

Ask the animals…. they know

To be a part of it all….

Remain in touch with your heart

In touch with Gaia’s soul and….

The souls of the animals

Ground yourself to your mother

Deeply in to her being

For out of her dust…. we rose

And with her we will rise

To higher dimentions…..

Hold on tight…. it is going to be a ride

One you won’t forget soon

And one my dear earthly family you won’t regret

As I said in poems before

When I just started to open the door

Don’t worry about karma and ….

Things of the like….

We are far beyond the point of no return

The meek shall inherit the earth

She is ours…. she belongs to us

And we to her

If you have peace and love in your heart

Spend it, spend it all….on your sisters and brothers

Of your earthly family

And spend it on your mother….earth

It is not a big deal to go with Gaia

All it is…..is a decision

One small moment to make

The decision…. to hold on

With love to what belongs to you

And me and our family

What do you love…..promises


What will you decied….

I know what I will do….I will hang on for dear life

To who I AM and where I have been

And how long I have been here…..

Working for the day

To rise with Gaia

In all her glory.

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