Sweet Synergy


Gently cradled in her feathery wing, the goddess links her energy with the male and female of humankind, creating a labyrinth, which represents the many twists and turns of life. Spiralling downward, a staircase leads to the entrance of another world, where romance and tranquillity eternally dance. When minds are joined in this fashion, a perfect synergy is created, leading to spiritual growth and vital transformation.

~By Wendy Zangari
I wanted to go down a different avenue with all of our readers this year. So I have some things in the works, but for now I will start by saying that we completely appreciate every one of you as we have grown this past year with all of you. We are side by side on our journey together, even through all of those bumps and bruises we got, we are still here to tell the tale and are standing tall.
I know that we were new to this scene last year and I didn’t know how this was all going to turn out because I honestly have never had an open blog site before then and was hesitant.  But I have been writing for years knowing that was my talent, so I couldn’t be shy about it any longer.  I had to show myself to the world, to you, and let you know that I am here to help you in any way, even if you want to talk about something that is bothering you or even just to chat to get to know each other.  I am a very sensitive and loving person and I understand many of you because of the strife I had endured in this lifetime, it is my gift to you to share things about me that I have only shared with 2 other people in my life, things that others may not know about me and it is my time to share my experiences, all of them in it’s raw format.  I want to show you that you are not alone in this world, that I am just like you and we can share our strength to overcome all obstacles!  We are one!
Also, I do hope I am approachable because I do not want to intimidate anyone as I have been told that more than once that I am in fact intimidating, but just because I am so strong in my convictions and my will and no one has seen a woman like me who has internal strength along with logic, doesn’t mean that I am not approachable.  I will have ideas and thoughts, but I will never think ill of you in any way, I just will hope you find your way if you lost your path.  And if you need me, I will help guide you to the best of my ability.
In these Chronicles, I want to tell you about me, how I came to be here and how my travels in life took lots of twists and turns to get to this point, I have told you bits and pieces, but it might make sense to you after I am done telling you my whole story in full and this may explain why I am so strong willed and feel as though I am empowered, which by the way I am also empowered by all of you too. I have gained some confidence in this past year as well, something I was definitely lacking believe it or not, as I always was one to look for approval even for the littlest things. I was always trying to please everyone, trying to do it all and be it all for everyone, but I couldn’t, so I had to leave home multiple times, each time I had an adventure on the road that eventually led to this path in my life. Each one very different than the next, each crossroad was waiting with baited breath. My adventures started right from birth, some of which I do not remember and some things I remember so vividly as if I am there in that moment at that given time and place.
So in saying that little intro, I am going to be making a section called “The Wendy Chronicles” under the new “Projects” link at the top of the page and it will also include some of my old writings that are inspiring as well as new writings that are going to be off the cuff, in addition to a story about me and my travels throughout life.  I will be alternating between timelines, the younger me, with my current body and soul at this time or I am hoping it goes that way, we will see how it all transpires.  I have faith it will all be just fine!  I am also hoping to be able to schedule days for The Wendy Chronicle, so you know when it will be published.  We also have some other projects in mind, but they are at the planning stages and have not been thought out thoroughly yet, but once they are I will let you know about the exciting year I have planned.
What I am here to do, is guide you into a beautiful paradise, my words are to express each and every emotion in life to feel the pure essence of my being intertwined with yours, so that we can understand each other, relate, and you can see me on a whole other level of existence before I came to this one.  In this journey together we can be strong, beautiful, and passionate souls, changing our ways only to better ourselves to become more loving, patient, caring individuals to ourselves and others. I know that people may say, but how?  How can I be more loving when someone does me wrong?  This is something I struggle with sometimes too. Is it principle over matter or matter over principle?  Can we forgive when someone does not respect us time and time again? How can we resolve this?
My answer to all of you is yes it can be resolved, but with love, compassion, and understanding.  So glad that I wrote that because I too needed to be reminded. All of us are here to search for our dreams, we are here to keep our inner child alive so that you do not lose the innocent side of you, we are here to flourish and spread our wings and fly. We are not here to be stagnant, we are here to push the force of love into the world. Is that going against free will?  I don’t think so, because what is your goal in life?  To be happy, to find love, to seek a friend, someone to lean on, someone to share with, a soul-mate, a family. We are just trying to accelerate that spark that is already inside all of you.
We also need to show more of our appreciation to all living things, the trees, birds, flowers, and insects, all alike they make up this world we call Gaia, we are all living beings that share this space and we must all get along and understand one another.  This is the only way we are to move forward in this life, even when we are not sure how all of this energy flinging is going to go, we know it is necessary and The Divine Plan for this planet at this time.
We are here, today, in the here and now.  Tomorrows journey may not be the same as today’s, but we keep pushing along because we are in the home stretch of beating this game of duality.  We cannot give up now, we are here, this is it, we can make this world a better place, we can do together what we cannot do alone. If we have love, hope, and faith we cannot go wrong, we will unite in the end, for this is what has been set in stone for us, for we came here at this time on Earth to raise the planet, to help give Gaia a more normal birthing process than before. We are here to save ourselves and our planet and all that inhabits it, we are here to love all things, to love all things equally.
I will be publishing this set of Chronicles in a book format, so we will continue on this journey another time when I have more energy to put into this.  I have already spent a lot of hours on how I was going to introduce this article, but this is just to wet your palette, there will be more to come.
Stay Tuned!

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