It was 7am and Sandy was getting contractions. She tells Erwin that she needs to go to the hospital as the baby is near.  Erwin grabbed the suitcase by the door and rushed Sandy into the car and drove to the hospital. Once there, Sandy was ushered into a wheel chair and was pushed off to the birthing rooms, however there weren’t any available. Sandy waited on a gurney holding in the baby with her hand as its foot just popped out of her vaginal area. She is now screaming for a Doctor to come and help her deliver this baby because it wanted out and wasn’t going to wait for anyone.
A Doctor passes by, hears and sees Sandy in distress, tells her to relax while he does an episiotomy due to the fact that this baby was coming out breech and the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.  As Sandy screams in agony, no soon after was the baby out, she realized her newborn baby girl wasn’t breathing, her baby was purple. The Doctor immediately sucked out excess liquid in the babies mouth, but the baby was still not breathing.  Sandy’s baby gets rushed into another room while Sandy lay there in the hallway on the gurney, legs apart and bleeding due to the episiotomy. Another Doctor comes up and tells Sandy to relax while he sews her back up and cleans the area. Meanwhile in the other room they eventually got Sandy’s baby to breathe, it was a glorious moment, but her newborn baby had to go into a chamber to give her more oxygen and Sandy was not allowed to hold her baby just yet.
The next morning Sandy still being drugged out from the anti-biotics and pain medications that were given to her, she opens her eyes to see her husband holding their beautiful baby girl, that was not planned from the start, but still melted their hearts.  As Erwin gently kissed the baby on the forehead, he handed her over to Sandy who got a good look at her and started finding birth marks to identify her baby so that if they switched her out with another child they would be able to identify her.  However she doesn’t know if that baby was switched by the Doctor that delivered her, because she had no idea who he was, he was just a Doctor passing by in the hallway. This could be anyone’s child, even perhaps from an alien source.  This child was me.

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