~By Wendy Zangari
In this world we have many people that for reasons we may not understand, act out on their emotions to the point where it digs them into a deeper pit of despair.  In order to understand why people act certain ways, you must try to put yourself in their position, in their shoes, it is difficult, but it can be done.
We as a human race decide what is moral and what is not moral and due to that we depict who we are and where we stand in life.  But we also depict who others are by their stance in morals and values as well.  How can we not judge based on others morals and values?  We can try to put our self in the other persons shoes and try to understand the underlying cause of why they are acting in the manner that they are acting. As impossible as this seems, it is possible.
To help another gain self esteem and love for themselves is a difficult task, but I make this my task since I know a few people that are in this type of situation and have gotten themselves into a situation where their self-respect and reputations are at stake.
I will start out by saying that when you love yourself you do not act in ways that would be detrimental to your health (including self-esteem) or reputation in society.  We are still in 3D and unfortunately this is the way things are and this is a reality some live in and they act out based on their emotions. They cannot understand why people will not talk with them or join in our their adventures in life or accept their behaviors.
Let me give you an example.  If someone has sexual intercourse with others to gain self-esteem or popularity or to feel better about yourself or to be able to feel loved, you do not need to exploit your body to be loved or to feel better about yourself or to gain self-esteem or popularity.  Just the opposite will happen if your thinking runs in this manner.  You will not find love, you will find pain and hurt and lose your self respect.  You cannot expect others to love you by what you give to them, no matter what that thing is that you give them. You have to love yourself first before another can love you back.
To love ones self you have to look so far inside yourselves and get to know who you are, and even through all of the ugly, you find a diamond that shines so bright deep within your soul.  You have to hold on to that diamond, you cannot let that shine become dim.  You have to always consider who you are, why you are doing what you are doing, saying what you are saying, and how it going to affect you as well as others. This has to be kept at the forefront of your mind.  You cannot stop working on yourself, you cannot stop looking at your actions and stop seeing how they can affect yourself and others around you.
Think about how you would want someone to treat you, think about how you want to be perceived because apparently this is important in this 3D world and has always been since I have known it to be.  You cannot hurt yourself without hurting others, this is a known fact.  Even if you do something to hurt yourself whether it be by saying inappropriate things or doing inappropriate things, you hurt people inadvertently.
For example: having sexual intercourse with many people expecting to find love, these things hurt yourself as well as others.  Another example would be if a public figure came into a public forum to speak to others about their experiences, you do not say anything to incriminate yourself, otherwise your experiences will not sound credible based on your actions.
What you say or do is reflected upon who you are and how you are perceived, so people should always think in the forefront of their mind that if you feel guilty or ill about something it usually is something that you probably shouldn’t do or have done. If you are hiding something important and you have ill feelings about it, perhaps you shouldn’t be hiding it.  So you see your gut, heart, and mind need to combine to make these important decisions in life. You cannot make decisions or say things without consequences, good or bad.
When someone looks up to another for their skills, their personality, or their experiences, you need to learn control of your mouth or your body so that you do not feel as though you are an out-cast.  If you behave inappropriately people will react to your behaviors.
In ending, to love yourself is not hard. Be good to yourself and others, think before you act or speak because people can be affected by your actions.  Be good to yourself and treat others as you would treat yourselves and if you do not treat yourselves well, then think about how you would treat your grand parents.

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