~By Wendy Zangari
Today seems to be a bit of a low day for Greg and I, so I am just trying to stay above water in regards to my heart and soul, it feels as though I woke up to feeling low, down, as well as in physical pain due to the weather and air pressure.
Last night there was a tornado that hit in the mid-west of the United States and even though I was aware of the weather, I was not sure how it would affect people, but some are dead , some are injured and some have lost there homes and businesses and the lands are in shambles.
Southwest of Topeka, Kansas even though they had a bad weather warning, at 9:02PM last night there were no sirens, no news warnings for the damage of winds that were as fast as 135mph.


AND here is a video of a truck driver, in Illinois that got dragged across the Walmart parking lot and survives to tell his story.  Meanwhile the Walmart still stands and everything around it is destroyed.  Imagine that?  Big corporations survive 80mph winds from a Tornado, while regular citizens homes are demolished.
The storm is still moving towards Washington, DC. as the winds decrease.  However, this has been assessed by Dutchsinse as HAARP and Scalar squares as he watches storms going across the US and has wonderful data prior to storms happening in our Country among other places in the world. He is the person to watch as far as weather warfare and news!

So this is probably why we feel so pushed down emotionally and physically today, but we will push on and keep going forward, but I must take the day to rest because this has affected me and I need to take some time to recuperate.

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