~By Wendy Zangari
We have to keep hope in our hearts because some of us can feel everything that occurs on this planet, they feel the angst and the pain of the people and Gaia, as empaths. Having these feelings can be difficult and at times can have a devastating effect on yourself as well as others that are going through adversity, something I was reminded about yesterday by a reader and friend. It was very difficult to get back up to feeling wonderful yesterday, the air was heavy and despair sat there in a fog, I had to get myself feeling on the up and up.  I even posted an article about 13 moons, even though I was unsure of this process, I posted the article haphazardly and for that I apologize.
Getting back to feeling of hope, most likely in my slumber, I gain more strength and more understanding of myself and others.  I am constantly in learning mode!  In this world we have to attain our happiness all of the time, we are constantly working for a better life, better world, and a better self.  This never ends, we are always in learning and discerning mode and continue to keep this at the forefront of our minds.
To have hope for yourself as well as others that may be going through some adversity, you have to gain a light heart, joking and laughing, to make your sadness into hope and bliss. My husband is a great reminder of this as he jokes around when times like these occur and I get too wrapped up in it. We are in times where the air will be tumultuous and filled with angst, we must resist against the negative airways and give these people strength to rebuild, visualizing them working with each other and making a better life for themselves while they are going through it. If we visualize this, these people that lost their homes, families, or friends during these disasters, and visualize them rebuilding, gaining trust and love for themselves and others during this process, it will happen. Something I veered away from, visualizing hopes and dreams!
If the world is in angst, we send them love, not sadness, we can empathize, but we cannot drag ourselves into despair as this will not help anyone! I am glad I was reminded as it is something I needed reminding. For me, to grow up and feel everything the world feels as well as people in my own life feel, has been very difficult, but I keep getting redirected to sending love and not sorrow, something I am always needing a reminder of.
So send love and hope to these people all over the world, whenever a disaster happens, do not send sadness or angst, they have had enough and do not need more of these feelings emitted to them.  Our energy is very powerful and can change tides, remember that, our emotions are like the waters crashing up against the shore, waves can engulf the land or it can take the land away. Let’s engulf the land with beauty, bliss, and love, not angst, do not feed on negative emotions as they will have a devastating effect.
To grow and learn this and to have this be who you are and how you handle things in life is very difficult, but it can be done.  We have to center ourselves, ground ourselves, and plant our feet firmly on the ground in order to help others move forward when a disaster occurs. We have to gain our strength and send it to these people so they can rebuild and work together for a better tomorrow. This is very important as there may be many other disasters that occur on this planet and we need to keep grounded to help Gaia and the people that inhabit it.
We are one and can move mountains together, when alone we cannot!
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower said this yesterday on Facebook. Thank you Nancy for bringing it to my attention.
“In the face of great challenge, adversity, struggle and tension – it is important to face it with the strength of your Spirit, who knows that everything will fall into place if you hold your center, are flexible, creative and calm… It is so important to see it as a test and a chance to show the Universe the true Master and divine being that you are – who is not too attached to anything to allow anger to overwhelm or the feeling of anxiety or defeat. We must keep facing the storms like the wind, water or sea creatures would, being One with the forces of Nature – rather than trying to steer against things that we have no control. In surrendering our control – sometimes that is when we obtain it in its truest form – the higher self who is illuminated with truth, rather than the will of self who wants ones way. Trust the flow, stand your ground, and be flexible to others to allow ultimate harmony and cooperation ~ How we use our energies is everything right now and taking the things that bring us down, into the light of unconditional love, neutrality and acceptance – is how the greatest outcome will manifest and already is ~ It allows divine will to steer the ship, rather than the worn out Skipper!”

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