~By Wendy Zangari
This past week has been really difficult because in the lightworker community there has been some separation and discord.  Also Mercury is in Retrograde, so this is quite expected. You need to know that this isn’t you that is causing this to happen, however it still doesn’t excuse bad behaviors towards others.
The frequencies have been lowered to a very deep, dark place and this is what is causing discord in our personal lives as well as on-line with friends, or the like.  I have had two encounters so far with people and actually lost a supposed friend over the matter due to them disrespecting Greg and myself in our forums as well in our personal life. This person has since been banned and has been removed from accessing the forums in the future, so I do hope you will feel safe there.  I had to make this decision based on the continued abuse to both of us without care that they were hurting us, and something they can do to all of you as some of our readers go into the forums. We had mentioned these types of behaviors to this person before and the abuse still continued until we banned him from our forums and didn’t give into his ways anymore, it was the last straw.  Don’t let it get to that point, like we did!
The other thing that had happened was that someone had posted a few comments on one of my pictures in Facebook and it wasn’t very nice, even though this person stated it was a joke, I knew that they were going through a difficult time and knew they were taking it out on me, however it doesn’t make it right to take your situation out on me with jokes that offend, I still have not received an apology.  This person claimed they were our friend, friends do not do either of these things!  Friends do not take out there problems out on you and pretend like everything is okay the next day, they should treat you with love, care, and respect because you have treated them no other way. They should listen to your simple requests on your social networks as well as in your personal life. You should never accept abuse, verbal or physical, or any for that matter, you are worth more than that and you deserve respect, we all deserve respect, if we give respect.
When things like this happen I wonder where it came from, what is going on with this person and why are they attacking me?  I wonder how I can resolve it by getting to the cause. Did I do anything to cause it?   If the answer is no, I would question them and wonder about their reasoning for attacking me.  If it happens to be my fault, I will simply state that I am sorry and apologize for my actions and promise to not do it again. To resolve this, I speak directly with the person that had offended me, as it seems that most of the time they do not want to speak of any conflict, especially ones that they had caused, so I find myself confronting others in this manner, but gently as to not upset them, however also letting them know how they made me feel.  If they seem not to care, then unfortunately I would cut ties because they are okay with not respecting others and you do not want those kind of people in your life.  I also look at the bigger picture to see if there is something that the person might be going through.  Something might be affecting there lives and what they may say or do to others can affect them, this can play a huge role in the way that they treat people. This, however, still does not give them an excuse to treat you badly.
In order to treat people with respect, use gentle words, do not attack them!  If you feel like you are in a sarcastic mood, that is fine, but be careful about what you say to others when you are that way, you can hurt people unintentionally. I have done this in the past and the way that person went about it was very wrong. First they defriended me on Facebook, then sent me an email yelling at me about all of my posts that I commented on and said I was rude and inconsiderate and that what I had said hurt this person deeply.  They let my comments continue without my knowledge that they were hurting her, and then let it build up, blasted me and ended the friendship.  It could have gone a very different way!  She could have told me about my posts that bothered her the moment they bothered her, rather than letting it all build up inside and then blast me when I had not known I had done anything wrong.  I am now very careful what I say to people, sometimes I slip up, but I apologize right away.  Just acknowledge your wrongs and make them right, do not run away from the problems as they will arise again in other ways with other people throughout your life.
What people need to understand is that if you do not confront your problems or your arguments with each other, how do you expect us to evolve? If you brush the problems or arguments under the rug, they will appear when you least expect it! Treat people the way you want to be treated, if you treat others without a care in the world for their personal feelings then you can expect to not have very many friends when you need them.
People will not put up with childish antics, especially from adults, or supposed adults. People will not take abusive word slinging and name calling, whether it is a joke or not, you just don’t call people names period!!  Do you like being called fat?  Do you like being called anorexic?  Do you like having people say things like “What happened to you?  You looked better in high school.” These things hurt, they are not jokes!
When I find out about these sides of people, I used to run, but not in these times, I can’t run from problems, nor can you!  I stayed, figured out what was bothering them, even though I was still hurt. I even offered to help them even after they hurt me and I still have not received an apology.
If people think that they can brush things under the rug, they can always count on that problem to arise over and over again, this I reiterate. You will not take care of this defect of character unless you fix it head on, figure out the root cause of these issues. You have to go so far deep within your soul, find out why you say the things you do or act the way you do towards others negatively, and fix that problem! Moving to another home or a new State or Country will not fix your problems, they will follow you where ever you go, so you cannot avoid them!  Fix your issues, fix things within yourself that you think needs to change or that perhaps others brought to your attention. This is VERY IMPORTANT in these times!  You have to work on YOU!
Think about how you want to help yourselves, because you cannot be of service to others unless you have cleaned up your own side of the street that needs fixing. My advice is for all of you to stop reading everything on the internet for a week (that includes this site too, I will still be here), go get some poster board and draw up your own schematic of how you are, what you need to change, and what you may need to work on or improve. This is my project that I have done multiple times throughout my life and I want all of you to do the same. You may learn a thing or two about yourself in the process.
So Good Luck and I will see you in a week, I will be posting articles here and there, but as you know it won’t be too much reading and you can relax as I don’t post as often as I did last year. So have fun with this process and know that this is to better yourself, see yourself in a different light, and work on things that you need to work on.
Namaste all!

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