~By Wendy Zangari
These past couple of days I have been speaking with some people that are working for the dark side.  There are many sects of groups that control our world as well as our psyche, they all have different roles to play and each party thinks they are correct in their thinking for reasons that we cannot understand at this point in time.
Illuminati/Cabal/Archons (ankle-biters)/Dark ones are all different, they fight for different causes and are all working for a purpose.  Believe it or not, the Dark ones in human form are not a threat to us. They can be helpful to us as they can understand both sides of the spectrum of evil and good on this planet.  Some live in a grey area as well and are mediators for both light and dark.  They work with us to rid this planet of the cabal, illuminati, Archons, and the list goes on. They do not want them here just as much as we do not want them here and are working to rid them of their positions and bring down the system to what it should have been from the beginning of time. I have also added a lecture from Grant Morrison to explain how we are supposed to just get along and all that we have been taught is incorrect, we must learn our TRUE history now!
I need to make you aware that there should be no Light Vs. Dark, there should be no Here Vs. There, nor Hate Vs. Love.  This is duality at it’s finest. We make comparisons of each other and judge based on each others beliefs.  What if I were to tell you that all of us have to throw our beliefs and boundaries of self knowledge, away?  That is what we need to do to create unity! What if I told you that all that you were taught in school, by your parents, your siblings, your friends or religious school, needs to be thrown out the window or revised?
If you are to create unity among the world we have to find a common ground.  In order to find a common ground we have to open our minds to other possibilities and move towards center. Life on Gaia at this time is about balance, try to stay centered and grounded in everything you think, say, or do.
I wrote this note yesterday to show what I have learned about humanity as a whole.  We are all here to play a part and we need to work together because, believe it or not, our goals are the same, but lightworkers go about things differently than the dark ones and vice versa. To learn more about this I am starting to read Transcendental Magic By Eliphas Levi and I suggest that you read this book as well to learn about Magick and how it is utilized, all is not bad.  Nor can there truly be bad in this world, each person has their own beliefs and each one of us thinks we know about this, but for me I was surprised how closed minded I was about the dark side as I am sure most lightworkers are.  We need to work together.
Here is something I wrote to explain what I had learned in the past few days.  It behooves you to learn more about this subject.  A lot of people are aware of positive magick, per the Pagan beliefs, and the black magick of various other sects, but Levi shows us both sides of the spectrum. Remember, in anything you do, protecting yourself is the most important thing!
“Not only am I here to teach in this world, I am also a learner as well and last night I truly understood the dark, it was a frustrating process, but we both broke barriers. They are just like us working towards the same goal, but both sides (which will become one) just go about it in a different manner, in the end the Divine has a plan and we are ALL involved in this plan working towards a better place to exist.
Once the light raises consciousness the dark raises theirs, all will evolve in this process. If you can imagine the dark turning slightly good while the light grows in this direction. This is what will happen and those that cannot understand this process and do not accept the flow of this ascension process of Gaia and all that inhabits it at this time, embracing change, will relive their karma in another world in another place in time and keep reliving the same life to learn the chaos they had caused in this time in history. Those dark ones that evolve with the light will evolve in the same direction most of us are striving for. 🙂
Powers of both light and dark are powerful, they are misunderstood by most and I can say for me that my eyes were opened wider last night while I had this heated conversation about evolving and what we are to expect in our future, this was a conversation by the light and the dark and in ending we were saying the same thing, but misunderstood each other. We took this conversation offline and really got an eye opening experience as to a whole new perspective. Either way this process will be glorious and will happen, just know that we are all ONE, there will eventually be no difference between light or dark and the good we are fighting for will be well worth the rewards.
What you think dark is, isn’t necessarily the right assessment, there is a bit of grey in the way that the dark thinks. Also, not all dark is dark, there is a fine line as to what we may think is dark. All have a perspective and both are correct in their way of thinking. This was a 8 hour or so conversation I had and I just wanted to understand another perspective, it was difficult, but once we took it offline they were able to explain.
There are also those that are mediators of the light and dark, they are neutral and agree with both light and dark and have a middle of the road perspective. It is a very interesting conversation and it did get heated, but all was fine in the end because we were having a huge misunderstanding of each other.
I am extremely grateful that one of the folks talking to me in this thread asked to be my friend and we sat up till 6am this morning chatting about all of this and speaking of history and how it all started with Lucifer, the fallen angel. This is the root of all of our conflicts. Lets all get along, we are all working towards the betterment of our race, whether or not we are a mixed race, we are all just trying to understand each other and get along.
Just don’t close your eyes to the dark, they have a side to the story as well.” By Wendy Zangari

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