~By Wendy Zangari
God is part of everyone, it is neither dark nor light, but grey. We, as lightworkers, have to be sensitive to dark ones, because if we say God is light, they will detest and rebel, if we say God is everything in which incorporates light or dark, then we resemble the balance.
I don’t think it is about the light recognizing the dark necessarily, but both recognized in all. We are not better. Light is not better and God is not all light and Lucifer is not all bad, there are reasons Lucifer decided to go against God. There are many reasons, but I find this to be one of the main reasons Lucifer was not happy with God and vice versa.
  • Because Lucifer did not want man to have free will.
  • God wanted man to have free will.
  • What has free will gotten humanity? In trouble
  • People are now in power and are in control of us because God decided that man have free will.
So you see how Lucifer had a point. I have also heard all of the stories and this is my assessment and what rings true in my heart.
If we didn’t have free will and only half of our free will, we would not be a greedy, self serving, bureaucratic world.  We just might have balance.
Just to give an example of what we were taught to be evil, we were taught that the swastika is an evil symbol, it is in fact not, it was a symbol that was taken from another source that the nazi’s used. It was not it’s original use, it was in fact emulating peace and harmony, but the symbol is now associated with nazi’s, so you see, each side has a story to tell.
What I learned growing up was that catholics blame jews for the demise of Jesus, but Jesus never died, he took a drug, similar to Tetrodotoxin, if not that drug in particular, to slow down his breathing to make it look as though he was dead.  So they should stop blaming the jews for this and get on with life and stop doing rituals to do ill things to others that do not believe their ways. And the jews blame catholics for not taking their belief systems, etc. and they too shunned other people that did not adopt their way of thinking.
I am hoping we are past all of this within humanity as all religions have a story and all religions came from one universal religion, however it got split up by the people.  Some wanted to believe one thing and others wanted to believe another, which caused a split among societies.  Obviously the story goes on but we aren’t going to get into that here.
This is what we want to stop, the sides of anything, by you saying that God is all light, which I know that it is not true, then you don’t quite understand the unity consciousness, as we are heading in this direction.
Throw out ALL that you learned, this is all a new learning experience for everyone. Pretend you are a baby being reborn because that is what this is going to be like. If we cannot get everyone on the same page this might not be possible. So please open your mind to that God is neither dark nor light, God is grey, God is in all of us and has to stand impartial to all of it’s children.
Your beliefs in God are your own, but what I want to ask you is, if God is in ALL of us, how can he truly be one or the other, light or dark? He can’t! Therefore if you believe a part of God is in you, why isn’t a part of God in a dark one? It is! Therefore God is neither good nor bad. God is neutral. God is everywhere and lays hands on all beings light, dark, or indifferent.
So when you say you understand the difference between light and dark and think about how God can be in only good people, it can’t, God is in ALL of us.  Therefore there is no separation of light and dark and God is neither, standing as an impartial party.  God will guide you (your higher self) to your own sovereignty.  We are all God, we are the light and dark uniting as one!  We are ALL humanly souls on this earth, pieces of God!  Love yourself and know yourself, you are almighty, WE are almighty!

© 2012, Ready For The Shift. ™ Wendy & Greg Zangari, All rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute these articles on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

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