~By Wendy Zangari and Mike V.
A reader asked me what I had thought about what is going to happen on December 21st 2012 and here is my answer to his questions. Also, just know these are my own thoughts and they may not reflect what you think, so please understand this before reading the dialogue below. Thank you.
Mike wrote:
You know a heck of a lot more about this stuff than I do, so I was hoping to ask you a question.
What happens if nothing happens this year, Wendy?
What I mean is what happens if there is no disclosure? Or financial reset? Or jail time for the bad guys? Or the complete surrender of the Illuminati?
Is it possible that we could just grind on and on until December, just like we’re doing now?
What if the battle between good and evil just keeps going, disclosure never takes place, rights of the common people continue to be taken away, the financial system overhaul never gets to a point of being finished or announced, and the mainstream media choke hold isn’t released?
Do you think it’s possible it could end up this way?
Not that ascension wouldn’t take place, however, just that none of the wonderful events we’ve come to believe will happen before ascension ever come around.
What do you think?
Is it possible that all this bad stuff just keeps on going right up until December 20, and then we go to bed and wake up to a new world?
Penny for your thoughts…
Mike V.
Honestly I think that what may happen may not necessarily occur on one particular day, but in time we will learn from each other, grow and get past our differences by talking them out. I believe that medicine will be completely herbal or holistic in time as well, making pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, as well as doctors, go out of business. As people stop buying crappy GMO food and learn how to eat without killing another being and they in turn feel good about themselves and others in the process. This shift is about change within you and me and everyone, it is gradual, perhaps faster than other years we have evolved in the past, so I am not quite sure it will all happen on that date, this December. It seems that more people need to wake up and stop supporting these industries and learn that they can sustain on a garden, which is something I am hoping to build in the coming weeks, slowly, but surely. 🙂
Also, I don’t read any of the prophecies anymore, they just make me shake my head in disgust because I don’t think the US will have one HUGE tsunami, now if I am wrong well then I will see you on the other side, either way the job (Peace on earth) will get done.  We have to grow together, work a typical 40 hours a week and honor labor laws whether or not you are a salaried employee. Share stories with each other, learn from each other, grow to know and that is how we become one!  It is all about bringing love back into each and every person’s lives.
We all have had happiness for at least 1 day in our lives, so we can say that it is something we all want to strive for.  What is the common thing that makes us all happy?  Music. Right?  We all can relate to music, so why not bring music harmoniously to your soul through each other. It is a way to make everyone feel important in this life they live, acknowledging each other and all life (have you ever seen what happens at concerts? It’s the same principal). We can all learn from each other and I think that once people get to know themselves, they can get to know others better.
There is also love, we all want to be loved and why not love each other. We shouldn’t be afraid of each other anymore. Most people are afraid to talk to strangers. Me?  I picked up some woman who was walking, it was cold out and I asked her if she needed a ride. I gave her a ride down the street.  She thanked me and we went our separate ways. I didn’t know her and I haven’t seen her since, but I bet that she will do the same thing for someone else.  Some people, if they know themselves well, can detect those that have a pure soul, they would not pick up someone who was acting belligerent and had been drinking. If you know yourself you can be confident to attract like people. In other words, we all need to tune our frequencies to the right pitch, a similar pitch to create harmony.
It is truly the law of attraction and we have to practice this. Ever since I stopped going out to run errands and expecting something bad to happen, I truly knew that I was attracting the negativity by my sour attitude. Now I try to protect myself when I go out of the house, from outside influences as well as helping keeping myself centered, especially when I am out and about. When I am in a good mood the neighborhood and others seem to be in a good mood as well. You will get the occasional ones that do not change with the vibration of your moods, so they will continue to feel the opposite of what you feel. However, I have not ran into this yet so it is still up in the air. If I go outside in a good mood and others are not, then you can change that by vibrating higher, high enough for them to feel this vibration. From what I understand and this is conjecture and perhaps in time we will be able to go further, but, for me, I can affect people within a 200 mile radius with my moods as I have a lot of power in them and they can control the tides, if you will. So I know, for me, I have to be careful of what I put out there in the atmosphere/Universe because it could come back to bite me in the ass 10 times worse than what it was originally sent out as.
So if you are asking me if something miraculous will happen this day, I don’t know, I don’t foresee it, it doesn’t seem like a possibility, but then again I could be wrong. Also, if you are listening to Tolec, from the Andromedan Council, I just want to let you know that I do not think that he is contacting anyone with any knowledge of what our world is going to be like. For instance, I do not believe we will make babies with our hands touching, creating energy, now again I could be wrong.  I also don’t think that we will all be skinny come December 21st. Apparently people seem to think we will wake up and have no ailments or aches or pains and we will be healed from all things.  Plus we will all be 15 feet tall or something and that we will be skinny beings. I don’t think we will be in the 5th dimension, I think you can go there in meditation and it will seem as real as you and I emailing back and forth now.
So again these are my thoughts, I hope this answers your questions.
My suggestion to all, is to continue to learn, discern, and be true to yourself and others. It’s all about love and care as if we are all fragile parcels.
In ending, I think that all of the illuminati will be caught and held accountable for their actions, I also believe that all beings that are not supposed to be on this planet will be evacuated. There will be some to act as the hero in all of this when they exacerbate stories happening around our world and violate people’s lives, the media. I also believe our financial system will crumble and everyone will help each other sustain and no one will go without. Our financial system is already buckling and falling and we will work together with our skills in our particular trades that we are proficient in. But by December 21st, I do not think humanity will be at that point, but again I could be completely wrong. I hope that this helps answer the rest of your questions.
Also there will be no disclosure until all war is ceased and all of the above is attained.
People will also have to disregard their religious backgrounds and give to unity consciousness to become one. They will learn their real history and grow in the path that humanity was meant to grow. We will also not be at peace with others if we cannot find peace from within. Get to know yourselves and enjoy the process of doing so, this is all a learning experience in many areas, so we need to take hold of these waves we are on and ride them without fear and learn from our experiences so that we can share them with others and grow. We will grow together if you grow your own soul, it’s all a process.
Talk soon,

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