We have gone through a lot of ups and downs this past year. We have seen the tides change, we have seen people change, we have seen the world change, right before our eyes. We have grown expeditiously and exponentially, we have learned from others and our past mistakes. We see the world in different eyes, we view people in a different light, we learned that love is for everyone, good, bad, or indifferent. We have grown in leaps and bounds and this is what ascension is about, growing and learning and accepting new ideas and grow with change as your internal views may change completely in this time. We have been there for each other, we have held each others hands and hearts within our own so that we can empathize with those that are less fortunate and help them along their path.
We have been through a lot this year, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of confusing data, a lot of things were debunked and a lot of things rang true. We have learned to not ignore our instincts and grow with them and learn with them to become the powerful beings you are. We have learned to accept others for their beliefs, but learn from each other about your current ideologies. We have learned that life is filled with twists and turns and you may never know where you might end up. We have grown, we have learned, and we have loved. We will continue to grow, learn, and love, this does not end.
Having an outlet for us to grow and learn with you, is our purpose. We do not claim to know all, but we can be educated all of the time and grow with these teachings as well, and in turn you will continue growing with us in the direction your soul desires.  We are all working towards a better world, a better life, a better homestead, a better sound mind, and a better understanding of our world we live in. We have been on this search for centuries, as we do not understand our own race and are finally coming to a conclusion.
This year we have learned that there is good and bad entities who inhabit this planet.  We have seen things that others would deem as a hoax, but what resonates with you, may not resonate with another. We have met some of our earth family here on this planet and the list keeps growing as we all connect together to strengthen our grid with purity. We have grown together and have grown stronger in our constitutions. We know about life more now than ever. We have been learning all along, but this is the first time that we all have come together as a world for one cause, to stop the elite from trying to control our every move, so that we can attain happiness and freedom.
We will accomplish our goals this year and we will have peace on earth at some point in our future. We are the catalysts for this movement and we must get up, stop being complacent with ourselves, and get our gumption on. We need to be honest with others even if it hurts, however we have learned to say things gentle enough as to not hurt another while doing so, or to soften the blow. We are emotional beings and we are very sensitive about how we go about our daily lives. No one can tell us what to do, but now is a time that you must give up your inhibitions and follow your soul to it’s destiny, throw all of your inhibitions away.
This is our goal, to follow our souls to it’s own destiny. We can make any destiny happen, why don’t we make a peaceful world for our destiny? This is what we are all working towards and we have to throw away all of our beliefs or inhibitions and go for it, get up and do what you think you would never do, go out of your comfort zone, if you don’t, you cannot learn about life and yourself. This is essential for this growth, so as we move along this year do things you thought you would never do and surprise yourself. This is the best way to learn and the best way for growth within and heal yourselves from past wrongs.
Here’s to a new year of fun and growth, I hope you hop on to this ride, it is more inspiring than the ride you are currently on, if you are currently complacent.
We are now a family and we can continue to learn from each other, for we are so blessed for the people we have met this past year as well as past relationships.  We take no one for granted, we are all ONE and we can attain ONENESS in the coming days and years if we work hard on ourselves and work on our relationships with others.
Thank you to our readers; when we first started this blog we thought a few friends might come and read the stuff we had to say and show and within a few short months we were surprised to find out we were being read all over the world in over 150 countries. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, but most of all thank you for sharing in our truth. We truly are ALL ONE!
Happy One Year Anniversary to Ready For The Shift, may there be many more!
Wendy & Greg Zangari

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