~By Wendy Zangari
We watched The Thrive Movie yesterday and we have to say that this is the most uplifting message for humanity to hear!  Foster Gamble, son of James Gamble, owner of Proctor & Gamble, for those that do not know, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation. It is one of the world’s biggest, most toxic corporate polluters on the face of the earth with an annual profits of over $68 billion and they made 82.6 billion in 2011. Foster Gamble was being prepped to be the next one to take over the business, but he chose a different path and said no to his father as well as politicians and well versed people in their circles. Good for him!!!
In this movie Foster Gamble, as the narrator, is taking us down his path on how we should be thriving and not just surviving on this planet, and he shows us how. We have sustainable energy, the sun IS that energy within our vortex in our Universe, it is a part of the Torus of which we inhabit.
Did you know that in 25 years our world has gone from 50 to 5 corporations controlling media? This is a very dangerous power these 5 companies have. We can break this system and Foster Gamble is going to show us how.
We can live without money altogether, right now the United States Dollar is worth .04 cents, which used to be worth $1.00 prior to The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Can you believe it?  We might as well not use money altogether, forgive all debts, and let people help other people without “the law” interfering. People will not steal to eat, and people will have more time to do exactly what they enjoy the most. Plus I think we wouldn’t be as miserable trying to make ends meet. We can start our own gardens, it isn’t beyond us, people have been doing this for centuries. There are many things we can do to sustain on our own with the help from friends and neighbors and loved ones. Make it a project for the whole family! For the whole Neighborhood!
Greg and I are going to invest in a 10×10 green house, it costs $250, we can save that much to get one, I had purchased organic seeds last year and we plan on getting some plastic planters and some potting soil. I have already purchased some garden plants and plan on planting them this spring, I can’t wait!! This is also the very first time I am doing this, so I will make sure to take pictures of the stages of growth and the planting process. 🙂 I also have to transplant our Japanese Maple as it is not getting enough sun and well it won’t thrive in the place it is in now. So many projects, but I will feel great after the rewards of watching everything grow. What a wonderful thing to witness in life, births and all living things growing up! You have to tend to them as they grow just to guide them to their place that they will be most happy. That is like us as humans, we need to grow to learn and guide each other to the place that we will be most happy.
This film is essential to understand where we are in our world and where we stand in the Universe to attain pure happiness and not struggle for survival.
At this moment in time we work harder to make more money to pay off our loans and bust our butts for what?  To pay fake debts with fake money! Did you know that we work for money only to have that money lent out to others, perhaps even to your neighbor, then they pay interest on the loan and they make money off of money that didn’t exist, then you get a lot of interest on the money by keeping it in the account, so it accumulates fake dollars? However, the amount of money that is paid interest with loans, is much more than the interest you receive for leaving your money in your account. Once the bank receives the balance on the interest of fake money that doesn’t exist, they loan more fake money out and the cycle goes around and around.  In other words money is useless, why not get rid of the middle man, the banks, then we would be borrowing from each other directly and the bank would not make any fake profit and they will have to stop playing this game that we are willing to give up. Which is why I am going to work out a plan to get our money out of the banking system and pay our bills directly.
Hopefully soon we won’t have to pay bills at all and we will all own what we own. If you want to buy a house, the person who lives in the house will have to put a for sale sign to let others know it is For Sale. The only thing you need to do is shake hands with the owner and they move out and you move in. No paperwork! If something needs to be repaired call a person that does that kind of work, they will gladly do it for you for free. Maybe make them lunch, offer them beverages, etc. Life should be this way, in this manner! It shouldn’t be as complicated as the PTB have made it.  We just need to be good to ourselves, good to others, don’t be afraid, say hi to everyone, be kind, be gentle, be love, be happy!  Let’s all grow together, not apart!
This movie gets a ten thumbs up for us, if we had them!

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