By Wendy Zangari
I had the honor and privilege to meet Lisa Romanek through Carol Rosin and the First Women UFO Symposium article I had put up on our site last month. Lisa and her husband, Stan Romanek, have a very intriguing story to tell!
When Stan first met Lisa, he wanted to show her a video of where he lived in Colorado to make it enticing for her to come and visit, however, he got more than he bargained for and saw UFO’s in the skies dancing as if it were meant just for him and yet they were in fact!  However, Stan has a very different story to tell than most, as he has had witnesses each and every time, and lots of them! Plus what I have provided below is only 20% of their story, you will have to buy their books to find out the rest. 🙂
Stan at first, was enamored at these UFO’s until one day he was abducted!  When they were done taking skin samples from him, at times, he was left on the doorstep of his home half naked and in his boxer shorts. During these abductions he would have core samples taken out of his skin for whatever reason, perhaps to get his DNA to help continue their race? They have also fixed his knee that he was going to get an operation on in the coming weeks, after they repaired his knee issue, the doctor was stunned and sent him on his way with no surgery needed.
As time went on these occurrences became more and more frequent. When Stan started going public with his story the PTB decided to pay him a visit and beat him up so that perhaps he would keep his mouth shut. This didn’t happen and Stan is coming out with his story full force as a film is being made of him and will be out in the theatres soon! Good for you Stan!!  Here is the trailer of the movie coming out to explain Stan’s story! It is called Extraordinary!
When Stan had visits in his home he decided to take someone’s advice and set up a video camera to take a film of what was actually occurring while he and his wife, Lisa, were sleeping and experiencing in the middle of the night. Here is a video that Stan took and this is 100% real, Stan mentions that he doesn’t usually act that skittish, but this was an exception; Lisa would probably argue otherwise! 🙂 Also notice the flash of lights, they are from the ET’s ship, it is not a camera flash.
In this next video you can see the chair moving and you can hear someone typing at the computer. Take a look and a listen!
One thing that Stan truly cannot explain are the equations that he has been given that is very similar to the Drake Equation, but has added some elements to the equation.  Mind you, Stan has a 4th grade math level, has Dyslexia, and cannot do these formulations on his own. Just amazing!

This message means that something important is about to happen. The dots represent the alignment of the planets and a date as to when these events will unfold!

The open circle with two dots that Stan drew in the lower right hand corner of the image above, It looks like, to us, that space is bending and that our world and another world will be very close at that time, or it could represent a wormhole/stargate! That is just Greg and my take on it.

Not long after, Stan recieved the correct date from these alien beings from an astronomer, who looked at the data and was able to figure out the date based on the alignment of the planets! The date being September 21, 2012, The Fall Equinox, interesting!
Greg and I have just purchased one of Stan’s three books, Messages and we are going to start reading it today. If you would like to purchase any of Stan’s three books and a book by Lisa Romanek, as the wife of an abductee, so that you can see this from her point of view, you can go here ‘sBooks_website/.
These two people have been chosen, they have been chosen to do a job that most cannot do, they have been chosen to relay a message to humanity. A message of love and thanks from our galactic neighbors for helping them to keep their race alive!
Also to add to the story, Stan has seven galactic/human children, five children by one woman, one from Lisa, and one from another woman.  It was hard at first for Lisa to digest, but soon she became used to these other two women in their lives because of them sharing Stan as the father of their galactic children.  These children live on a huge spaceship in the skies and have visited Lisa and Stan a few times, that they know of, on our earthly plane.
Lisa and Stan have a story you have not heard before, a story of angst, a story of confusion at first, and yet a story of love for any living being, no matter what race!
All races need to help one another survive and thrive, it is our duty to our ancestors in the stars to help them, just as long no one gets hurt in the process, and just like they are now helping us with our race and our world issues!
Here is Stan Romanek giving a conference at the International UFO Congress in 2010!
Here is an interview done this year with Stan and Lisa explaining their story to the world! Enjoy!
Please don’t forget to buy their books to support their story and to read the message we are to hear from our ancestors up in the stars!
We thank Stan and Lisa for sharing their story and the courage it took to come forward and tell it!

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