~By Wendy Zangari
So the past couple of weeks I have been getting into planting and have bought all of the necessary items.  I am growing Lavender in 3 containers, have to wait until they get to about 3 or 4 inches before I transplant them into their own container, they are at about one inch tall now. Then I am growing at the moment these flowers (these are not the actual flowers that I am growing).
Lobelia flowers

Marigold Orange Boy Flowers
Verbena Mixed Compact Flowers
Verbena Mixed Compact Flowers

Hydrangea Lacecap Purple

Week 1 Lavender 2
Week 1 Lavender 3
Week 2 Lavender 1
(Sprout at the top middle)
Week 2 Lavender 2
(A few sprouts in the middle)

Now you are probably saying where are the sprouts of lavender and that you cannot see them, well it is just the beginning so if you can’t see the sprouts I would open the pictures in a new window and zoom in if you so desire. 🙂  I will take a week 3 picture next week for you to see another photo shoot of the Lavender!
I am also planting this week the Hydrangeas, unfortunately they will be flowerless when I put them in as this is less traumatic for the plant. Hopefully next year we will get some beautiful blooms out of them!  I am hoping that my cat didn’t kill one of the plants because he bit some of the leaves and I caught him when it was too late and then it started dying, I am not sure if I should plant this one or I should get another one, perhaps some of you have experience with this and can give me suggestions as to whether or not I should buy a new one or plant this one that seems to be dying. Not sure if this is the normal process or if this is what happened when my cat ate the leaves. I need suggestions on this please! 🙂
So this is what I have been doing with my time, including cleaning up the yard, 30 bags and 200 pounds of brush later I can now prepare our new garden! This is what I will be doing this week and this is the very first time I have ever done this, except for the time I planted tulips and the kids down the street thought it would be nice to pick all of them out of the ground once they bloomed, so I didn’t get to see them, they were stolen before I could see them!  Oh well that is how things go for me sometimes, or often, but I am trying to change that with a better attitude!
I still have issues with neighbors, and I am also in a different neighborhood in a different state altogether and it doesn’t matter where I go, neighbors have issues with me.  Perhaps because I talk too much or perhaps I am rambunctious or because I am assertive/aggressive!  People can’t handle a strong person/woman who has a lot of opinions! Oh well, I just will enjoy working in the garden and creating my own beauty around our home! I can’t wait to take pictures after everything has bloomed next year!!!  That is going to be a wonderful day!
I also am no longer going to let a landscaper do our yard because they have destroyed our plants/shrubs that Greg had planted  as well as cutting limbs off of trees that we never asked them to cut, so because of this I am doing it myself so that it is done the way we want it done and no one is going to come over here and destroy our hard work again! I have very bad luck with contractors of ANY kind!  It seems that the quality of work and the ethics behind them are not top notch and I can’t argue with another contractor again for not doing what I asked and starting a project on something I don’t need done! It’s not worth the angst!
Anyway, back to our projects. We also installed a faucet in the kitchen because it was leaking and even after duct taping it and putting a bucket underneath the sink, we still had to get a new faucet! 🙂  So Greg and I with a lot of physical issues, for now, had a difficult time installing this because the disposal was in the way and we had to get on the floor upside down!  So, we did the best we could, I don’t have a before picture as I didn’t think of it, but here is a picture of our new shiny faucet!!






So this is what I have been busy with instead of writing here, sorry but I have to do some things around the house too and now since the weather is beautiful, I want to get these projects done, things I have been wanting to do for a while, but my body wouldn’t let me.  So now I am blessed with being able to do this from having less pain. It could be the Zeolite, but that is another article altogether, which I actually have to update you on as well!
I am also thinking that this change that is going on with Greg and I, moving and shaking and getting things done all of a sudden, is part of the New World we are going to create together!  Let’s make it beautiful together guys and gals!  We can do it! (Now this is a different attitude I had last night due to an altercation with the neighbor, but today is a new day!)
I do hope that all of you are getting out into the nice weathered atmosphere and getting some sanity by being with nature! Enjoy your weekend everyone, I will write again soon, but right now I am busy getting my spring cleaning on!   🙂

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