~By Wendy Zangari
I want the world to heal, I wish the people that inhabit this world be healed!  I also give my love to all of those that suffer on a daily basis, I know how you feel.  I feel your pain, I see your tears, I see your heart is broken, I see your body is now broken, but you will heal!  We will all heal as we move away from the pharmaceutical companies and heal holistically. There are better treatments for healing than any Doctor can give you!  The only way to heal is to rid yourself of past emotional issues, remove yourself from a situation, if you cannot due to circumstances, then learn to calm your system so that it can repair itself.
This is very similar to Gaia healing herself in these times and ridding herself of her own poison, so that it can emerge from the darkness and grow into the light for a better and brighter future for all beings!  This is a new world folks, we are in new times, with new solutions and new ways of thinking!  Lets work together to learn from each other, we cannot rely on anyone else, we are working against the system and the powers that were (positive thinking :)) to rid this world of all of the poisons they are feeding humanity and Gaia all at once!  They must be removed from power.  How do we do this?  How do we heal ourselves along with healing Gaia?  I will tell you.
For one, we must change the way we eat, if you do not eat healthy at the moment, then you should start!  We have been indoctrinated to believe that we are being helped along in this world by the powers that were.  However, there are some that are in power that I truly believe that either they don’t know the truth and/or they turn a blind eye to the truth, either way we have to learn to heal ourselves. In order to do that you must stop supporting Monsanto Company, they are a money hungry company that only wants to line their pockets with the almighty dollar, they do not care about your nutrition! Please stop buying GMO’s, this is helping humanity as a whole as well as creating a HUGE deficit in Monsanto’s pocket!  if we do this together, ban all GMO’s we will be saving ourselves and Gaia from this poison. We do not want this poison in our soil, we want to bring down those that want to hurt us, so that they cannot hurt another soul. Please stand by this and read ALL of your food labels!  This is ESSENTIAL!
If your food has aspartame (e-coli bacteria excrement), high fructose corn syrup, canola oil (which is an oil made from rapeseed, which “generally contains a high level of erucic acid, which is mildly toxic to humans in large doses. Traditional and other uses have been for lamp oils, soap making, high-temperature and tenacious high-erucic acid lubricating oils, and plastics manufacturing”. [1]), corn (only organic if you choose), soy (or anything with soy derivatives), ALL processed foods (If you can’t read it, put it back! Also put it back if it has any genetically modified ingredients), There is too much mercury in fish (mercury stays in your body unless you do a chelation therapy to remove it, such as Zeolite). We should also stay away from animal secretions (milk/cheese!  You can drink almond milk/a nut based cheese) if you do have milk products at least make sure they have no hormones (by law they are labeled as such at least in the US), stay away from sugar (you can use stevia or sugar cane) and don’t eat meat if you can help it, eat grass fed beef if you do.
A bit of an update on the Zeolite chelation therapy: So far this liquid Zeolite has decreased my cats tumor by almost 1/4 of an inch and cleared her lungs of fluid.  I bought it for her too and calculated a clinical dose for animals and it is working miracles for her, I can’t believe it! Also, I feel like I have more energy just by being on it for two weeks.
All of us need healing, we need to rely on the earth again, it is something we have forgotten over time.  We have grown from pure fields of green to cities and streets in every corner possible on this planet.
In order to get off of pharmaceuticals we have to try holistic methods while on these pharmaceuticals, once you are stable you can come off of pharmaceuticals but only with a doctor’s assistance. One by one you will have to decrease your medications, this is what I am working towards while I am trying a holistic regimen. In June I will be able to see better as to how this Zeolite detox will help, but I suggest everyone take it to get out metals and chemicals out of your bodies that don’t belong there. There are many, just by the food we eat and the air we breathe. Here is where I suggest buying it http://www.zeoliteliquidcompany.com/.
Our bodies are very similar to the plants we grow, they need the right amount of water, they need the right amount of sunlight, they need the right amount of nutrition.  Once you find out your bodies correct amount of these elements you can live pain free and ailment free.  We have to find out our own bodies PH level that it needs to sustain and thrive!  We are no different than the plants we grow.  The earth can heal humans, just as it can your plants.
Let’s all heal along with the plants that are growing this spring, let’s grow along side them and not throw away our lives because we think there is no solution. There is a solution to everything on this planet!  Enjoy the earth and enjoy your bodies because they are the only ones we have!
Reference: Canola Oil [1]

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