~By Wendy Zangari
This whole week I have been trying to nurse a friend back to health from many ailments in their body that can be controlled once they take control of their lives and their health.  However, how can you get someone to be in control of their own life when the pharmaceutical industry has them sucked into the system taking over 30 pills a day when they most likely only have to be on a few holistic medications to get better?
However, most of these pills are for side effects from other pills.  When you get sucked into lining the medical industry’s pocket like this, it is hard to get away from it, because all medications have side effects, even when you remove them from your system!  Also fear plays a role into this because if you get off of all of your pharmaceuticals you are probably thinking “now what?”, well always have a backup plan, a holistic plan to go on prior to getting off of these medications.
I am trying to do this myself, as is Greg, but when you have structural damage like Greg and myself and have spinal fusions like both of us, where we have no cushion between our lumbar in our spine, it becomes difficult to come up with a holistic solution.  We have no discs, our lower spine is one bone and it is constantly hurting, more so for Greg. Plus I have one foot fused which always hurts and I need the other one done because there will come a time where I won’t be able to walk on it as it will start becoming unbearable as did the other foot I had done.
I also have Fibromyalgia, which is an autoimmune disease and stress kicks it in high gear where I am immobile and do not get breakfast for Greg or I until seven or so at night. Today is one of those days and it sucks because I am hungry and have to wait until I can make it downstairs. I sit here in bed waiting with baited breath for the time we are cured. I can’t wait and am trying to get off of the pharmaceuticals, once I find a therapy that works in full.
I sit here today in bed wondering how I make it each and every day because of my own medical issues.  I don’t want to be beholden to the pharmaceutical industry, I want them to go out of business or get another career in holistic healing methods and truly help people instead of killing them with medications that are lethal if you try to go off of them on your own.  The industry makes sure that you are caught in a snafu. They are not thinking about your health, they are only concerned about the bottom line and this bothers me.  How can someone go into the medical field and not care about healing people?  This is like going into a casino all of the time on a daily basis and hating gambling, so why are they even there?  It is the bottom line, a green lining in their pockets and a smirk on their faces to humanity, this really disgusts me.
Doctors are not the end all be all, most do not have your best interest at heart, they look at someone with a major disease and see that as dollar signs!  How can this be?  It is because when health insurance companies had HMO’s thrown into their system, these health insurance companies were no longer private and a lot of corporate shuffling went on during that time.  When that was occurring I was working at Tufts Health Plan for three years.
The first year I was an Administrative Assistant to the medical doctors in the Clinical Quality Measurement department. The second year I became the Doctor’s research assistant looking up clinical trials to base our research on other trials as a baseline.  Prior to that I was working as an Administrative Assistant for a hospital in their pediatric department.  In my almost 40 years of living, I have worked in the medical industry in many different levels and I have seen things change over the years. It is amazing to see how it became an industry of compassion to an industry of greed. Just astonishing because I don’t think it was ever meant to be this way.
When one is sucked in by the medical system they find that they have dug a hole so deep that it seems as though you cannot get out from underneath it, however you can.

Here is how:

Learn about your disease if you have one, learn about it until you exhaust the research, if that is possible.  Get to know your body, be in tune with it, learn it, understand how it works and how you might be hurting it and to reverse the damage.  Learn about holistic methods to ease your suffering. Read, read, read!! If you do not read you cannot have an accurate evaluation of your own body.  We give away our rights and trust that these Doctor’s will help us when in fact that isn’t their concern at all, in some cases.
I cannot exclaim loud enough to people that they have to find a solution to their own ailments.  This earth gave us everything we need on it, it did not skimp us in providing solutions to our ailments.  The earth provides, Gaia knows how to heal itself and humanity; why can’t you trust in that as much as you trust in the medical system?  It is just as valid, if not more!
We need to grasp our illnesses by the balls, we cannot waiver and be indecisive when dealing with ones own health. You do not wait for a Doctor to give you a solution, you find one on your own because there are way better modalities of healing oneself in this world! How come humanity as a whole does not know this?  Do they want a quick fix and a lot of pills, or a permanent fix with what Gaia provides for us as medicine on this planet? I would take the latter.
I want everyone to take care of themselves and respect your temple (body), it is a shell you have to live with in this lifetime and all of us must take better care of ourselves.  There is no reason one person has to suffer on this planet.  There is not one!  I really believe if you research alternative healing you will not be disappointed. Here are some websites to look at to help heal your body that is harboring your soul.
So as you can see there are other methods for your ailments, even common colds.  Please learn as much as you can about these modalities because they work! Once again, the earth will provide, no need to worry about that or how abundant it may be.  You can grow your own herbs for your own healing.  Right now I have Thyme, Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley planted.  I am thinking of growing some Rosemary and Mint as well, but we will see how these herbs grow because honestly I have never really done this and am learning as I go and from what I research. I am also growing an Aloe plant because it is the best medicine for cuts, scrapes, and burns.  You also know about my Lavender plant as this too has medicinal properties.
Everyone can do this, I have no experience and you may not either, but that is what is great about the internet we have the world’s information at our fingertips.  I am at school everyday that I am on here as I love learning new things all of the time. I think we can all do these things, we cannot be a lazy society anymore, we have to think about how we are to treat ourselves and our bodies as well as how we treat others.  This is a new way of life we are entering into folks, a new way, a new day, a new life!  We can all make the necessary changes to better ourselves and this body that houses us!
Do not be beholden to the medical industry, learn for yourself about your physical issues and how to cure them holistically, we need to learn about our bodies and how they function or you will not function properly.  Our body also has to maintain a certain PH level around 6.8 to 7.2, there are kits to buy to test this on yourself.
Another thing I want people to take heed of is that psychotropic medications are also dangerous as there are better ways to deal with depression or emotional issues.  For instance, I take 100Mg of 5-HTP when I feel anxiety. I also take 10Mg of Melatonin to help me sleep. I do not get depressed much anymore due to taking vitamins and Zeolite, so I do believe that I have this under control.  I do take 2 pharmaceuticals and I wish I didn’t, but my Doctor knows I want off of them and is working with me to get off of them.  However now I have a lot of energy, but my Fibromyalgia isn’t under control.  So I have energy and can’t move well, what a fun thing to have happen to you.
When I was first diagnosed with FM, which is thought to be caused by chronic fatigue because people with this do not get restorative sleep, I had woken up and couldn’t move and every part of me hurt as if someone took a baseball bat and beat me all over my body and I knew something was wrong. Greg called my Doctor at the time and it took them 6 months to get me on medications for my pain.  These medications only work 40 – 60%, where I am up and about 3 or 4 days, if I am lucky, a week. I have a hospital tray in my bedroom with my laptop on it, a sleep number bed, and am exhausted and am in pain.  Thank god my hands don’t hurt today or I wouldn’t be writing this.
Someone said about me, a couple of times, that FM is no big deal, that there is a pill for that.  Well these pills are dangerous as I tried getting off of them once and went into a psychotic episode because it is a neuro-epinephrine and serotonin uptake inhibitor for my FM. I will never do that again without decreasing the doses as I come off of them, however my pain resurfaced then and I was in so much pain after the adrenalin left.  I was in the same position as I was prior to taking this medication, as it makes things a bit bearable for me.  I am though, trying hard to get off of them and thank god there are only 2 medications, but I am working on it, I still have to find the right regimen for me and I will, in due time.
This is my point, you try to get off of medications and it leaves you having massive side effects such as depression, wanting to die, etc. It isn’t fun and it isn’t right that these medications are allowed on the market and now you can see why I tell you that the FDA does not have your best interest at hand. I would say take anything that isn’t FDA approved and know it is okay, because most things that help you are NOT going to be approved by FDA, just know this.
I wish I could help everyone, but I can’t, I am only one person, but I can be there for people and be a sounding board only if you want to help yourself. I cannot help someone that does not want to be helped!  I cannot be there for someone who refuses any other treatment and has an excuse for every treatment I give them, only to give in when they are desperate and almost on their death bed. Why wait that long?  Why put yourself through misery when you don’t have to be miserable? You don’t have to be, but I can’t help if you choose to be miserable, it cannot be my problem any longer.
I also am not fond of people taking advantage of the system either as I have seen this side also.  Do not claim to be disabled and unable to work and collect money from the Government, or services from the Government when they do not need it.  I watched a video the other day in regards to folks being interviewed in the Welfare office while waiting in line.  These people said “I will take what I can get from the government, I don’t plan on working ever”.
They think they are owed, and maybe they are, but this is not the way to go about these things.  They can survive if they find their talents and use them to earn a living. Don’t you want to do a job that you love to do?  Most do not get that opportunity because of other financial struggles that they may be going through and they take what they can get.  This is no way to live.
I do what I love!  I write, I don’t get paid and yes I love it!  I help people along in life as I am helping Greg and myself at the same time.  I enjoy doing this and I don’t get paid, nor do we get donations and that is okay, it is there for people if they feel they want to give or can give.  It is not something I make important, because it isn’t!  Helping humanity and giving people hope and my insight as well as my heart, is more important, it is something I am passionate about and know that I have this job to do to help all of humanity.
This is my soul plan as we all agreed to this life and all that is entailed in it, we knew about our struggles and we agreed to be here at this time to do our work to help the world.  We must honor this agreement and do it to the best of our abilities. We must give of ourselves and all that we learned throughout our lives and share it will all of humanity, get the word out, take a stand, respect yourself and the world we live in.
Give a damn, that is all I ask, is to give a damn about yourself and others, we are all here to love one another and to work through our issues together, not alone!

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