~By Wendy Zangari
When someone creates a thought, how many times has this thought come to fruition?  Probably a lot!  You can see your thoughts creating your world around you if you so desire to be in that world. Thoughts create and you can create tragedy or you can create beauty and love for life. I choose the latter personally, but can also choose to create tragedy as well at times, which is what I did when I found out I didn’t have Fibromyalgia, but Ankylosing Spondylitis.
I immediately felt worse in my knees, hands, back, shoulders, and feet when I was diagnosed with this on Friday.  I went to the Rheumatologist for the first time since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, due to not having health insurance after I was diagnosed in 2010.  I have all of the symptoms and have to get more tests done, however she prescribed Hydroxychloroquine, which is for Malaria but works for inflammation as well. In two months time, if in fact her diagnosis is correct, this medication will alleviate all of my pain and I will come off of my other prescriptions altogether. The Zeolite is only working intermittently, so yeah I am detoxed from chemicals and metals, but I don’t feel any better physically, I just have more energy and no ability to move well.
Also, speaking of Zeolite, we were giving our cat, Silver, Zeolite for a while due to her having cancer. Her tumor appeared to get smaller, but she also lost almost 25% of her weight (which could be why it appeared that way) and she stopped eating, so a couple of weeks ago we had to put Silver to sleep.  Greg will write a memorial article on her at another time, but we were very saddened to have to do this, but we know that she is whole again and spending time with all of her siblings in heaven.
Another thing that is still occurring is that my friend who has Crohn’s, is in the hospital and has been in there a month, this past Friday. Please pray for her as she is still touch and go and needs all the healing prayers she can get. Thanks in advance.
So now we wait for our garden to grow, which I will write an article on that after I take some pictures and a video this week and share what we have learned in the process.  I also have to pull out the weeds that have grown since it has rained most of last week. So a lot of projects coming along and then we can finally clean up the basement to put together the shelves for storing our food in jars. How exciting, another project to learn about! Canning!
Okay back to the subject of this article; so when people find they have some sort of illness do not do what I did to myself, I have stopped gardening, I am now in a lot of pain while I pray that this medication works. Now, I am one to talk against the healthcare system, but if one medication takes away all of my pain and doesn’t progress my disease where my bones will fuse themselves, then I am all for it as long as the outcome outweighs the side effects. However, if anyone has an alternative medicine for this disease I would love suggestions.
I don’t think that all of my pain is psychological, however, the pain has increased since I found this out. I do have things to do and can’t sit here all day waiting for this pain to go away, so I will it away and yet it still does not ease the pain. What can we do in these times when nothing seems to work?
1) We can ignore the pain if we try willing it away.
2) We can meditate the pain away, while we focus intently on our breathing.
3) We can try to give ourselves the time to rest as your body might be telling you something here.
4) We can give it to our higher selves and wish the pain away with all of our might.
If nothing is seeming to work then we must ask for help from others to help the healing process (There are many healers out there, you just have to find them). Something I have not been doing enough lately (asking for help for myself), but have lovely friends near and far that help me when I am down, when I feel irritable, when I feel anxious, sad, even when I am happy and excited, they are there for me. This is something I have been blessed with, a lot of friends that care about people and humanity as a whole. These are the types of people I surround myself with, people like myself, who are loving, gentle, and caring. Or at least try to be, but we are not perfect. 🙂
You can cause yourself to be in more pain than necessary and to relieve yourself of this burden you put on yourself, you have to be willing to create positive energy around yourself. You cannot expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again, only to have the same outcome. I am using myself as the example.
Learning to will something undesirable away, is possible and I can do this too, from time to time. However, where is the consistency?  You can be consistent if you are persistent!
If you give up or worry about things that haven’t happened yet, you set yourself up for misery and angst. Why do this to ourselves when we do not have to be this way? Because we are influenced by others and feed on others worries, which makes our worries worse. Don’t feed on another’s fear, which is what it all comes down to, fear of the unknown.
And finally, give yourself a break, know that you can do the best you can do with what was given to you.  Use your abilities to your advantage and don’t let another influence your thoughts and feelings, even if it is a doctor and a new diagnosis.

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