~By Wendy Zangari
When people decide that they are placed in fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what others may think, fear of being alone, fear of not being right, or fear of everything else around you, you must know that this is not a place of love!  This is not a place for happiness or being fulfilled in life.  When one doesn’t see with their eyes, heart, or mind, they are blinded by what others may think or see or feel or do and put it upon themselves to act a certain way or say only certain things to others.
How is this living?  How are you living to see the truth of what life is all about?  You can’t, you can’t see the light, you can’t see the love, you can’t see the happiness of fulfillment.
One cannot see if they do not open their minds to the harsh realities we all live in. We have to change these realities and if you want to change this you probably should open up to others and speak your mind, do not fear what the other person may think or believe.  Discuss instead of writing another person off because they do not see what you see or feel.  We can discuss things together nicely instead of getting belligerent and righteous, as well as defensive (I admit I have had these emotions too at times).  We as a race can learn from each other, we can gain self esteem, love, friendship, and many other things we can learn from each other on a daily basis. We don’t have to push others away because of the negative emotions we feel.
The human race is all about perceptions too. what you may think of someone or something is not perhaps what I would think of someone or something. We judge someone by how they look, how they talk, who they hang out with, and how they act in front of others. Why?  Why do we have to judge at all?  Why can’t we see things the same way in the sense that life is about sharing your ups and downs and helping others because of it? Why can’t we have a world where we don’t discriminate, don’t judge and don’t fear each other?  Can everyone see eye to eye?  No, they cannot, at least not yet, but they can understand someone else’s opinions and feelings. We should not, and this includes myself, hurt others just because we are insecure with our own selves.
We are a very insecure race and we have been dumbed down by society and the world we live in (our government too) and we cannot let this happen to us.  Why does everyone sit back and not care about this world and the people in it? Have people become that callous and selfish that they only want what is best for themselves and not others?  Please people, please I ask that all of us learn to love ALL of our brothers and sisters here on this planet and way beyond for that matter. We should be a civilized race and yet we are not.  We kill others, we hurt others, we steal from others. and we run from others.  Why?  Does this really have to be our reality? NO!  A big emphatic NO!
Grow, grow, grow, don’t stop not even if you have all of the knowledge in the world, don’t stop!  Grow, grow, grow like flowers in their bed or vegetables in a garden, grow! Learn all you can from each other, see other perspectives, learn, learn, learn, don’t stop!  Try new things, meet new people, show the world who you are and grow and learn TOGETHER!  This is what it is all about, togetherness.  Be what everyone said you couldn’t be, be what everyone said you weren’t. Do the unthinkable, get up and do what you desire as long as it doesn’t hurt yourselves or others.
Can you see?  Can you see the life that has bestowed upon us doesn’t need to be black or white, this or that, man or woman, gay or straight, or even animal vs mankind.  We are here together, we are family and together we can paint the world whichever color we want.  Without all of you reading this, I wouldn’t be here writing.  So you see life is about growing, learning, grasping at every little thing that passes by us each and every day and embracing it with all of our heart.
We don’t have to fear others because we are mirrors of each other. Do you fear yourself? We are the same, we love each other with open arms without a care in the world. We are children in the eyes of the stars and love in the seams of the earth. We can grow together, not apart, we can see the world with the same eyes. We can have our freedom and have our lives and land back together, not apart.
As I get my life back and see with clearer eyes, I know we are to be here for each other, learning and growing together.  It is very simple and yet because we have different thoughts and beliefs or ways of doing things or saying things, we find it is not as simple as we may think.  However, we can make it simple if we no longer fear and only emit love. We should no longer fear death because our souls live to eternity, we should not fear others, because we can be one unit without hurting another (a smile goes a long way). Don’t fear talking to another stranger, or afraid of what another may think of you.  Don’t fear life, because it is filled with many opportunities and you are just as important as the next person, but not more important. We can be what we want to be if we just put our mind to it.
I no longer feel I need that approval because I am okay with myself. I also create my own reality, even though others try to create it for me, I recreate it thereafter. For instance, I had my car keyed yesterday and my air conditioner stopped working in my car.  So is this karma or is this the universe being upset at others for their own lives not turning out as they planned?  I feel as though some people are upset, angry, depressed, and jealous of what another has, in these days of the economy being terrible. Don’t be, I will share.  Just ask. Maybe not my car, but I will give you a ride to where you need to go. Do you need food, I have that too. Just ask.  But don’t rely on another solely, there is a delicate balance.
Life is the way you make it, it isn’t what others tell you it should be.  You are your own person, you are a creative, loving, wonderful individual.  You are you, create you the way you see yourself to be!  Be all that you can be, do all that you can do. Give yourself a break when you need to.  Love others when you cannot love yourself, love comes around full circle. You will learn to love yourself if you start to discover yourself.
Ask yourselves this, what would make you the happiest person in the world?  What do you like to do?  If you don’t know, try something new.  You are special and creative, as we are all creative beings in one way one way or another, we have this in our blood. Ask yourselves what would interest you?  What would happen if I contacted someone new, an author, an artist, a musician, an actor?  Open your world just open it wide because you are special and can see what I see. The world doesn’t stop spinning just because you don’t see it. Go ahead and see it. Open your heart wide and you will see that there is a rainbow at the end of that cloudy day.

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