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We were contacted this past week in regards to a collaboration with a band called “The Wiley One” based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  They saw our website and the message we try to convey to all of you and really enjoyed what we had to say. This in turn compelled them to contact us and collaborate our messages, which is one in the same, and why they chose Ready For The Shift to co-launch the premier of their outstanding new music video for their song, “UFO Man”.
We want peace among races, from near and far, we want to know our galactic neighbors and perhaps even work in harmony with them as well, in the near future. We want all of the human race to love themselves and others and be good to all, equally, as we are not so different.  Just like we said the other day, a smile goes a long way.
We spoke with one of their band representatives, Tanya Connor, to start this venture, to let all of humanity and all beings in the cosmos, know that WE ARE ONE!  “The Wiley One” has a very eclectic sound with Acoustic, Hip Hop, Blues, Reggae, Folk, Ska and more,  which is under an Indie label signed by Sundawg Records.
They have a very tight knit group comprised of  four members, The No 7 Kid (Singer/Songwriter, Sam Wiley) on Guitar and Lead vocals, Jay of the Funk on Bass and Back up vocals, Emcee Criterion as their M.C., Beat Box and Back up Vocalist, and Josh Montag on Drums.
This band seems to thrive on creativity! What makes this premier presentation so interesting, is that they made a decision to incorporate marionettes into this music video. Professional puppet maker and puppeteer, Dennis Eustace, made these marionettes and used the band’s vision to create the puppets, which reflect the likeness of the band themselves!  Although we have never seen them live, it feels and sounds like they put on one amazing show!
We also spoke to Sam Wiley on Friday to discuss their launch of their new video, “UFO Man”, in honor of World UFO Day today.  Please enjoy the premier of their new video “UFO Man”, a track from their February 14th, 2012 release of the Album “Kill it With Love”. We believe that this wonderful video will assist The Wiley One in spreading the word that we want to globally emit peace and love in the Multiverses and all throughout the Cosmos.
Have a wonderful day celebrating this spectacular “World UFO Day” event! More on the World UFO Day event, including a promotional video, can be found at the bottom of this article.


The Wiley One to release new music video on World UFO Day

“Dear Mr. UFO Man”, – We’ve been waiting for you.
Arizona Hip-Hop Groove band, “The Wiley One”, is set to release their brand new music video for their track “UFO MAN”.  The video is scheduled to release on World UFO Day, Monday July 2nd, 2012.
The Pheonix based band that worked side by side with Sundawg Media and professional puppet maker and puppeteer Dennis Eustace to create an astonishing reproduction of each band member in the form of 20 inch tall puppets.
“It was a group effort.  We gave Dennis photos of each band member, descriptions of our personalities and the instruments we play and he built these unbelievable puppets for us,” Lead singer Sam Wiley said.  “After extremely long hours of building the set, props, backdrops, sewing the clothes and creating the story board, we then had to learn how to be puppeteers.”, Sammy said laughingly.  “I don’t think we had any idea what we we’re getting ourselves into, but damn we pulled it off”.
Track 4 off the newly released record “Kill it with Love”, “UFO MAN” is a story about a man who desperately wants a UFO to take him away from this planet to explore the universe, but he can’t leave until he picks up the girl he loves.  The song has a positive acoustic hip-hop vibe to it and was written by lead singer/guitarist Sam Wiley and produced by multi-platinum producer Gardner Cole.
With “UFO MAN”, The Wiley One band wanted to take a controversial topic of discussion in 2012 and put a positive and fun spin on it.  They have strategically placed a few subliminal messages and signs in the video to entice any avid UFO enthusiast and also plan on partnering with grassroots UFO organizations to help spread the video around the world.
We just wanted to be creative, have fun and do something different,” Sammy said.  “We love to challenge ourselves in this digital age of do it yourself music videos, so we had fun being artistic with the project.”  “We barely slept 10 hours over the course of three days filming this video, but it was so fun and well worth it.”  “Besides, we still have our puppets so who knows what we will use them for in the future.”
The Wiley One’s music video for “UFO MAN” is scheduled to drop on “World UFO Day”, July 2, 2012.  The video will be hosted on the band’s Youtube page and the song is currently available for purchase on iTunes.


To buy The Wiley One’s songs, albums, or merchandise, please go here:
A portion of the proceeds will be going to Carol Rosin’s cause for Peace in Space and to finally get this Treaty signed into law.
Thank you in advance for your help to support us and we hope you enjoy the music video of “UFO Man”!



Please share this article with everyone you know, but even more importantly, please help us make the “UFO Man” video, go VIRAL!  

Thank you for your time and participation.

We Love You Guys!

What we can do together, we cannot do apart…


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Biography of The Wiley One

Emerging onto the Southwest music scene arrives an acoustic hip hop groove band with music as original as the band members themselves, THE WILEY ONE , blend of Acoustic, Hip Hop, Reggae, Blues and many other styles that fill the soul with a fun and relaxed vibe. Established in 2007 and rooted in Arizona, The Wiley One has evolved into one of the most impressive bands in the Southwest. Their unique bouncy-bluesy string style riffs combined with creative lyrical poetry have attracted audiences far and wide from Los Angles to New York – Seattle to Miami.
The Wiley One have been featured in many ad campaigns, TV shows, theme music for featured projects, as well as several local and national publications including Billboard Magazine’s Green Issue in 2010. The band is well known for taking a powerful stance on spreading environmental awareness, working with many prestigious environmental companies and organizations such as Zero Hero, ACE Alliance for Climate Education and Disney’s Planet Challenge. Their music can be heard through numerous platforms around the world including a variety of College and West Coast radio broadcasts, television networks and Web Sites. The Wiley One’s first album “No 7 Kid” and their new single “Never Bored on a Board” have recently attracted the world of entertainment and many of their songs have been featured on Television channels such as Fuel TV and ESPN.
The Wiley One has shared the stage with many artists from around the World. Over the last two years they have toured around the United States performing on Main Stages for Major Music festivals as well intimate venues for select groups and parties. Whether they are performing on top of a Bio Diesel Bus, playing acoustically at local bars, small music venues, big theaters or Major Festivals, The Wiley One performances are exciting, fun and interactive.
“The Wiley One is a great band with real talent and something to say. They give me hope and faith in the new generation of Ecologically responsible bands.” – Gardner Cole – Multi Platinum Producer (Madonna, Glee, Brittany Spears,)
“Wiley’s guitar-playing harks back to the hard pick-and-pluck style of players like Nick Drake (minus the morose vibes), but all the songs here are driven by springy reggae beats and positive panache” -Niki D’Andrea – Phoenix Newtimes
Check out a some of their key performances over the last two years:-
* NFL Network Super Bowl Party – 2008 – Scottsdale, AZ (Main Stage Hotel Valley Ho)
* Winter X Games – 2008 – Aspen, Colorado (Main Stage X Fest)
* Summer X Games – 2008 – Los Angeles, CA (Kroq Stage Home Depot Center)
* Jocks That Rock Super Bowl Party – 2009 – Tampa Bay, Florida
* New York Songwriters Circle 2009 – New York, NY (Bitter End)
* House of Blues 2009 – Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Hotel)
* Hempfest – 2009 – Seattle, WA (Headliner, Main Stage) – 80,000 people in attendance
* Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers – Circus Mexicus – 2009, The Marquee Theater Spring 2010
* The Dirty Heads – Spring and Summer 2010 – Tempe, AZ (The Marquee Theater)
* Surf Roots Tour 2010 with Anuhea, The Green, Tamarama, Stranger (The Roxy)
* Connect The DOT’s Bio bus Tour 2010
* Summer X Games 2010 – Kids Day Co- Host – Los Angeles, CA (Coliseum)
* Authority Zero – Fall 2010 – Tempe, AZ (The Marquee Theater)

Band Interests

Spreading the love and having fun! Writing, recording and performing original music. Creating environmental awareness. Supporting the arts and music in schools.

Artists We Also Like

A Life of Science, MC Criterion, Identity Crisis

Important Dates:

July 13, The Green Room in Flagstaff, AZ
July 21 Oak Creek Music Festival Sedona, AZ
September 15 Gumptionfest Sedona, AZ
October 13 Apache Lake Music Festival Apache Lake, AZ





According to their website, “World UFO Day is the day dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. The first World UFO Day was celebrated in 2001.”
World UFO Day is celebrated, “…to raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO’s and with that intelligent beings from outer-space.”
They go on to say that, “…this day is used to encourage governments to unclassify their knowledge about sightings throughout history.” If you would like to see UFO Disclosure happen and keep World UFO Day going, please go to their site and donate to this worthy cause here:
Here is a brief video to promote World UFO Day so please pass this around as well as The Wiley One’s video, because they too have a message to tell.

Happy World UFO Day 2012!.

The Wiley One Drops New Music Video For World UFO Day – Phoenix Music – Up on the Sun.

“UFO Man” New Video from The Wiley One | echo cloud.

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