~By Wendy Zangari

In appreciation for co-launching their new video last week, and exclusively for Ready For The Shift readers, The Wiley One band has given all of us a free download of “UFO Man” for the next week!

Thank you The Wiley One, we truly appreciate your gift of gratitude for helping out.

Also, what a great song, I even think Carol Rosin wants to collaborate with them to make it their theme song for Peace in Space! We are connecting people with people, and showing how small this world really is.

We are all family and I wouldn’t want anyone to not be able to come onto a spaceship for a ride in a UFO, please UFO Man take us too! 😉

You can start your download by clicking the download button on the top right hand side of the player below.

To buy The Wiley One’s songs, albums, or merchandise, please go here:  http://bit.ly/w4sAuQ.

A portion of the proceeds will be going to Carol Rosin’s cause for Peace in Space and to finally get this Treaty signed into law.

(Tribute Page to Dr. Carol Rosin http://bit.ly/PHKkPC)

Thank you in advance for your help to support us and we hope you enjoy the music video of “UFO Man”!

Also, please don’t forget to “Like” UFO MAN 2012 on Facebook at:



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