~By Wendy Zangari
We are in, yet again, another Mercury retrograde. It has been a difficult couple of weeks communicating with people. Greg and I have been called many things during this time, including being of the dark, which is relative in and of itself, meaning there are different shades of dark. We have been snapped at, attacked verbally and in writing. We have lost friends on Facebook, gained other friends on Facebook. We lost our squash in our garden and now we are going to make two more trellises for the new squash we will plant for the fall harvest. We have been through many trials and tribulations during this time, but just know that this is because of Mercury in retrograde and that this too shall pass.
It seems as though folks are being found out as well during this time. We will all learn the truth about our real history soon and it will blow your socks off, but we would like to do some research first to see if it is credible, and this may take a while as there is much to read on subjects of the vatican, priests violating children, religion, politics, government, freemasons, illuminati, cabal, military, big pharma, mega corporations, media, that abuse children, people, and society. To get rid of this evil in this world, we must fight fire with fire and utilize magick to our advantage for the good of all man.
Greg used to be Pagan and was practicing for 11 years, a little bit of Wicca, little bit of Druidry depending on what he wanted to accomplish.  It was always for the greater good and never to invite negative entities into his field of energy or around his aura. However, one has to be very careful doing a spell and it is suggested to study more on the art of magick as a whole and not one sect in particular. One place we know of that has lots of data on these subjects is “The god_Games Project”,  just know it is not for the meek. Be sure you want to get involved before you truly get involved. https://www.facebook.com/TheGodGamesProject. We are all here for the greater good of our race and planet.
Please know that we, in particular, are of the good, we do not promote nonsense and we do not approve of any type of cults, I am saying this because I do not want anyone to assume we are dark entities, as we are not.  We only spread the truth, if it isn’t truth I scour our website and take it down.  We are here ONLY to find the truth that we cannot hide from any longer. If we unite as one and think seriously about how we can rid this planet of evil together, we can accomplish anything!
Be kind to others and they will be kind to you, or so you hope. 😉



How To Survive Mercury Retrograde!

~By Gala Darling


Oh, Mercury retrograde.

You are here, AGAIN. You have arrived on our collective doorsteps in all your messy glory. You are our dreaded but regular house-guest. You stagger in the door, kick over our furniture, leave crumbs all over the couch & hog the bathroom. Then, as quickly as you appeared, you disappear again, leaving us slightly stunned but much better equipped to continue with our own lives!
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here we go. The planets are swinging around at all times, & their movements affect us all in different ways. All planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s journey seems to impact people much more than any other. (Even people who “don’t believe in astrology” often “believe” in the crazy aftershocks of Mercury retrograde!)
Why is that? It’s because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth & travel, so when the planet goes retrograde — which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky — all those things go backwards. They start to get ugly & tangle up. Mercury isn’t really going backwards, it’s just hanging out by the sun, but from Earth, that makes it look like it’s in reverse. It typically runs for a couple of weeks, a few times a year.
Check out these dates below & put them in your calendar!



In 2012, Mercury is retrograde from…

March 12th to April 3rd
July 14th to August 8th
November 6th to November 15th
Note: We sometimes start to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde a few days early. It’s nice to give yourself a bit of leeway on either side of the prescribed dates!



What happens when Mercury goes retrograde?

All sorts of things! It’s like everyone you know has suddenly gone mad! You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought. Your computer & other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. You could experience travel delays, too. Double-check your flights & take a book with you to keep you occupied while you wait for the train! We don’t tend to get all the information we need at this time, so it can be hard to make big decisions & it’s not always the best time to sign a contract, either.
Expect to hear super-loud complaining from your friends who are Gemini or Virgo, since both are ruled by Mercury! Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations & anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office & cabs! This means it can be particularly rough for Gemini train conductors & Virgo magazine editors, so be kind to any you know!
I often find that Mercury retrograde makes me want to go into hermit mode. I feel like half my brain is missing so I’m really not that interested in interacting with anyone, plus every conversation seems to go in an unusual, confusing direction. I feel much more irritable & frustrated & things justdon’t seem to go how I want them to.
So that’s the bad news. Mercury retrograde can be a total kick in the teeth for those of us who normally pride ourselves on having our karmic shit together! The GOOD news is that Mercury retrograde provides us with lots of beautiful opportunities if we can just tilt our head & squint.
Mercury retrograde wants us to move back spiritually. It is providing us with a chance to re-examine various areas of our life which may need a little more work, so that we can move forward to a bright new dawn. Now, more than ever, the time is right to look at things with clear eyes. Delicious, fresh perspectives are revealed. We often have major breakthroughs — intellectual, emotional or spiritual — during this time.
It’s also a terrific period in which to tie up loose ends. So many of us have unfinished projects… Maybe that door just needs another lick of paint, or you’ll decide to put away your ex-boyfriend’s love letters once & for all. Having said that, this is also a time where it’s very common for old lovers, friends & acquaintances to get in touch! If you hear from someone from your past, get together with them & see what eventuates!
One of the best ways to cope with it — as with anything, really — is to just “go with the flow”. When you fight Mercury retrograde, that’s when life gets really ugly. Just take some time, go slowly, be careful, don’t freak yourself out by expecting to be uber-productive-perfect right now. Be good to yourself & the people around you, now more than ever!




A quick & dirty guide to
surviving Mercury retrograde!

(Print it off & stick it in your diary or on your wall!)
<3 Be sure not to take things too personally. People will often say offensive things they didn’t mean around this time, because their thinking is clouded & their communication skills are on pause! If your best friend suddenly became the most insensitive person in the world, give her the benefit of the doubt.
<3 Back up your data!
<3 Don’t purchase any big ticket items, because they will often have flaws or issues that you weren’t aware of! Of course, life doesn’t stop just because of wacky planetary movement, so if you absolutely have to get that car, computer or iPhone, TRIPLE-check all the paperwork, & make sure you have a warranty!
<3 Take things with a grain of salt. Everyone is a bit confused, & people are much more inclined to change their mind once Mercury goes direct. Mercury can be a bit of a trickster — could it be that the next few weeks are a big karmic joke?!
<3 Read the small print on any contracts. Ask lots of questions. Again, you can’t put your life on hold just because of some silly planet, but adapt your lifestyle a bit so that things run more smoothly. Communication can be a mess right now, but do your best to get as much information as you can.
<3 Finish things you started a while ago. Home improvement projects? Wardrobe re-organisations? Short stories? Love affairs?! This is an excellent time to tie up loose ends & file things away forever.
<3 Get together with old friends, reminisce & laugh!
<3 Double-check any information you’re given, especially as relates to travel arrangements! During one particularly formidable Mercury retrograde, I actually caught a cab to the wrong airport! Check times, delays, baggage allowances, reservations… everything!
<3 Allow Mercury to nudge you in unusual directions. If you seem to find yourself “back to the future”, don’t just try to wriggle out of it — look at what the universe is trying to show you. What can you learn from this situation? This is a fantastic time to re-examine, accept & move on.
<3 Use the things you’ve discovered in the past to create a dazzling new vision so that you’re ready to blast ahead when Mercury goes direct!

Fingers crossed for the next few weeks, & best of luck to you!
Love & sanity,
How To Survive Mercury Retrograde! www.galadarling.com.

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