~By Zooey
Okay! Did everyone survive all that psychic quickdraw, gunfight at the OK Corral, planetary grand cross energy from last week? That was pretty rough, wasn’t it? Some of us are still dodging bullets!
Let’s see. Where to start… Oh, yeah! We cleaned out the basement, chased each other with frying pans, pulled out the wrong plants while weeding the garden, had too much to drink, said all the wrong things at all the wrong times, and gained a few gray hairs of wisdom in the process. Phew!
For some people, though, it was downright lonely. This is the problem with quickly changing and deeply personal challenges—we end up facing them alone. When that happens, we can start to war with ourselves, endlessly debating the outcomes of our life struggles, fighting things we can’t see, until we ruminate to the point of exhaustion. In that case, “Hello?! Is there anybody in there? It’s tomorrow calling.” Remember, we can’t stare at walls forever as even the most persistent gloom fades in a new day’s dawn.
So, here it is—the good news!
The Sun goes into its home sign of Leo today, Sunday the 22nd! Yay! Good ol’, fun-filled, creative Leo. Do you have any Leos in your family? They are the ones who tap dance through our lives replete with tux, top hat, and jazz hands. In fact, it’s impossible to sit still with a Leo in the room as they can be so charming and entertaining we laugh out loud in spite of ourselves. Now is the perfect time to refresh ourselves with a friendly and amusing outlook after last month’s spiritual butt-kicking.
The new Leo Sun is coaxing us back out of our safe and comfy Cancerian homes to express ourselves again. This is good. Get outside of things and find a new perspective. How can we figure out who we are if we don’t pick up a paintbrush and add a few novel strokes to the canvas of life? It’s by making a personal, creative difference to the things that matter most in our hearts that we truly shine. Time to be artistic in what we uniquely do and make a bold and brilliant statement while we’re at it. At least sign our names to something, for heaven’s sake—we’re important, too!
Leo is very faithful, loving energy and one of my favorite images of Leo is a Sun helping our crops grow. Leo is there every day, smiling down on Earth with steadfast enthusiasm and care, shining with bountiful, healthy energy. This month we can let ourselves bloom in Leo’s limitless, warmhearted love—and who couldn’t use that right about now?
The only caveat here is that we are still under Uranus retrograde energy in Aries. That kind of reflective downtime is not really conducive to shaking it around for everyone to see; so, we need to temper our artistic and personal flair with the knowing that everyone on Earth is still undergoing a huge personal review (and will be until the middle of December). You can let your freak flag fly this month; just realize that a lot of people around you may still be under a dark cloud. In fact, now might be a good time to soundproof our room so that we can be still be a stylin’ one-man band and not get on each other’s nerves.
On July 31st, the Sun trines Uranus which will ease personal tensions, and Venus in Gemini trines Saturn which will soften Saturn’s firm grip on Libra. It’s the astrological equivalent of getting Mom to ask Dad if we can take the car out on the weekend. You know once Mom gets involved, things happen. A full moon in Aquarius a couple of days later pretty much seals the deal in terms of us getting out and socializing with each other.
The first week of August will be a great time to take ourselves out on a date and forget all this inner, tickety-boo balance work. So, let’s do our hair up right, adjust the bow-tie, and kick up our heels at the local community dance. We may even meet that certain Ms./Mr. Right as Love herself is coming along for the evening. Can you hear the violins? Maybe it’s the fiddles. Either way, Love has no problem letting you know she is riding shotgun and wants to have a little fun, too.
And, when Love talks, we all need to listen.
There it is in a nutshell. Well, perhaps a better way of saying that is: there it is shelled and told by a nut. We’ve had a rough time of it this year—who’s kidding who? The last four years have been pretty *bleep*ing rough!—and the next few weeks is a good time to set all that aside for a while, get outdoors, and enjoy some sunshine. Keep it humble, sure, as we are learning a lot about who we are; but, let’s not take life so serious we forget to have some fun, too.
I’d bring Mercury going direct on August 8th into this (read: Hallelujah! The kid stopped kicking the back of my seat and I can finally enjoy this inflight movie!) but it deserves it’s own report.
My song for the month is Steve Miller’s, The Joker, as I think it sums things up quite nicely. Enjoy!
(Opps! I mean, shhhhh, people are enjoying themselves. *wink*)

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