~By Wendy Zangari
We have had disagreements in the past couple of weeks with quite a few people and they have gone their separate ways.  We cannot please everyone and we cannot agree with everyone all of the time as we need to gain our own ideas of what is right and what is wrong for ourselves. Do not let anyone threaten your good name just because of what they want you to do for them and wanting you to align with them.
We cannot be what everyone else wants us to be, we have to learn to be our own person with our own thoughts and our own feelings towards ourselves and the rest of the world. The world is a vampire, it will suck your blood until there is no more. To balance out your own self along with the rest of the world, is to know yourself, know your strengths and even your weaknesses and protect yourself from vampiric type people. If you don’t you cannot come into your own being, you cannot further your soul into enlightenment, especially if you live in fear, if you cannot see the light, if you cannot be who you truly are, a shining star, than you are being kept from enlightenment!
We all came from stardust and we are all organisms that grew into our own beings.  Each organism we once were, has evolved into what we are now. We cannot expect another to be exactly like us and if they aren’t, it doesn’t mean that they are a false prophet (which all of us are prophets, depending how you carry yourself with knowledge and how you present it). We can all be knowledgeable in this world, you just have to gain that knowledge (and the correct untarnished knowledge of this world) and be humble when receiving it, as well as presenting it.
You cannot go around calling people names such as “the cabal”, “illuminati”, “reptilians”, “dark ones”, or that they promote a old world order (the New World Order is what we are working towards, such as self sustainability, NWO has been used incorrectly). These people are people too, as far as we know, and they have feelings and emotions that they may deal with differently than others (as we all do).  No one can claim that another is not for the greater good when all they have been promoting is the greater good. I have noticed a lot of delusion at this time and people’s minds aren’t always working properly as a lot of assumptions are going around on the internet about what will be happening in this world in our near future as well.
Everyone is trying to find out who is a shill and who is not, who is transparent and who is guarded, who is promoting fear rather than peace and calmness for this planet. We are all going to find assumptions everywhere we go on the internet and from those that resonate with stories of untruth, have spread more of that untruth through these circuits.
We cannot believe everything we read, take things with a grain of salt and investigate it so that you can find out the truth about these subjects.  To do this, you have to love oneself fully, this way you know what resonates with your heart.  However, if another does not feel the same way about your truths, there is a way to discuss things with others without pointing fingers and calling names. We can communicate nicely and discuss things like adults (which means no calling names, being angry and aggressive, sounding accusatory, as well as sounding righteous when speaking to others). We can all get along if we try to understand each other. Give people a chance and know that not everyone knows what you know and this is why we need to help everyone know what we know, so that all of us are educated and knowledgeable.  Just please be careful with your words as the pen is mightier than the sword!
Like I said before, this year Greg and I are putting into practice everything we learned last year (which the learning never stops, by the way). We are becoming healthier, more self sustainable, of course not all the way as these things do take time in this world because we got away from the basics of nature and life and need to correct all of humanities wrongs of messing with nature. We have become happier, healthier, more zen (because of our garden), we have learned to accept others for who they are (which was a constant in our life regardless of this shift in consciousness of humanity.
We have given a lot of ourselves, helped others, counseled them so that they are living a life of love and purity and with no cares in the world, just like a child. Of course we still have to work with the world that was created for us, but we can change these things with one person at a time. In time we will all be self sustaining.
There will be no charge for water as we will all get it from the earth anyway (which we already do, but are paying for it), we will not pay for electricity as it will be provided for us with our sun (solar), we will not pay for anything as trees will not allow us to cut them down any longer, unless it is a danger to a person or a hazard to a building (which still, it shouldn’t be this way, but this is the road we paved).  We will not have mortgages as our homes have already been paid for and we will be compensated by having the government provide free repairs on our homes for lifetimes. At this time government will be a thing of the past (however will be of service to the people) as communities will have their own ways of doing things and communities will come together because of this and unity will not be far behind.
We are creating the world we want now and if we don’t do this, no one will do it for us and we will get more sucked into the matrix of their rules of societies. Do you want this?  No! We are working our way away from this type of control.
Did you know that at this time, it is illegal to give your neighbor produce from your garden?  Did you know that I asked a neighbor of mine if she wanted some produce and she said an emphatic no because it wasn’t from the market?  Very twisted thinking isn’t it?  You have no idea where it came from in the market, it is coming from my garden, which is all organic (no chemtrails have been seen over our garden, we use a 5 stage filter, we used all organic seeds, soil, and nutrients, etc.)! This is the mentality of some people today, they cannot see how we are not to be controlled and told what is right or wrong in this world. People cannot see that they have been molded to think a certain way, the wrong way, we will not be controlled any longer).  Again, like I said before, what we can do together we cannot do alone, we need all of us to make this change together!
Did you know that someone who owns their own home cannot put a fence up without a city permit? They cannot even build a garage or shed until they pay for a permit from the city! Did you know that even when you pay for your home in full, you still have to follow the ordinances of your city or state? Did you know that some neighbors actually report you to the city to see if you got a permit?  Why do they care?  Because if they had to pay for a permit, than you should too! It’s all about fairness in this world.  Well what would happen if NO ONE had to pay for a permit to build on their land? No one would care if another did the same thing, it wouldn’t affect them, not that it affects them directly anyway, but most don’t see it this way.
This is what duality is about and we are trying to move forward, away from duality. We are always looking at another and seeing what they have versus what we have and we all want equality, right?  We all want the same things to apply to everyone right? Well what if we didn’t have these rules?  We would be freer, we would have our souls to look inward to see what we want to do to make our lives better, without asking for permission. We would be living!
How can we get to this world of freedom and equality? Look inward, fix yourself, get to know yourself, love yourself and you will know what is truth and what is not! What resonates with you also may not necessarily be reality either, so we all have to look inward to see if that is something that we truly think is reality! Also, our reality can change from moment to moment as this time of duality is at its end we are becoming very confused about our reality.  We are also struggling to keep duality because we are comfortable with it and it is all we know.  Sitting in comfort isn’t always good, because it means you have stopped changing, growing, and thinking for yourself.
To be one with each other, we need to accept each other. We need to learn and be open minded about our world and its history, because we have ALL been lied to! We have to go back to basics and live off of the land that we cherish so much!
We will be providing in the days to come, our real history of this world. It will shock you, reverse all of your beliefs, give you doubt about all that you have learned.  We are living in an illusion that others want us to live in, they created this world we live in now and we all let it happen as we voted these people into office, we allowed them to change our world without question!  We accepted these changes they put upon us without a question! We allowed this to happen, so once we take our responsibility in our hands and our lives back, these dictators will crumble.
Imagine if the whole world grew marijuana on their land? What could the government do?  We outnumber them, remember that! We are the voice of this world and we will refuse to live in a land where we have been confined to a little space of this world and have no hope for expanding our consciousness.
We are fighting this mental battle now, we are winning as they do not have a chance to condemn 7 billion people when they are just a few of those 7 billion. Just remember, we are a bigger playing field than they expected, we will not submit to others ways of living when we are supposed to be free throughout the whole world! They didn’t expect some of us to be awake and aware of their tactics! With this knowledge, is power!  knowledge is power! The more you know, the more you will be well armed to take down the dictatorship of our world! Empower yourselves, but read with open eyes and read with an open mind, the world is at your fingertips, use it to arm yourself against the evils of the world we live in! Fight magick with magick!
Did you know that our leaders use black magick to control the masses?  That is one tidbit of information I will give you until we write an article about our real true history in this world! Magick isn’t as bad as you may think it is, because it can be reversed with another spell as long as you know what you are doing.  Greg having been Pagan for so long in the past, has allowed him to learn the rights and wrongs of magick. never do anything for self gain because it can hurt you after helping you! Right now I am studying all sorts of different types of magick so that I can help save this world, fighting fire with fire! It may behoove you to do the same.
I referred a friend’s website that does this for the good of all man, it might behoove you to take a look at the God_Games Project website and learn how to defeat evil with dark magick to reverse what they did in the first place, it’s the only way! We will conquer the evil in this world and learn the truth about our planet and our race or many races on this planet. Be good to yourself and empower yourself with knowledge and you will learn the ways of our new life to be! We will win this war of duality and we will end up on top! We are the majority, do not forget this!

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