~By Wendy Zangari

I was brought up into two religions, Judaism and Christianity, it was difficult to know at a young age what was real and what was fairy tale.  Our household celebrated all of the holidays and most times it was either with my fathers family, who were Jewish, and my mothers family, who were Christian. I went to Hebrew school 3 times a week from the time I was 5 years old, got Batmitzvah’d at 13 years old and never continued my Hebrew education thereafter. I also, during this time, went to Sunday school with my cousin, who was Christian, on various holidays or when we were at there home in Maine, USA. Growing up 120 miles south of them, in Massachusetts, we didn’t see them but 5 or 6 times a year.
My first controversy that I had to deal with, in regards to religion, was when I had been friends with one of my girlfriends for 6 years, when we were 10 years old she started going to Catholic school.  What they taught them was that the Jews killed Christ and that we are a sinful sect of people and we were destined for hell. Her mother told her, when she came home with this information, that she was no longer allowed to be friends with me because I was Jewish and was not going to the same place as they were when they died (referencing hell).
When I got older, I understood that religion was man-made due to my own assessment of these stories that we have been told in the Torah or the Bible. I could not adhere to any of their principles, Jewish or Christian, it was not who I was or am. My next run in with someone who faulted us on our beliefs (which are not my same beliefs now) was my Aunt, who was my mothers sister as well as a “Born Again Christian” and a Minister (which I forgot to mention). When my Nana was dying, the priest came into her hospital room to read her her last rights, and my Aunt was telling my mother and myself at that same time, that if we do not take Jesus as our savior we were going to hell and that all Jews were going to hell for that matter.
The door to my Nana’s room in the nursing home slammed shut, it was in the dead of winter and the windows were closed. No one came down the hallway and we weren’t moving, nor was anyone, not even the priest in the room. The priest then comes out of the room asking if we had slammed the door shut, we told him that we did not.  But something did and it could have been Angels or even perhaps our ancestors that slammed that door as if to say “Have some decency, your mother is dying here” as well as “No one is going to hell as there is no such thing as hell unless you want to create your own personal hell”?  No one said that, it was as if someone did though, by slamming that door.
Another time, I went to church with my late fiance, as we had, a few times together. When the sermon was finished I started crying because I felt as though I was a terrible person and that I have sinned and I must repent. Well this day was a hard one for me, because I actually went up to get Holy Communion because my late fiance said it was fine to do so (some religious people do not know what or who they are praying to or what the symbolism means in these sermons/rituals). I left there with a pit in my stomach and I felt truly low for the first time in a long time. I thought that this was just a fleeting thing, so I went with him a few times thereafter, each time the same thing, but I did not go to receive Communion any other time. Also, little did I know that I was participating in a black magick ritual.
My late fiance’s parents told us, when we moved in with each other, that we were not allowed to live together prior to marriage.  They also stated that we were living in sin and that if we were to get married, they would not go to the wedding because they were Roman Catholic and I was Jewish. This too was sin and that we would not get to heaven and that we were destined for hell.
My next run in with the ethics of  religion was the Roman Catholic of the Christian sect of religion, was when I lost my fiance in a fire in 2003. His family immediately started a lawsuit against me so that they could take away all of my belongings in the house, as well as the house itself. I gave them back everything that belonged to him, but they wanted it all and wanted to make sure I would suffer for it. It was a very sad time for me and I resorted to drinking and smoking cigarettes again because of it. The drinking did not last long, but I continue to smoke when I had already been quit for a couple of years. Long story short, they did not get much from me and did not get my house either and when I gave them what I did, I told them to stop this madness and leave me alone. Slowly, but surely they soon left me alone.
So from many, and there are many, experiences with this type of group of people that have these types of beliefs, I have seen a common thread.  All that do not take Jesus as our savior, will be going to hell according to these religions among other religions, who also believe this type of  thinking is correct.
Below you will find a short book (17 pages) that Timothy Waggener, from The god_Games Project, wrote.  He states this so eloquently as he examines The Book of Revelations and the Bible. Enjoy as we open your mind to the way things are, might be, or can be.
[EDIT] When we look deep into history we find out certain things that change our reality of what we were taught and how we were brainwashed. There were so many moments of personal revelations while reading Timothy’s thesis that Greg and I kept smacking each other saying “Can you believe this?” It kind of brings us to see that the bible that people know today has been put together in a similar method to the games “whisper down the lane” or “operator”.  In order to play you start with one phrase, while sitting in a circle of people and whispering the phrase to the next person, by the time you go through 20 or 30 people, the message you started was not what was said originally as the last person states what message they received.
So what do you think, are the Biblical documents divinely inspired or were they a craft-fully selected group of stories used to control as many people as possible?


~By Timothy Waggener

The Bible, Revelation, And god_Games
god_Games – Information Documentation.

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