~By Wendy Zangari
I have been called arrogant, dark, evil, nwo, Canadian secret service, you name it, during this time of Mercury in retrograde. Reminds me of a time when I was called “righteous” by my sister all throughout our younger years, just for talking about what our mom taught me.
Why do some people think that my confidence is arrogance?  Why is it that some think we are dark, nwo, evil, secret service?  What is going on here?  These accusations and name calling is uncalled for! When I stand in my truth, it is my truth and I have reasons why I believe what I believe. It is not because someone told me, it is because I have done my research and have seen other points of view on a particular subject and then I make my own assessment.  Sometimes I relate things to personal experiences of my own, to assess a situation.
For instance in regards to someone calling us nwo, CIA, etc., I do not stand for anyone calling another person a name or someone who is attacking another, if I stick up for anything it is principles, my own principles of life, not because I am sticking up for anyone, because I do not interfere with someone’s argument unless name calling abounds or incorrect data is being spread.  This does not make someone nwo or dark, or working for CIA, which is what happened in both Greg and my case.
Another example is when I stated my beliefs on something or someone, this time a particular entity.  It is because I have had experiences in regards to this situation, which gave me my beliefs. It is me, trying to have you, avoid the pain of going through what you have to go through to get to enlightenment. Although, I guess that is my fault for trying to change their soul plan, it is their path and I have to understand that this is the way it has to be. However, If someone has an opinion about someone’s path and they happen to express it due to personal experience with this person, why is that arrogant?
I don’t find knowledge to be arrogant! I don’t say things for no reason, there are reasons why I am here and I am here to help all of you get on to a path of love of life and to live in a sense of utopia of self sustaining lifestyle. I am in the meantime, trying to get Greg and I there too. It is a tough balance to maintain! I don’t think I have learned this balance yet, but I will get there. Plus I have to learn how to speak to others without making them feel as though I am belittling them, this I cannot see, but I will look deeper and try to see their perspective.
When I shatter ones belief system, it is like their whole world is falling around them. I have found that people need to believe in something or they may not be strong enough to make it to tomorrow without feeling that something will save them from this planets demise.  I don’t see things this way, I see things a little bit more concrete than “Disclosure” or “Aliens coming to save us”.
I don’t think we are to be saved by anyone other than ourselves. I think that we need to rid evil in this world. What evil means to me is any act towards another that in any way, shape, or form is hurtful with intent, is evil. Hurtful meaning someone who is a tyrant, one who kills, hits, rapes, abuses in any way, another, they are evil. Even those that deceive can be portrayed as evil. I think that we need to rid this world of all evil on our own as we are a bigger majority than them and we are more powerful than them, more than you know.
We have to come together in this time, not fall apart as a society. This is what the evil-doers are trying to make happen and it is working. However, perhaps I can be more gentle in the way I can speak so as to not have any more friends steer away from me. Perhaps we can all try to change in order to bring in world changes to this planet. Perhaps we can all open our minds to other solutions for helping this planet.
We can all work together, we don’t need to separate in order to make peace in this world, just so others will see our points. I want you to know that you are all powerful and we can make this change together, whatever path you are on, I will still be here trying to figure out the truth of this planet and how to resolve all of these issues we have. It’s a tall order, but I can’t do it without all of you. So when everyone is ready for the truth, I will be here. Is that arrogant to say this, I don’t think so, I am here for a reason, I am here to guide humanity in a certain direction for truth, but I am not sure that humanity will ever be ready for the truth, I truly hope so though.
In addition to all of these issues we need to resolve on this planet, there are those that will come into your life that will steer you in the wrong direction.  We all have to make sure we are on the right path at this time, including myself. Here is a time of crossroads for humanity. If you want the truth you can get the truth, but when you believe that aliens will come on this planet without being seen as a human, while humanity is still at war with each other, it is something you have to think logically about. Would you go on a planet if those beings on that planet were killing each other? I know I wouldn’t. Don’t you think they have principles?
So this is my thinking, this is how I think.  I can have hopes and dreams for this world, but not like this. We as a humanity aren’t ready to be unselfish! Once everyone here on this planet gets rid of selfishness and a narrow mindset, we cannot have aliens come onto this planet seen as their native selves. Don’t you think Russia or China would start war with us because the US were the first to disclose that aliens exist, introducing their first alien encounter in public? They might, because not one country likes to see another country in the limelight of something this important!
We all live in jealousy and hate (at times).  How can we represent the human race when we are all jealous of the next person or that we hate a certain country for their beliefs or because of starting war with us?  Also, if our government lies to humanity, how can we have any alien race come here to meet us with untruths happening all over our world? How can we expect an alien race to come here into this mess? They wouldn’t. They may help the disasters in this world, to lessen the blows, but they cannot interfere in our mess because it is up to us to take a stand and not take it, whether you do it on the internet or in public or both.
I may be wrong about my path, but I do not believe so as I believe it to be strong. I am taking myself down a path of learning witchcraft/alchemy/metaphysics, I know a lot of people are opposed to this and think it is evil. Do yourself a favor, look up the Pagan’s history and you can see how they were treated by the church, which is where all of this anger, hatred, and jealousy stems from. These are my beliefs as I find this to be true. However, they may not be your beliefs and that is okay. We can have different belief systems and still be open minded. I hope you can be open minded and continue this journey with me as we go into a more mystical part of life to rid this world of all evil.

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