Dr. Carol Sue Rosin with Dr. Warner von Braun
~ By Greg Zangari
I received an e-mail from Dr. Carol Sue Rosin on Monday where she shared the schedule of her upcoming radio interview, which I would like to share with our readers. Carol will be interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio show, “Align Shine Prosper”, tonight at 8PM EST/5PM PST.
During this interview, Carol will review her history working with Warner von Braun, former Nazi SS (until his escape from the Peenemünde rocket research facility on the Baltic coast) and the “Father of Modern Rocketry” and more specifically, the Apollo Lunar program.
Carol will also be discussing the “Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012” which we’ve covered more than once here at Ready For The Shift (link) – this link will lead you to an article for links to the treaty itself, as well as for donations to aid in helping with Carol’s travel costs and production costs for a documentary film that will be made of these historic meetings, with UN representatives, from countries interested in the ratification of the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012. If you align with Carol’s work, if you can, please make a donation – time is of the essence. Thank you!

Link for Blog Talk Interview:


Regarding Carol’s Recent Presentation at the First Annual Women’s UFO Symposium:

During May 18-20, 2012, Carol made a presentation at the first Annual Women’s UFO Symposium. In June, ten-minute introductory segments, of the speakers at this event, were released as previews of a DVD for purchase. These segments were filmed at this symposium and posted on YouTube. Here is a short segment of Carol’s presentation:
We are very strong supporters of Carol’s work on the “Peace In Space Treaty” and wish her the greatest success in getting this most important treaty ratified!
Donations for Carol’s work can be made at this link: http://www.peace-treaty.com/

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