~By Wendy Zangari
The other day I ran across a video of a person that calls themselves Dr. Sal Conti, who also calls themselves Frank Vidal, William “Bill” Reach, and Mr. Ortega, if not more names (the last two names are acting roles he was playing).  This person is an actor and a lot of people swore up and down that it was not. Well here is to using discernment while using your mind and gut to process the information, because it seems that a lot of you still do not know how to discern what you read or what you watch on the internet.
Here are some pictures of this man wearing many hats and each of these pictures depicts a different person, REALLY?  You didn’t look into this further? Ask yourself why you didn’t research this further, why did some of you take this guys word for truth? Again, discern on these things too, not just channelings.
You have to be very careful when listening to “Doomsday” prophecies! If you have any inkling of doubt, even the tiniest bit, look for articles that prove this doubt. I didn’t post the video here as most would do so right away, but I like to see if it is valid first and well seeing that it wasn’t valid, I didn’t jump on any bandwagon. I would hope that all of you would research things you watch or read and not take everything at face value.
Here is the first video that I watched in regards to Dr. Sal Conti. And to prove he isn’t a NASA researcher here is a link to all of whom is a NASA researcher. http://science.nasa.gov/researchers/…officers-list/
Did you feel fear and run to the store for supplies?  That is exactly what they want, they want to elicit fear and make sales for all hardware stores to bring up their sales. Plus, this is a great way to control people with fear.
And another video as Mr. Ortega who lost his wife to an accident (This is also an actor role).
Here is a video in an acting role as someone else for a role in a book, William “Bill” Reach, this time he is incarcerated for murdering at least 19 women and telling all of you what he thinks about what he did.
Again don’t ever stop discerning because the more rumors that spread because of people not using their mind and gut to discern, not just your gut, can make things seem real that aren’t and confuses the masses.  Sometimes what you may think may be a gut feeling, is something that you want to be true and not a gut feeling! Use discernment on what you may think is “gut” feeling as well.
Resources: http://unifiedserenity.wordpress.com/tag/frank-vidal/

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