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Happy New Year!
What? New Years in August? Am I off my rocker? Well, maybe a little, but the Sun going into Virgo is another one of those witchy dates that is astrologically considered the beginning of the solar cycle. The Virgo New Year date is like the hidden 13th sign that you’ve probably never heard about—it’s existence is buried under centuries of dogma and occultism. Why do you think Virgo is a virgin? Why is she pure when Mother Earth is ripe with life?
Virgo is the Goddess of the Harvest, yes, but she is also the Goddess of Birth; not only is she a mid-wive to the previous Mother New Year, but she also gets the fields ready again. She is the link in the chain that connects the past to the future. She is the eternal moment. The doorway. Like her counterpart, Pisces, the alluring Goddess Virgo is a keeper of the grand mysteries. She stands between the Pillars of Life calling all to understand their wisdom. She harvests all that we have learned and prepares us for what is to come.
And it all has to be done just so!
Even though Virgo can be a beautiful companion and lover, she is focused and pragmatic with a global mind. There is no fooling around with a Virgo’s planetary vision. Who would want to? Her practical sense of being knows when to put pleasure aside in order to make things happen for the good of everyone. She knows we can’t luxuriate at home and leave the crops lying in the field thinking they will magically take care of themselves—they have to be gathered, brought in, gleaned, stored, and all at just the right time.
Virgo’s strength lies in weaving magick with impossible tasks and getting things done. With her feet in two worlds, she can see the past as well as the future; as a result, she knows the best outcome for almost everything. It’s downright spooky at times as Virgos are true psychic wayseers. Not only do they have visions but they have the wherewithal to bring them into being. That’s perfect because this month is going to be all about synchronizing our inner and outer view of things. In fact, I dare say our motto for the month will be: keep it real!
The last week of August will be very challenging to some of our long held beliefs. To make matters worse, it will be our core—our very essence—that will be doing the spiritual housekeeping. The Sun in Virgo opposes a retrograde Neptune in Pisces and presents us with a realistic look at our past convictions. So, another episode of “This Is Your Life!” to watch, get red in the face, and process. Yay!
By September 1st, adrift in the deep waters of a blue moon, Mercury also aligns opposite Neptune for the final intellectual vs. metaphysical showdown. He’s also in Virgo and has no time to mess around with fickle ideas and flighty spiritual pursuits. This month Mercury asks whether we have been wasting our time with this notion or that. What if my alternative thinking—the return of Planet X, the Sumerians and the Reptiles, 9/11, HAARP, Chemtrails, all the Channeled messages, Ascension, December 21, 2012—is all just bunk like the skeptics say? Have I done my homework? What if there’s another reason for things I’m not aware of? Have I taken everything into account?
When we question deeply held beliefs like that, we ask ourselves, “Who am I? What am I telling the world is my Truth?” Capital T. If we come to any other conclusions than the ones we have been telling ourselves, it can really hurt. It can certainly be embarrassing when we realize how long we have been saying something that is no longer true for us.
And that’s just how the month starts off! When a Cancerian Venus squares off with an unfair Saturn a few days later—you know, Saturn, he’s the one who’s been messing around with our personal and civic liberties for the last two years—we can see that this month is going to be a bit of a gauntlet. I’d be laughing if we weren’t so tired from the hardcore spiritual-kickboxing we’ve been doing this year. I don’t know about you, but I could really use some time to ice down these psychic bumps and bruises.
To top it all off, the powerful Piscean blue moon on August 31st will add a dreamy, psychic undercurrent to an already volatile egoic environment. This will make it easy to say the right thing at the right time to the wrong person—with disastrous results. We need to remember that we are challenging ourselves, not others. We came to this point of spiritual reconciliation in our lives, no one forced us to keep going with outlived ideas and beliefs.
If we are wise, we will allow ourselves to go with the flow of the blue moon and become truly illuminated from within. Perhaps, once we see ourselves from the inside-out, we can finally let go of any old and defunct paradigms. Otherwise, we could end up swamped in very sullen, who-am-I energy that has all the potential for the perfect emotional storm. Our old self will be spoiling for a fight to keep part of itself intact and under this stormy blue moon it will get one.
We also need to keep in mind that Uranus is still retrograde in Aries. All that personal breakthrough energy reversed course this spring and will continue on into the first few weeks of December. It’s causing us to review everything about who we have been up until now. That can be very unnerving. It’s like having a huge spotlight shone onto who we are and how we have lived our lives. Add that kind of background energy into all this fresh introspection and it’s easy to see that something’s gonna give.
Finally, near the end of the month of Virgo, not only do we have a square with Uranus and Pluto—always good for a psychic shakeup—but Mercury goes into opposition with another planet. This time it’s Uranus and starting around September 19th we can expect things to get personally tense. Again! As I mentioned in July’s Pluto in Capricorn article, we’re in for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride for the rest of the year. Wheee! Having fun yet?
In this opposition, Mercury brings the Justice energies of Libra to bear while Uranus is still figuring out who we really are inside. Just when we think we have it worked out this month, oh no, here comes another round of sparring with what we hold dear. Who we are as a person is being scrutinized by Mercury’s mental acuity in terms of honor, balance, and doing the right thing. If we don’t have an answer for why we’ve been spending so much time looking in the mirror lately when the world is suffering, expect a few more self-inflicted spiritual wounds.
I know this is a lot of bad news at a time when we could really use some relief, but, like the planet itself, we cannot realistically expect miracles to manifest in our lives when we haven’t prepared a place for them to happen. Or, even done the work to warrant one. If you’ve mastered the ethereal high-wire act, then this month should be a breeze. If not *cringe* you may want to bring along a parachute—it’s a long way down from the dizzying heights of the celestial Big Top and there’s no safety net this month.
As I mentioned above, this month will be all about doing a reality check. Now is the time to face our spiritual past and open ourselves to a greater personal Truth. One that embraces all life, for indeed, the difficulties this month are happening under an earthy Virgo sun. It reminds us not only to reap what we have sown but to clear away any rocky problems we encountered over the year. This will leave the freshly turned soil more productive for future harvests.
We are starting to learn who we truly are inside and we are beginning to appreciate what it took to mature our souls. For most people, getting to this point hasn’t been a lot of fun as growth can be arduous and painful; however, now that we are really seeing our true nature, we can begin to move in more appropriate, fulfilling directions. Like Virgo, we can now step through the door after transcending the shadow of our past.
It’s time to appreciate the moment, understand the new direction in our lives, and, above all, keep it real. Since it’s also another new year, it may be time to think about some New Years resolutions, too—even if they are spiritual in nature.
My song for the month is Dreams by The Cranberries to remind us that everything changes and that the best dreams are those we weren’t expecting.
Blessed Be,

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