~By Zooey
Hey, everyone! I decided to start a psychic lunar guide, sort of an insiders witchy view on how to ride out the moon-ths astrological energies. This one is written from a more feminine outlook than my solar reports. And, gosh what a month to start doing this!
I see a bad moon rising at the end of August. Though I hope it passes peacefully for most of us, we should be watchful for dark clouds gathering this night. The wise witch will be in by sundown, brought plenty of fuel for the fire, and shut tight the windows and doors. This evening is one to put on some tea, enjoy the safety and comfort of our homes, and say a prayer for those caught out in the cold and windy night. It may even behoove us to re-energize our protective seals.
On August 31st there is a blue moon in Pisces. Normally this would be a harmonious place for the moon and I’d say it’s time to put on our fall-harvest party hats, but it’s a stormy moon with the deep waters of Neptune being churned up by successive oppositions to both the Sun and Mercury. They’re in Virgo and are bringing realistic challenges into our spiritual lives in the form of personal confrontations.
The blue moon itself will be: conjunct with a retrograde Neptune bringing a lunar hypersensitivity to the surface in oceanic swells; conjunct with a retrograde Chiron opening our deepest wound for a fresh salting; sextile with a retrograde Pluto washing away our old selves; and trine with Mars in Scorpio triggering deep, underwater, volcanic X factors making navigation near impossible. Add in revolutionary Uranus retrograde in Aries and it’s the perfect psychic storm.
You may have already noticed this weather front coming ashore as the storm begins to gather strength. I’ve certainly noticed people lashing out at each other in abrupt emotional outbursts. I stood waiting for my partner the other day at our local grocery store watching two people go at it over who was first in line—and they were the only two in that line!
If you find yourself stranded out in this storm, it’s best to use your heart to safely steer back home as the mind is preoccupied with keeping itself afloat these days. Or, in the words of Peter Gabriel, “If again the seas are silent in any still alive, it’ll be those who gave their islands to survive.”
For the past four years, Pluto in Capricorn has been clearing away all the physical aspects of our lives that no longer serve us. Our money, jobs, homes, even our relationships, are all in question. Now that it is retrograde, we are starting to ask ourselves if maybe we didn’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
Indeed, we have all just gone through a huge personal and spiritual transformation and it only makes sense that there will be a lot to balance in our new lives. It’s as if we are trying out our new sea legs before we set our sights for a new horizon. This lunar month will certainly give us a chance to do that. Perhaps once we are assured we are seaworthy, we will sail on in confidence.
Neptune, which is also in Pisces and helping us find our true spiritual selves, is now being confronted by the Sun and Mercury with practical concerns. Who we are as a person is coming into focus and there is little time for airy-fairy dreams about the future. It is a time for deep introspection—a time to see what’s working, what isn’t, and to understand the difference.
Alas, on September 19th, Uranus and Pluto will exactly square each other. You are probably already feeling it as these planets take a long time to move into position. It will bring swift, unpredictable transformation into all our lives—and not necessarily just rainbows and sunshine. Sudden change can be fortuitous but it’s often painful. Anyone who has ever taken one too many shortcuts can tell you that.
To make matters worse, a Libran Mercury will both oppose Uranus and square Pluto further stirring up the winds of revolution. I would not be surprised to see more world confrontations come to a head as people have had enough of centuries of global tyranny. We have been watching world revolutions crop up around us for the past few years as Uranus the Rebel moved into the sign of the self, Aries, back in 2011 and then began to square off with Pluto the Transformer in 2012. Uranus longs for freedom while Pluto evolves anything it touches and these energies are now fostering discord across many nations. By the way, these squares will continue until 2015, peaking in the late fall of 2013.
Well, it’s time to batten down the hatches again as we near another exact square between these two revolutionary dreadnoughts. Though this year has been rough on all of us, the generational upheaval is just getting started and it may be best to bring along some extra life jackets.
This moon-th we are going to find out a lot about who we are and what has been holding us back. It will give us the opportunity to move on from stagnant situations. If we try and hang onto the past we may be in for a rough ride; however if we allow ourselves to go with the currents of change we will pass through the eye of the storm and sail on to a brighter day.
It may also help to reflect on the 16th key of the Tarot, The Tower, for a deeper understanding of sudden personal change and how to make the most of it.
Blessed be,
~ Zooey

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