~By Wendy Zangari
The energy of one person is quite powerful, more than you know!  When we have certain vibrational frequencies that we personally have received due to everyday life situations, whether it be good or bad vibrational frequencies, we are all affected by each others emotions.   So for instance, when I have a good day, everyone around me has a good day, including those that I encounter in or around our city when running errands.  We do not realize that we can dictate how our day is going to turn out based on your emotional well-being and how you react to others or situations.
However, you can also be drained of energy from others, I like to call them social vampires. They can drain you of your good energy, only to fill themselves up with the energy you have left, and it can leave you feeling drained as well as exhausted. You have to let these people know that when they contact you to “fill up”, they are actually draining every ounce of your energy along with them, if you don’t have much energy to give to begin with.  This can leave you not feeling well physically or emotionally.  Therefore, we must know when to speak up and let others know when they are draining our energy and that we cannot afford to have this little bit of energy extracted from our being.
Each part of our body emits a frequency, you can see here that all of the major organs and body parts, have frequencies.  This way you can know at what rate you need to be, to heal your body.  I have thought a lot about the Rife machine for pain, as this regulates these frequencies, but it is very expensive and we are unable to afford it at this time, so we try other modalities.  You can also see that each emotion also has a frequency rate as well as each object in our home and even the food we eat.  In order to control these frequencies, to gain positive energy, you must know how each frequency rate works, something I am continuously learning.
You can also clear your home and heal yourself by using crystals (something Greg and I are going to try), because crystals have a lot of powerful energy!  When you purchase crystals or extract them from the earth, one must use sea salt (representing earth) in water to cleanse them.  Some crystals cannot be submersed in water, so you will have to look up each individual crystal and find out if they will be affected. When you are finished cleansing them, put them in the afternoon sun to recharge them with the Sun’s immense energy.  Each crystal has a different trait that can affect us in many different wonderful ways, here is one resource to find what each crystal does and their properties: http://bit.ly/I0QSlp.
Another way to heal and clear your chakra’s is through binaural brainwave entrainments. However this is something to be careful of as you do not know what these tones may do to you, as they may not be representing what they truly are, and can be used to hurt the population.  So what I do is watch the video once through without headphones on, I assess whether or not the tone and video resonates with me, if in fact it does, I go through with the brainwave entrainment.  Another way to know if these are legit or of good vibrations, is to contact the person that created the session and ask them questions about the video, something I also have done.
We also have to know more about Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese method to create harmony within you and your surroundings.  In order to understand Feng Shui, one must understand the cosmology of earth, however there is much to know about this subject and much to even debunk about this subject as well.  In order to create harmony with ourselves and the rest of the world, we must understand ourselves and our surroundings.  Again, this is something that not everyone can perfect, not even myself yet, but we try and we can succeed if we do not give up on trying to raise our vibrations.  This is something we are constantly working on with ourselves and our home.
Each person can also vibrate at different frequencies, which can determine your whole outlook on certain situations.  If we don’t react to everything so dramatically, we can calmly assess the situation without rash recourse’s occurring or reoccurring.  We are a creator race and we can create our own destinies with our emotions, or we can create our vibrational frequencies through our surroundings as well as through the people we associate with.  If in fact someone does not vibrate at your frequency you will surely know, unless you are ready to deal with being drained of your own energy, you should help these beings grow so everyone can benefit from a raised frequency rate.  However, do not do so, unless you are well equipped with a lot of energy to give.   Each and everyone of us are just as important as the next, but we cannot help another if it is to your own demise.
Everyone has their own way of dealing with emotions, why were we all taught differently? This is based on what our ancestors believed, we carry these beliefs with us.  When we carry these beliefs as truth, we can lash out at another when it is not their truth.  Why do we do this?  We do this because what we were taught is considered to be the word of man/woman! We do not waiver in our beliefs as a whole in society, which creates much discord among human beings based on our different belief systems.  Can we raise our vibrations with the rest of society when we don’t all believe the same things?  We can, but it may be very difficult and tumultuous.
In order to raise your vibrational frequency we must accept everyone in this world for all of their shortcomings that they have not fixed, as of yet.  However, I suggest that everyone work on themselves so that their shortcomings become few and far between.  We are entering an age where telepathy is going to be possible, some like myself already have this skill, but some like myself have to hone this skill to perfection, which takes a very long time, but in days to come things will come easier for humanity to understand.
To understand is to listen, to listen is to learn and to learn is to listen!  We all must know when to say things to others and when not to say something to others as not all of us are emotionally sound due to our traumatic lives here on this planet.  All of us must get help in our lives as well, either from others or from your intuition.  We cannot survive without help from other sources or our internal gauge of intuition, if this is a skill you have honed to a science.  We need assistance in one way or another.
Also, how can all of us trust and know that we are being led into a direction of light?   If we have not honed our intuition we may never know where we are being led to.  If we trust our instincts and our own assessment of a subject, we claim we are 100% correct, what if we are not?  The ones with a lot of pride will be combative due to being incorrect and lose friends over the subject.  Others will be humble and admit their wrong findings!  However, we cannot expect everyone to be humble and honest due to growing up in different environments and learning a different syllabus of ideas, theories, and facts.
So how can we all get along with these different ideas, theories, and facts we were taught? How can we raise our vibrational frequency to the same rate?  Well when those who have been led into the wrong direction (according to my own beliefs), we must be kind and gentle when they come back to us for the way things truly are in our world.  We must not balk at them, we must not feel righteous due to being correct, we must not put others down just because they believe different than us.
We can, however, point out their incorrect findings just to let them know, but don’t expect a beautiful response as most everyone has their pride hurt when their findings are wrong.  They may lash out, in this instance we must stay calm, not revert to calling names or putting another person down because of their beliefs.  We can explain our side of a situation and if it is not accepted, move on because you will not get very far with this person who has their own set of beliefs.
Energy frequencies come in many forms and it is hard to know how people are going to react to subjects they know differently about.  We still must find our own center within ourselves in order to deal with the harsh reactions from others.  It all stems from how you react to someone that creates their reactions towards you.  It is the domino effect!  So in this time we need to watch our words, watch our reactions towards others.
We need to guard ourselves from energy vampires, we need to guard ourselves against the evil energies that we are forced to be in, and we need to guard our souls from being played with so that the starseeds/rainbow/indigo/crystal children do not stray from the path that we are supposed to be on, a road to enlightenment, a road to peace and calmness for the world.
We are not supposed to have a separation in our community, but we do.  It is because people listen to others and go with their stories of ascension/evolution and do not trust their own instincts.  We do not need to follow any path, but our own, to enlightenment.  Some will get there faster than others, but I admire those that take the harder road as they have a ways to go in regards to looking inward and not towards others, for enlightenment.
Lets try to be gentle to others because we are all here for one reason, enlightenment!  Learn to listen to your gut, learn to listen to your intuition, but do not put another down for not seeing what you see.
The moral of this message is that we need to accept each and everyone’s path to enlightenment.  We cannot expect everyone to believe what we believe, but we can hope that they get off the steepened path to enlightenment, however this is what they signed up for in their soul plan.  We must accept others for their beliefs, we must understand that not everyone is going to be enlightened just yet and patience is needed while we are going through this process!
Do not step on the next person to gain enlightenment either, this is going back into the way the system works and we are trying to veer off from the norm of the way society thinks and does things.  Think about it, how do we grow within an industry?  We step on the next person to get to the top!  Well we cannot do this anymore as we are changing this paradigm for the better.  Do not step on another to your way to enlightenment as this does not make you enlightened, it makes you someone who hurts another for your gain!
There is a difference when you are making a point about a particular subject that someone else seems to not understand the way you do. When you are making a point about a particular belief, there is a way to say things nicely without putting another down, something I believe I have done in the past and have righted my wrongs.  I try not to throw people under the bus, but when they are emphatically incorrect I have to let them know.  I have principles I stand by and I cannot sit back and let a whole group of people be swayed into a certain type of thinking, when it can in fact harm them instead.  So there is a difference between throwing someone under the bus and proving people to be incorrect to save a bunch of people that may be in danger.
All of us want one thing!  Enlightenment!   We all need to be loved and have peace in our world and to have enlightenment is to be at peace and have a tremendous amount of love within you!  We can all attain this if we work on ourselves and understand how to attain peace through meditation.  There is a wonderful series of chakra clearing meditations on this website, located here: http://bit.ly/R4krcz and also an article about clearing your vasanas http://bit.ly/pgrc9x.
These things will help you towards enlightenment, each one is a stepping stone to get to the next level of enlightenment.  Everyone on earth must clear their vasanas, it is not something we can ignore because the way we behave and the way we react (emitting negative energy) can be felt by all.  It would behoove all of us to clear our negative energies some more, meditate more, and get closer to source.

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