~By Wendy Zangari
All of my life I have tried to improve myself and my surroundings in one way or another.  I never give up on this task of seeking, learning, and growing, it is a lifetime task that all of us need to perform.  My dream for myself and all of you is to live in a world of peace and harmony, no more struggling, no more strife.  To attain this in our world we must work on ourselves and our surroundings as these ideas, ways of life, and hopes and dreams can become reality through each other, as thoughts create (as well as actions)!  We can start to attain enlightenment by starting to cleanse our souls as well as our dwellings, it is very important to move forward in our own spiritual ascension this way if you have not done so already.  I might be preaching to the choir as most of you are already moving towards enlightenment.
I personally have to get motivated to do mundane tasks in my home so that I can feel cleansed, but I also continue to make myself a better person, which is also part of this whole enlightenment process.  Living in a clean environment can cleanse the soul as well, if you live in clutter, your body, mind, and soul will be cluttered.  To cleanse ones home is not necessarily only using a sage stick or frankincense, you have to actually live in a clean environment.  Something I need to do as this is kind of a reminder for myself as well, because this is what I will be doing this week, baseboards and all.
We cannot see, as the human race, what others perspectives are, in which we are to live and exist.  We only see our own perspective and this can get tricky as most people are set in their ways, including myself at times.  How can we try to have another person see our perspective in regards to enlightenment and cleansing your life?  It is not easily done, but we can start with ourselves, gaining our own perspective of our world that is right in front of us!  We cannot make another see our way, but we can give them alternative ways of thinking of enlightenment, there is always a door to that a-ha, light bulb going off, moment, we just have to find the opening to that door so that we can help others cleanse their mind, body, and spirit as well as learn the truth of our world so we can resolve our worldly issues and attain peace.
We are not a religion, cult, or trying to recruit people to a particular group or sect.  We are simply here to help with our own experiences, strength, and hope to assist in humanities uprising.  We hope that you join us in growing as a race, learning, seeking enlightenment, and learning about yourself in the process.  Life is a learning experience and we all learn from each other and this is why I want your feedback on this article.  🙂
What is enlightenment/ascension to you?  Is it something to be attained by oneself, or is it to be attained with others like ourselves, or with everyone whether or not they are awake?  How are we to grow together and not apart as a race?  How can we see others points of view when we are stuck in our old ways of thinking?  This is why it all starts with yourself, and this is why everyone seems to say “look inward”.  It is because it starts with you and your own personal life that permeates to the rest of the world, whether it be good or bad.  We all affect each other, something I wrote about in my last article.  This is really important to remember!  Also, to get motivated, we most likely need others to help us get the motivation we need to progress.  This is okay if this is something that works for you as it does me.
This is my mission, to help humanity, we all have them, we all have a purpose, it is just finding your purpose that can be difficult.  To find your path is to know yourself fully and trust in yourself fully!  Can everyone do this?  Everyone can do this!  It all starts with working on those things that perhaps you do not like about yourself or your surroundings.  We all have the capabilities of change within us, we just need motivation.
For me, I get motivated when my husband is motivated, it is hard for me to get motivated about cleaning our home unless he is in it with me.  For me that is a crutch, perhaps even an excuse to not clean, but it is something I am always working on and trying to be independently motivated.  I even find it difficult to not have a motivating factor!  So for me I vouch to clean my house this week, with or without my husband.  This is a test for myself to see if it is something I can accomplish without any motivational assistance.  If I can motivate myself to do this, I can motivate myself for anything as cleaning is a pet peeve of mine (I wish we had the Jetsons technology already).  Not that I live in a filthy environment, I do not, what dirty is to me is not necessarily dirty for another, as we all have our own barometers.
This article was mostly for helping me get motivated because I do not feel good when my home is not clean, in every sense of the word!  It can leave me feeling discombobulated, angry, sad, anxious, emit negativity, you name it.  So even though I do not like cleaning, I have to do this to cleanse myself externally, because a clean environment is the beginning to cleansing everything else in your life, or it can be a motivation to help cleanse everything else in your life.  Once you have organization, you have an organized mind, an organized soul, an organized life, but that isn’t all we have to do to cleanse ourselves and our surroundings.
We have to create a more beautiful, wonderful, exciting new life for ourselves and that entails speaking up when you are wronged and knowing that a resolution isn’t far thereafter.  It entails being strong in your soul, getting up when you fall, seeking help when needed, giving of yourself to others for comfort, and getting comfort for yourselves as well.  To feel comfort is to give comfort.  We also allow others to take advantage of us, so boundaries are a must as others may not know your limit.
To gain that umph to help ourselves and our world, we need each other.  We need each other to lean on, to get advice, to seek answers to difficult situations and so on.  We cannot live without another!
What would happen if we were the only person on this planet?  Most likely we would not have internet because there would be no data due to having no population to gather the data, or anyone to build the internet as there are no materials or industries making anything, let alone a computer.  What if this person wasn’t technically inclined, as some beings are not?  How would they create alone?  How could they survive with loneliness?  We would not have a companion, so when we died we would not have any ancestors to carry on the knowledge that we gained.  We would not know all there is to know about herbals, but we sure would find them, not knowing what they do.  If we ate a piece of that herbal and died, well that would be that for this one person on earth as we learn from others mistakes too.  There would be no one else on this planet to show, to grow, to see, to learn, to touch, to feel, there wouldn’t be someone to throw your ideas at, someone to kiss, to hug, someone to love, that is if humans did not come from the stars.  We would be alone, perhaps sad and complacent with what we had to survive.  Does everyone want to be complacent?  I do not. I want to grow and learn and become the best person I can be with what is shown to me and what I seek.  In essence, we need each other for survival and if you look at life this way, with only one person on earth, you can easily see that we need each other!
So how can we trust each other if we aren’t supposed to be alone?  How can we be cordial to another when we don’t believe what they believe?  You have to accept each person for who they are.  Belief systems were fabricated and if they do not know this and believe a certain way then you must let them find their own way to enlightenment, because arguing over who is right and who is wrong on ideologies of life can strain a relationship.  Trust that everyone will find their path.  People can agree to disagree when this type of thing happens, it doesn’t need to end the relationship.
We have been indoctrinated to believe a certain way, it has been segregated by country, as each country has their own way of saying or doing things.  We have to accept each other for our differences because to gain self perspective is to gain perspective on others and the world as well.  In order to grow we must communicate with each other and in order to cleanse our body, mind, spirit and surroundings is to come together and know you aren’t alone and can do things for yourself, with others helping you along the way.
To be enlightened is to know your inner soul, it is not something that will happen overnight, but it is something we can all work towards gaining more and more enlightenment as we go.  So cleaning your life is to change your life, it is a way to a cleaner soul, a cleaner life, and cleaner surroundings.  It is a lifelong process in addition to many other things we do in order to clear our lives of the garbage that we either created or that was set forth upon us.
If I can do this coming from the background that I came from, so can all of you.  Don’t give up as we are here to spread the word of spiritual enlightenment, and in order to do so we must start from within your own soul, but it is always pleasant to create an environment that reflects our soul.  Your surroundings are a reflection of yourself.

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